Astro A50 Vs A40

No gamer can get the whole experience of gaming if he doesn’t make use of a high quality gaming headset, and there are numerous times we have mentioned this is so many post we have put out for readers. There have been comparisons lately between the astro a50 vs a40, and this post is here to make things more simplified for you.

Trust me when i say gaming headsets are as important as the game you are playing yourself, and making use of a gaming headset can make the experience more fun if you have a high quality headset, or make it more ruined if you do not have a high quality headset. A gaming headset offers more in terms of entertainment than the game itself.

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Astro A50 Vs A40

Astro A50 Vs A40

Imagine having an wide array of games to select from and they all have excellent graphics, the next piece to complete the puzzle is the addition of a high quality gaming headset. It can be very difficult when you have to select between two different top quality headsets, and we are talking about the astro a50 vs a40 gaming headsets.

Most experienced gamers and users will tell you that the two headsets we just mentioned are by far the best anybody can settle for when it comes to getting the full gaming experience, and these gaming headsets have so far received so many accolades and praises on the internet for how they make gaming exciting for everyone.

Before you can be able to make up your mind in a situation like this, you need to have full information on both gaming headsets. Bearing this piece of information in mind, let us start by showing you the differences that lies between the Astro A50 Vs A40 headsets. Below are some of their differences;

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Differences Between The Astro A50 Vs A40

  • The A50 is designed to have the wireless design, while the A40 comes with a wired design
  • You will find a detachable microphone design on the A40 gaming headset, while the A50 gaming headset’s microphone is fixed and cannot be detached
  • In terms of pricing, the A50 microphone is about fifty dollars more expensive than the A40 microphone

You can see that these two microphones do not really have so much differences between them, but people have different categories they look at when selecting a gaming headset that will match all of their needs. For some people, all they need is a headset that fits, while others look out for specific features like sounds and vibrations.

Now that we have showed you what differences lies between the A50 and A40 gaming headsets, it is better that you compare these gaming headsets in terms of specifications so you can know which of them will meet up with all of your requirements.

Astro A50 Vs A40 – Features Comparisons

Astro A50 Vs A40

Whenever you are placed in a spot where you have to choose between two top quality products, it is always best that you look towards their features and compare so you can know what can truly work for you. There are times when a small difference in features can make a really huge difference, so always pay attention to product features.

Wired Vs Wireless Gaming Headsets

We mentioned earlier that the A50 boasts of a wireless design while the A40 comes with a wired design, and trust me when i say this feature alone is capable of influencing a gamers decision. It is more convenient when you go for the wireless option as it offers you freedom so you do not have to deal with wire clusters all over the place.

Your personal preference can also come to play in this category, but remember that this headsets can also be used for other features like music and movies, and not just gaming alone. The dimension of your room is yet another aspect you have to consider when selecting between a wired and wireless headset.

Power Consideration

One thing about the A50 is it comes a rechargeable battery that can last anywhere from eight to ten hours when it gets fully charged, but how long it lasts is also going to depend on how you make use of it. It comes with a unit that keeps you informed when it needs to get charged, but the A40 has a wired design that recommends plugging to an outlet.

The A40 offers you the possibility of not being worried when the battery gets low like the A50, and you can see that your personal choice still influences this category.

Compatibility Issues

One good aspect of these two gaming headsets is they are designed to be compatible with several gaming consoles, and we are talking about gaming systems like the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Mac OS X, Playstation 4, and Windows 7. You might need to attach a cord if you intend making use of the voice chat on the A50 wireless headset.


No matter all the features these headsets come with, comfort is one feature you have to certainly look at if you are to settle for any of these headsets. No matter the performance or features a headset comes with or offers, comfort isn’t something that should be overlooked as it might affect your gaming experience.

Since you will be hearing a gaming headset for hours, you should consider how comfortable you are going to feel, and the A40 is known to have a lighter weight compared to the A50 headset. Another good aspect of these headsets is they come well padded at their ear pieces and top, so you do not feel any pressure when putting them on.

In some advanced design of these headsets, weight is evenly dispersed so there is no form of discomfort or irritation around any part of the head.


The control functions of both gaming headsets are very similar, but how you mute and unmute seems to be the only difference between these two headsets. The way you mute on the A50 is quite different from how its done on the A40.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does A50 Sound Better Than A40?

No, it is not right to say the A50 sounds better than the A40, but what you should know is that both headsets sound great respectively. The A50 is known to have superior bass production, while the A40 has the best in acoustics and balancing sounds.

Are A40 Headsets Open-Back?

Yes, the A40 gaming headset boasts of having a wired open-back over the ear design, and they also come with one of the best sound profile you have ever heard. It offers the best in treble performance, good mid-range, and excellent bass production.

Final Thoughts – Which Is Better?

It will be very difficult to put one of this gaming headset ahead of the other in terms of performance, but what decides the best choice for you will be in terms of price, specific features you want, model, and battery life. You also have to determine if you want a wired or wireless headset, so it all comes down to your choice at the end of the day.