What Does A Tuner Pedal Do?

Every guitarist looks forward to putting together a perfect rig, though it is considered the ultimate goal of all guitarists. It feels engaging enough and fun that you can go out for your gigs, having your favorite pedals to support …

What Does A Flanger Pedal Do?

Among many wonderful and weird effects that you will find available on the market, only a few effects possess humble roots as the flanger effect does. What we find unique about the flanger effect is its way of changing …

What Does An Overdrive Pedal Do

Overdrive pedals are not scarce on the marker like people claim they are. Arguably, overdrive pedals are the most popular types of pedals which tone chasers are particular about.

With so many pedal brands making various kinds of overdrive pedals, …

What Does A Delay Pedal Do

what does a delay pedal do

What Does A Delay Pedal Do? Find Out Answers Here

There’s a lot of joy from practicing music, and the guitar is considered one of the best instruments you can use in practicing music. In addition, professional and amateur players …

What Does A Compressor Pedal Do

what does a compressor pedal do

Compression is a viral effect used in recording music—most people’s remarks regarding compression outs musical performance dynamics, making the loud and soft parts softer.

The truth is compression isn’t for everybody but is key for some popular styles. For example, …

What Does A Phaser Pedal Do?

what does a phaser pedal do

Before we start answering the question, “what does a phaser pedal do?” you need to have the right information about the phaser effect.

The passage of guitar signals through a series of stages explains a phaser effect’s first stage, while