Bose 151 Vs 251 Review

When it comes to any brand that will give you easy to install, mount, and portable speakers, the Bose brand is one that comes to everyone’s mind. The Bose has an array of outdoor speakers that anyone can select from, and that is why we have decided to bring you the Bose 151 Vs 251 Review. How good are these outdoor speakers?

One of the most trusted and reliable outdoor speakers the Bose brand has designed is the Bose 251 outdoor speaker, but there are people who are also of the opinion that the Bose 151 speaker does it better than the Bose 251. This is why you need to have an in depth information of both speakers before making up your mind.

Before we proceed, let us show you the pros and cons of the Bose 251 outdoor speaker.


  • ┬áIt comes with a water resistant casing
  • You can easily set up this speaker outdoor with minimal or no stress
  • It produces high quality sounds with zero or less distortion
  • It is capable of delivering deep bass sounds
  • It is built to withstand extreme temperature and weather conditions


  • There are no controls for users to make easy adjustments to suit their listening experience
  • It also lacks a slot port tuner for dealing with turbulence
  • This outdoor speaker has a wired design
  • It lacks an external control for tuning

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Bose 151 Vs 251 Review

Bose 151 Vs 251 Review

Bose 251 Review

The purpose of installing the Bose 251 speakers outdoor is for it to provide you with high quality sounds, and what makes this speaker topnotch is how you can easily install it around the garden, driveway, and even along the pool. The fact that this speaker’s casing comes with a resistant water design makes it suitable for installation around pools.

It is also designed to withstand extremely hot or cold weather conditions, and what sets this outdoor speaker apart from other speaker is the woofer it comes with that ensures users get the best sound quality when listening to their favorite songs. Surprisingly, this woofer is designed to produce sounds with little or no distortion.

Even though you install this speaker indoors or outdoors, it is going to bless you with the type of sound you want. Considering all we have said so far about this speaker, let us show you some of its top features.

Bose 251 Outdoor Speaker Features

Top Sound Quality – It boasts of having a multi-chamber cabinet that offers high quality sounds, while its inner woofer ensures that users enjoy the best of quality bass sounds.

Easy SetupThere is no need shopping for mounting brackets as this outdoor speaker comes with all the screws and brackets needed for mounting. Installing and assembling this speaker is one of the easiest things about it, and installing it where it is going to shine the most makes it a very good element of decoration.

It boasts of having a special mounting bracket for horizontal or vertical mounting, but the good thing about this outdoor speaker is it comes with all necessary items required for mounting.

Impressive Array Design – Enjoying consistent sounds whether it is moving from one side to the other happens as a result of its array design, and this is the best design you can use for outdoor speakers as it helps in not loosing sounds. Interestingly, this speaker is consistent on both sides, and it has a strong sound field when installed.

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Difference Between The Bose 151 And Bose 251 Outdoor Speakers

Surprisingly, both speakers are in terms of appearance since they come with the array speaker and cabinet speaker design. No matter how similar these speakers are, they will come with some differences as well. The Bose 251 speaker comes with a casing made using composite material, but the 151 has a glass filled polypropylene cabinet.

This tells you the casing of the 151 Bose speaker will be reliable and stronger, and users are going to enjoy more balanced sounds when they listen using the Bose 151 outdoor speaker. You will be surprised that the Bose 151 comes with precision drivers that make sure sounds are consistently delivered outdoors.

You can also count on the Bose 151 outdoor speaker to be very resistant to outdoor weather conditions than the Bose 251 speaker since the Bose 151 speaker boasts of having a glass filled polypropylene cabinet. Both speakers on the other hand can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

Now, there are aspects of the Bose 151 that makes people believe it is going to deliver the best in terms of sound quality. This is because it comes with a stereo everywhere feature that ensures sounds are evenly spread all through the listening area instead of just moving towards a particular direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bose 251 Speakers Have A Bluetooth Design?

No, the Bose 251 outdoor speakers are not designed to come with a bluetooth feature.

Is Bose A Private Company?

The Bose is a private company, and it will remain privately held. This is an audio technology company that was founded by Indian-American Amar Gopal Bose.


Even though the Bose 251 and Bose 151 outdoor speakers have some similarities, you can also see that there are certain differences that sets them apart. These differences are what people pay attention to so they can be able to make a good and wise investment choice.

They both come with the same required hardware for mounting, and you can end up mounting these speakers wither horizontally or vertically. Despite all of these similarities, you cannot look away from the fact that the Bose 151 is more reliable since it boasts of having a more reliable cabinet design.

Even though we have said so many good things about the Bose 151 over the Bose 251 outdoor speaker, this doesn’t mean that the Bose 251 doesn’t have some incredible qualities of its own. Offering a good and balanced sound quality is what the Bose 251 is also designed to do, while its multi-chamber design makes it sound more powerful.

The Bose 251 will provide nothing short of resounding and deep bass sounds, and this is where it wins over the Bose 151 outdoor speaker which lacks in the provision of high quality bass sounds.