Can A Terrible Singer Become Good?

One of the common complaints vocal teachers have to deal with from time to time is answering how possible it is for a terrible singer to become good at singing. When this question pops up, something in you tells you that the person asking the question already has some fear inside of them if the person is still learning how to sing. Can a terrible singer become good? Continue reading this interesting post to find out what we think.

We know you must have encountered so many people that are very poor at singing, but it will interest you when you find out that about ninety percent of people living in the world all know how to sing. You might find this statistic funny because you have heard people sound very terrible, or people who have failed to sin in tune.

The irony of this statistic is you might be one of such people, so how is it possible that only ten percent of people living in the world don’t know how to sing. The answer to this is very simple.

The society has created a standard where people who cannot sing in tune immediately or can’t sing good immediately should be eliminated from the list of people who know how to sing.

This is why so many people have abandoned their journey of learning how to sing simply because there was nobody along the way to cheer them on.  Criticism is what so many people struggle with because the world seems to be a very cruel place, and people would not want to try anymore as long as they get criticized the first time.

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Can A Terrible Singer Become Good?

Can A Terrible Singer Become Good?

The fact is having a bad singing voice doesn’t necessarily mean you would not know how to sing, or you cannot become good at singing like other people do.

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What really matters is for you to create a healthy practice routine, understand the basics of singing, and everything will become very easy for you. When you are able to do all of this, you will be surprised at how unique your voice is going to sound.

The problem might not be that you do not know how to sing. Maybe you have a bad singing voice, and this sometimes has to do with how you perceive yourself.

It can also be how the person listening to your perceives your singing voice, and there could be a possibility that the person wasn’t clearly hearing all of your notes. At the same time, maybe you are having a difficulty with motor control. These things could play out any way.

One of the ways you can be a good singer is if you can learn how to sing in tune. It doesn’t matter whether you are singing alone or singing with a group, but you need to learn how to sing in tune.

If you sing alongside the backing of an instrumental then you have to learn how to get in tune with the instrumental that is being played. Two ways you can learn how to sing in tune with people or with instruments are listed below;

  • Singing with the same pitch
  • Singing with the same note

Another factor that can affect your singing voice and make it look like you are a terrible singer is if you do not have confidence in yourself.

Trust me when i say that having a lack of confidence is going to have a negative impact on your singing voice, and one of the ways you can boost self confidence is by maintaining a very good posture. However, believing in what you can offer while singing and believing in yourself is all that matters.

One point we want you to note is being able to speak shows that you can be able to learn how to sing. The quality of your voice is going to depend on several factors, but irrespective of a vocal disability, you can be able to sing basic songs.

One more thing you need to take into consideration is the age your singing voice becomes fully developed. Ages eighteen and twenty one are the ages where your larynx and vocal cords tend to be fully developed.

How To Become Good At Singing

Can A Terrible Singer Become Good?

What we want you to know at the end of the day is you can go on to have a good singing voice even if you think you do not sound great. Nobody should discourage you from giving it a shot, but what you should know is your voice still sounds fine regardless of what you think about it.

Just like we mentioned earlier, learning the best techniques and having a good practice routine can help you get better at singing. Here are some tips we want to leave you with you so you can improve and get better at singing.

Tips To Get Better At Singing

“Hardwork beats talent when talent refuses to work hard”. This is a very popular saying that has proved to be right in so many instances, and we want you to view singing as hard work. Even though singing is being viewed as hard work, there are other ways that you can try to be smart about it.

Focusing on these things will help you get better and help you improve your singing ability. Some of the things you can do to get better at singing includes performing breathing exercises, and learning how to access various notes within your range is something you should also learn how to do.

Another thing you have to learn how to do is to gain control over all the tiny muscles that are present in your throat, mouth, jaw, and face. You are going to definitely improve your singing skills when you learn and understand these simple tasks that are required of you.

Can A Terrible Singer Become Good? – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Known If I’m A Good Singer?

  • The easiest way to tell if you can sing or not is by recording yourself when you sing and playing it for you to listen. This helps in assessing your breathing, stance, and also your posture.

What Makes Someone A Good Singer?

  • You will be regarded as a good singer if you are able to entertain others, hit certain notes, and carry a tune while singing. A good singer has worked hard to develop their craft, and they are willing to make sacrifices to sound great when they sing.

Can A Voice Break Glass?

  • The human voice isn’t capable of breaking glass, but the only time this is likely to happen is if the glass in question was designed to be very fragile

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Wrapping It Up

You are not only going to see difference just in the musical aspect of things, but doing all of these will also help you grow in confidence, which ends up boosting confidence in other aspects of your life. This is why we always say never rule yourself out as someone who cannot sing if you haven’t tried out these tips to help you get better.