Is Eating Raw Egg Good For The Voice?

One of the ideas people have had over the years is drinking raw eggs will provide the vocal cords with strength, but is eating egg good for the voice?

So many people have been left perplexed as they do not know the answer to this question, but we cannot rule out the fact that there are dangers that comes with consuming raw eggs, which we will also be talking about in this post. Do you think consuming raw eggs will make your voice sound nicer?

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Is Eating Raw Egg Good For The Voice?

Is Eating Raw Egg Good For The Voice

Raw eggs contain amino acid N-acetyl cysteine, which works effectively when getting rid of toxins in the voice or vocal cords. That is why so many people think consuming raw eggs will provide immediate relief or when they want to improve their voice.

Some people have gone as far as drinking raw eggs right before a performance or a concert, but the truth is doing this has some significant downsides of its own.

You will find the vocal cords right at the top of the larynx, and the larynx is considered a section of the windpipe. Therefore, when swallowing foods, it is pushed down through the throat without coming in contact with the vocal cords, while the ventricular and epiglottis bands close before the vocal cords.

We are trying to say that whatever a person drinks or eats don’t have direct contact with the vocal cords unless food finds a way to escape into the windpipe.

This is why there are people who strongly believe that consuming stuff like herbal tea for the voice has little or no effect on the vocal cords. On the other hand, consuming some types of food might either positively or negatively affect the larynx or voice cords.

And an example is that herbal mouthwashes and lemon drinks have a way of constricting the vocal cords. When the throat is constricted, you are going to produce blocked or muffled sounds.

The throat structure will also be affected if you consume foods and drinks like stimulants, caffeine, bitter alcohol, and spicy foods. In addition, when you smoke tobacco, the smoke tends to come in contact with the vocal cords.

This tells you that the smoke will have a negative effect on the throat, and smoke is a toxic substance that will reduce your voice quality and clarity.

Consuming raw eggs isn’t the right approach for anybody to take when looking for ways to strengthen the vocal cords, and this is because food doesn’t come in direct contact with the vocal cords.

The amino acid N-acetyl Cysteine which is found in raw eggs can provide benefits like eliminating toxins for the throat, and this is one of the best long term solution you can try out when you want to keep your throat in the best possible shape.

What you should know is there are different methods you can try out when you want to take care of your throat and vocal cords.

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Why Consuming Raw Eggs Is Risky?

Is Eating Raw Egg Good For The Voice

There are comparative benefits that comes with eating raw eggs than cooked eggs, and it will come as a surprise to you when you learn that consuming raw and cooked eggs share the same nutritional benefits.

They have the same health perks and also have the same vitamins. One fact you need to know about raw eggs is it comes with its own unique health risk when consumed, and this is what makes them unsafe to be consumed.

Raw Eggs Can Make Your Feel Sick?

Raw eggs have a salmonella risk which is a bacteria that has the ability to attack and affect the digestive tract. Once the hen that laid the eggs is infected by this bacteria, this bacteria is likely to be present in the egg, but cooking this infected egg to a certain degree is going to get rid of the bacteria inside of it.

This is why cooking eggs is recommended before consuming them, but you should know that a salmonella infection isn’t life threatening.

It is also a very serious condition that causes diarrhea, and has the ability to leave a person hospitalized. Women, children, and anybody that already has a compromised immune system should stay away from raw eggs.

Raw Eggs Makes You Biotin Deficient?

You are going to be deficient in biotin if you keep consuming raw eggs, and Biotin is vitamin B type which is responsible for some of the health and beauty benefits. It also makes the nails and hairs healthier, but avidin that is present in raw eggs binds biotin and prevents the body from absorbing them.

You can see that consuming raw eggs to cooked eggs comes with some health issues you should be wary about, and do not forget that anybody with an already compromised immune system should not consider consuming raw eggs.

Benefits Of Consuming Cooked Eggs

One thing that comes with consuming cooked eggs is it provides the body with healthy fats, and these healthy fats keeps you satisfied for long. Cooked eggs also helps in keeping the brain and heart in a very good condition, and they are also high in protein which provides the body with lots of energy.

The yoke found in cooked eggs contain vitamin K, E, D, B, A, and these vitamins are the best for healthy blood flow since they supply the body with all the iron it needs.

There are also variety of vitamins you will find in a cooked egg that offers adequate support to the immune, nervous, and cardiovascular systems, and trust me when i say you cannot get these benefits elsewhere apart from the yoke.

When you consume cooked eggs, you are protecting the heart from diseases. This is because they are very good at lowering inflammation which easily affects the heart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Boiled Egg Good For The Voice?

Soft boiled eggs are good for the voice, but they should be eaten three hours before any performance. They are also considered to be voice-friendly tools

Can You Deepen Your Voice?

You can make your voice deeper if you want to, but doing this is going to require lots of practice and time for you to achieve what you truly want

Does Your Voice Change After 18?

When you go into the puberty stage, your voice is going to undergo some changes. This is where men get deeper voice, while women get higher voice. It could change after puberty.

Final Thoughts

There are several risks that comes with eating raw eggs, and you can also see from what we have discussed in this post that consuming raw eggs before a show isn’t the right thing to do.

Do not forget that raw eggs contain a nutrient that helps to keep the throat in good shape, but consuming raw eggs right before a performance because you think it is ideal for singers is the wrong thing to do.