Is Banana Good For Voice?

If you are a singer, it can be very confusing for you to know what food, fruits, and drinks you should stay away from. It becomes more difficult for any singer that has access to limited information, or had no idea at all. Fruits offer the body with so much benefits, but is banana good for voice? What role does banana play when you want to sing?

These are questions we will be looking at in this post, but we cannot look away from the fact that eating banana comes with a lot of health benefit. and there are health statistics that has proved eating banana helps in enhancing moods and making you full. The truth about bananas when it comes to singing is it is not healthy for singers.

You might be surprised at why we said this about a fruit like banana, but this is because banana is creamy and will cause mucus production in the throat. Bananas are packed with enough vitamins, energy, and minerals which the body needs on a daily, but the mucus it produces is capable of irritating your vocal cords as a singer.

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Is Banana Good For Voice?

Is Banana Good For Voice?


When the vocal cords are irritated, you will find it difficult to hit full range, your voice will feel fatigue, and your voice will end up turning hoarse. On the other hand, bananas that are eaten in moderate quantities has the ability to boost your serotonin levels, and boosting serotonin levels helps in getting rid of depression and anxiety.

This is exactly what you need before going on stage as it will help you deal with the stage fright, and this also shows that eating banana has some benefits of its own in the life of every singer. You will have so much confidence on stage if you consume banana in moderation.

Despite all of these benefits, bananas have proved to not be kind on the voice. Producing phlegm and mucus is what they are good at, and you will not be able to singing clearly or get your audience to hear you clearly as you have so much phlegm or mucus in your throat. This is capable of affecting your singing performance, and you don’t want it.

In addition to that, banana is known to have a strong texture. This causes them to sit heavily on the vocal cords, but your vocal cords should be free and not under any form of pressure when you have a singing gig in few hours.

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Are Bananas Good Before Singing?

It is bad for you as a singer when you consume banana before stepping on stage to sing, and there are singers that do not agree with this piece of information. Even though you do not agree with this, it is just a simple fact that has been proven over the years. This is because you are going to have an unclear and husky voice after eating banana.

This is one fact that will be hard for almost everyone to take as banana is almost everyone’s favorite fruit. We want you to take a look at it from the perspective of banana will make your feel relaxed and better, enhance your mood, and provide you with so much energy, but it isn’t good for your vocal cords on the long run.

You will not be able to singing clearly if you eat banana before hitting the stage, and this is because of its heavy texture that makes it possible for banana to sit and apply so much pressure on the vocal cords. What we are trying to say is you should avoid eating banana if you are few hours away from climbing the stage to give a performance.

Of course the body is going to require enough fuel when you have a show you have to sing or perform at, and you will want to eat anything that will provide you with all of the energy, confidence, and strength that you need to go out on stage and do your thing. A good fruit that can offer you all of this is the banana when eaten in moderation.

Knowing what you eat as a singer has a lot to do with knowing what you shouldn’t eat and what has the ability to negatively affect your voice. There are very few foods and fruits that you can eat before going out on stage to sing, and these foods have the ability to help you stay hydrated and get the best out of your voice on stage.

Based on the last statement we just made, banana doesn’t fall into that category. Banana isn’t the type of fruit you can rely on when you want to hit the stage, and there are several other foods that are either going to help you when you are on stage or hurt you. It is all about finding and eating the right food before going on stage to sing.

Is Banana Good For Voice?

Does Banana Clear The Throat?

Just like we mentioned in one of our recent posts, you should consider consuming some fruits before trying out over the counter drugs or lozenges when you are dealing with a sore throat. We have gotten so used with trying out medications that we have forgotten how important and beneficial fruits are.

This brings us to the question, does banana clear the throat? Banana might not be the right fruit for you to consume right before you go out on stage to sing, but this doesn’t take away the fact that it can have some useful properties of its own. When dealing with a sore throat, banana is one of the fruit you can take as it can soothe and clear throat.

You might be surprised at how a fruit we just said you shouldn’t take right before a vocal audition still helps in soothing the throat. This is because banana is rich in vitamin C nutrient, and vitamin C works effectively in boosting the body’s immune system so it can be able to fight against the cold that has left the throat sore.

You can easily swallow banana since it tends to have a soft nature, and banana is also rich in vitamin B6, potassium, and calcium. It is a good option for anyone suffering from a sore throat not just because it has the ability to soothe the throat, but because it is soft and can be easily swallowed when you are dealing with a sore throat.

Other forms of food you can try out when you are dealing with a sore throat includes;

  • Garlic
  • Soup
  • Yogurt
  • Honey

Is Banana Good For Voice? – Frequently Asked Questions

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Wrapping It Up

As a singer, the key lies in knowing what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat. You should also be aware of the right time to eat and when you should stay away from certain foods. We hope that whatever information detailed in this post turns out useful for you. Good luck friend.