USB Vs 3.5mm Headsets

If you are concerned about taking your gaming experience to the next level then you should be considering investing in the best headsets for gaming. When doing this you have to choose between the usb vs 3.5mm headsets, and which of these options do you think will be better or will provide you with what you actually need?

The fact about purchasing gaming headsets is there are numerous options for anyone to choose from, but finding one that can meet all of your needs perfectly is where the actual problem lies. You certainly need a headset that will not only offer the best in sound quality but also offers hearing protection, comfort, and ease of use.

The type of headset for gaming you finally settle for will depend on your choice, and it will come down to choosing between the usb vs 3.5mm headset at the end of the day. For you to be able to make a very good decision, you need to the differences between both options that are right in front of you, and this is where this post comes in.

So many people are very familiar with the 3.5mm jack because it was the only popular option in the past, and so many people made use of it when wanting to connect headsets to audio devices. There was no need to redesign or look for a substitute as it proved to be very efficient for so many years, so everyone kept on using it daily.

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USB Vs 3.5mm Headsets

USB Vs 3.5mm Headsets

Both options can be a great option for anything you want to do at the end of the day, but the primary difference between the both of them is the 3.5mm jack cannot read digital signals, but read analog signals alone. Reading and transmitting analog signals is what the 3.5mm jack does, and this is the difference between the two options.

The 3.5mm option was used for both gaming and for listening to music, but the introduction of the USB headsets made things change a little bit. There were people who were of the opinion that the USB headsets offered more compared to the 3.5mm option, and people were making reference to sound quality.

Based on this new findings, people were insistent on the fact that the introduction of the USB headset was going to send the 3.5mm headset out of business, and the USB-C was also finding a very solid feet in the smartphone industry while the USB headset was also taking over from the 3.5mm headset option. They came at the very right time.

Providing the much needed versatility, quality, and other amazing features was what made the USB headset option thrive till today, and new smartphone designs that were introduced into the market didn’t come with a 3.5mm headphone jack. This also helped the USB option claim a very solid ground till date.

Removing headphone jacks from smartphones were not much of a problem for anyone, but would the USB option be reliable when you are working with a laptop or a PC? This raised concerns like is switching to the USB option completely worth it? USB might offer better sound quality, but what method does it use when transmitting audio?

What Advantages Does The USB Option Offer

Without the help of a sound card, the USB headset is designed to provide users with a better audio quality and this is not where it all ends. In addition to this, there are several other features that you will get when you settle for the USB headset like controlling music, answering calls, and also being able to control the volume of what you are doing.

Not to surprise you but a 3.5mm headset can also offer you with all of these things, but people can put their trust in the USB headset since it has proved to be more responsive, more reliable, and has far more better options. In scenarios where you want to work casually or listen to music, the 3.5mm headset will get the job done for you.

However, anyone that is serious about work and gaming will not opt for the 3.5mm headset option. You might be surprised at this, but this is because the USB headset option is going to provide users with great sound experience, while being less vulnerable to external noise. This is where the USB option becomes the best choice you can make.

When choosing between the USB and the 3.5mm option, have it in mind that going for something with higher quality will definitely come at a high price. This doesn’t mean you cannot get USB headsets for gaming at an affordable price, but the USB headset options will always have a higher price than the 3.5mm headset for gaming.

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3.5mm Headset Features

USB Vs 3.5mm Headsets

One of the primary features of the 3.5mm headset is it relies on a sound card for processing digital signals, and what this means is the analog conversion takes place in the motherboard’s chip, or inside the computer’s sound card. What this tells you is the sound of the PC determines the quality of sound you will get from your 3.5mm headset.

What we also want you to note is that there are high end 3.5mm headsets, and one fact about this high end options is they are capable of providing you with top quality sounds that can rival top quality headphones. The audio quality you will get from high end 3.5mm headset can match the bass sound coming from a high end headphone.

Finally, the 3.5mm headset boasts of having a timeless design which makes it easy for it to be compatible with numerous devices. This makes it possible for it to be compatible with several smartphones, but this has witnessed a change today since some smartphones no longer have a headphone jack, but come with a USB design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is USB Good For Audio?

Yes, the USB option is great for getting high quality audio sounds as it has proved to sound better than what the computer puts out on a regular basis. This is because they process audio themselves, ensuring that the signal is kept away from other electronics that might interfere.

Do USB Headset Need New Drivers?

No, USB headsets do not need new drivers for them to function. This is true if the headphone you want to make use of is already a USB headphone, and there are standards manufacturers tend to follow so there is no need for you to install drivers for the USB options to work.

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways you can get the best sound experience whether you are working, listening to music or gaming is through the use of the best headset. The fact is there is no right answer as to which is better when it comes to choosing between the USB Vs 3.5mm Headsets, and the reason for this is because it comes down to choice.

Understanding the differences that lie between the both of them will help you understand which of the models you need, and this in turn helps you make a well informed choice. Always reflect on all we have said in this post so you can make the best decision.