What Foods Can Damage Your Voice

You have been practicing singing for months and you are finally ready to share your music with anyone. Before you go out to perform on stage, do you know what foods can damage your voice?

Imaging eating some or any of these foods before going out on stage to perform? You guessed right, you are going to dish out a very poor performance, and no singer ever wants to be in this spot.

There are a lot of voice demands for every modern singer out there today because everybody is researching and becoming more aware of what they should take in and what they shouldn’t.

It is very essential that you practice singing for hours before you go out to perform, and you should also know it isn’t just about practicing alone. You should also take keeping your voice healthy as serious as you take practicing.

However, do you have an idea on the type of foods that are not healthy for your voice? This might come as a surprise but there are several foods that are capable of causing damages to the voice.

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What Foods Can Damage Your Voice

What Foods Can Damage Your Voice



Foods To Avoid

You must have been seeing posts and links on what foods you should stay away from, and you do not seem sure. Below is a detailed list of foods that have the tendency to leave your voice damaged when consumed.

  • Caffeine – dehydrating and diuretic
  • Dairy products – triggers mucus production and acid reflux
  • Chocolate – sticky saliva, dehydrating, triggers reflux, sugar crash
  • Alcohol – poor voice control, sticky saliva, dehydrating
  • Acidic and spicy drinks – hiccups, nasal drainage, acid reflux
  • Soft drinks – burping, carbonation, sticky saliva
  • Fried foods – triggers acid reflux and mucus production, dehydrating
  • Processed sugar – high sugar levels, sticky saliva, more mucus production

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Professional Point Of View

Every singer doesn’t come with the internal body structure, type, and strength, so it is completely okay for them to react different to different foods and drinks.

There is a tendency that you might not experience any negative effects when you consume any of these foods, but make sure that your voice doesn’t react negatively with any of the foods and drinks we have mentioned in the list up there.

Trying out an elimination diet and paying attention to whatever goes into your system remains the best ways you can figure out what is good for your body and what isn’t.

One fact we all have to note about food is they tend to affect the body one way or the other, and most people are not aware of the fact that they can even affect the voice too. One of the biggest causes of vocal problems comes from what we consume.

This is a hard pill to swallow for anyone that doesn’t have an idea on what to eat and what not to eat, and singers are likely to develop vocal problems than non-singers considering the fact that their voice is their work tool.

So there are certain foods you should avoid if you want to sing an alto or vibrato, and it is very necessary that you stay away from the foods we will be talking about in this post.

This is because you need to maintain and care for your voice as long as you make use of your voice, because you use your voice for a living. Someone who doesn’t make use of their voice for a living might not take keeping the vocal cords healthy as a serious topic.

The bottom line is you have to keep your voice healthy as long as you are a singer, and the best place you can start from is by keeping tabs on what you consume.

Food And Singing

Asides from the fact that eating good food provides the body with the right nutrition, singers are not allowed to consume just any food. They need to be extra careful with whatever goes into their system, but we cannot rule out the fact that eating good food keeps the body active and sharp.

Despite this benefit of eating good food, you will be surprised when you realize that there are foods that will limit your singing performance.

There are several reasons why you should stay away from certain foods if you sing, and one of these reasons is trying to prevent acid reflux or allergic reactions.

One of the symptoms of allergic reactions is sneezing and running nose, and you are likely to be suffering from an allergic reaction without realizing it. One thing about changes that take place in the vocal cords is they tend to have a dramatic impact on your performance.

It is very vital that you get all the help you need when you want to care for your voice, and that’s why you have this post to show you what you need to stay away from.

Acid reflux on the other hand is another problem singers tend to face from time to time, and the effect of acid reflux is it leaves the voice feeling hoarse. You are likely to lose your voice if you suffer from acid reflux, and you wouldn’t want this if you are a professional singer.

There are times when you might not feel the burning sensation that acid reflux brings, and this is a type of acid reflux called silent reflux.

One similarity between acid reflux and allergic reaction is they both leave the body with swelling and lots of mucus in the vocal cords. In order for you to avoid these two conditions, you need to start considering what goes into your body through food.

Factors Of Food Your Should Consider

When planning a meal schedule or when planning what you want to eat, there are about four factors that you should carefully consider. These potentials we would be listing soon have the tendency to ruin your vocal cords, and you would not be able to put in the type of performance you would want to when you are affected by these potentials.

  • Potential to leave your body dehydrated
  • Potential to produce more phlegm in the vocal cords
  • Potential to produce more gas
  • Potential to cause acid reflux

What Foods Can Damage Your Voice – Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Losing Your Voice Sound Like?

  • Your voice is going to sound tired, raspy, and rough. It is going to require a lot of effort for you to speak the moment you realize you have lost your voice.

Can You Lose Your Voice Forever?

  • There are cases where it might be very difficult to detect or hear your voice when you speak, and this type of condition can be long term or short term. They are mostly caused by viral infection, but they aren’t always serious cases.

Does Yelling Make The Voice Deeper?

  • Screaming has the tendency of making the voice deeper, and it doesn’t matter how long you scream. What matters is you have to scream, because it has proved to make the voice deeper

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Importance Of Exercise For Singing

One of the best advice you can leave a newbie singer is encouraging them to pickup a workout routine. Taking a brisk walk, swimming, running are some of the exercises they can try, and this is because these exercises helps in keeping the body in general in a perfect condition.

Clearing the airway and expanding the lungs is another benefit that comes with engaging in these exercises, as well as maintaining a healthy blood circulation and a perfect heart condition.