What Food Makes Your Voice Soft And Clear

The voice is the most important aspect of every singer’s life, and singers should be fully invested in looking after and taking care of their voice. This is because their voice is their work tool and most powerful weapon, so they should be conscious of what they eat or drink. Knowing what food makes your voice soft and clear is very essential for singers.

If you are reading this post because you need information on what foods makes your voice soft and clear then you have found the right page as that is what we will be paying attention to today. Like we mentioned in the previous paragraph, every singer should be aware of some helpful tips that can help keep their voice in the top form.

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What Food Makes Your Voice Soft And Clear

What Food Makes Your Voice Soft And Clear

There are foods that you need to stay away from, while there are others that you should consume for the good and benefit of your voice. We are talking about foods like broccoli, spinach, and other leafy vegetables which will provide the body with the iron it needs so it can have enough vocal stamina and strength.

Another factor you have to take into consideration is drinking good amounts of water. For every singer, staying hydrated is something they should add to their daily routine and it is important you drink as much as eight glasses of water everyday. There are several benefits that comes with staying hydrated in the life of a singer.

Staying hydrated will help in flushing out mucus or phlegm that are produced at the vocal cords, and this mucus or phlegm are capable of affecting the way you sound when you singing. They will cause you to sound unclear, making it difficult for you audience to grab whatever lyrics you are singing out. As a singer, you do not want this to happen.

Apart from flushing out phlegm from the body, staying properly hydrated keeps the vocal cords well lubricated. Lubrication also helps in sounding good, and being dehydrated causes the voice to sound hoarse. Sounding hoarse is also going to interfere with how you sound when singing, but there are water types that you shouldn’t drink.

You should avoid drinking cold or hot water if you are concerned about taking care of your voice, Drinking cold water might lead to constriction of your vocal cords, while taking hot water isn’t healthy either. It is preferable to drink room temperature water, and you can consider adding honey to it as it proves to be very beneficial.

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Is Milk Good For Voice?

What Food Makes Your Voice Soft And Clear

Over the years, there has been a lot of argument on if dairy products are good or bad for the voice. One thing you should know about the body is everything inside of you is connected one way or the other, so it will help you to note that what you take into your body is likely to affect your vocal cords.

What this simply means is you might take in a food with high and good nutritional content only for it to have a negative effect on your voice, and this can go as far as affecting your voice when you go on stage to sing. People ask, is milk good for the voice? If milk is bad, what alternative can you switch to?

Is it safe to drink milk before going on stage? Does dairy product affect the voice negatively? Finding answers to this questions comes with a lot of confusion, but one fact is performers or singers have been warned against drinking milk or dairy products before going out to sing or going out to perform.

Now why are singers asked to stay away from milk or other dairy products when they want to sing? This is because milk has a creamy texture already which is capable of causing mucus production in the vocal cords or throat of a singer. The mucus will get thicker than expected, and this can hamper or negative impact the voice.

Thick mucus on the vocal cords tends to cause an irritation on the vocal cords, and trust me when i say singing is going to be a lot more challenging when you have thick mucus on your throat. Another disadvantage of having mucus in your throat is you will not find it smooth or easy to transition to other vocal registers like you use to.

Your vocal breaks will be increased if there are thick mucus on your throat lining or vocal cords, and you should avoid drinking milk before a show or audition as it makes it challenging for you to raise or open up your soft palates. This is why it is very essential that you do not drink milk any day you have to give a performance.

Instead you can switch to drinking more of water since it has the power to clear up mucus and leave the vocal cords well lubricated. Hydration is very beneficial to every singer than drinking milk.

How Can I Soften My Voice?

Anyone with the ability to sing softly is going to sound very pleasant to any audience, and listening to soft sound singers can put you in a relaxing mood. People are of the opinion that anyone with a soft voice has a very rare gift from God, but singing softly is a skill that you can also learn even if you are not gifted with it. Surprised right?

Learning how to sing softly like a professional is one singing skill you can work on, but it can also be very challenging. The good aspect of singing softly is it helps you connect with the emotion of your audience, and this explains why people love singers like Elvis Presley, Adele, and some other singers that sing softly.

Below are some of the techniques you can adopt when learning how to sing softly;

  • Do not feel bad or embarrassed when you open your mouth
  • Learn how to develop your breathing diaphragm
  • Enhance your natural vibrato
  • Sing high notes while thinking low
  • Make sure you are taking in enough air
  • Make use of a microphone so you can avoid singing too loud
  • Learn how to shape consonant and vowels properly

Listed above are the tips that you can adopt when you want to learn how to sing softly, but have it in mind that constant practice will make you get perfect at it

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Drinks Help Your Singing Voice?

Water and tea are two of the best drinks you can use if you use your voice for singing, and but make sure the tea you are consuming does not have a lot of caffeine inside of it. Caffeine has the ability to leave the body and vocal cords dehydrated

Does Milk Affect Singers?

Milk isn’t a drink every singer should take, and this is because it has the tendency of stressing your vocal cords. This doesn’t mean you should remove milk from your diet, but make sure the day you consume milk drink is the day you do not have a performance

Is Ginger Good For The Voice?

When people have respiratory ailments, they take ginger as it comes with some properties that helps with these ailments. You can count on ginger to repel dry and irritating cough, and they can also soothe sore and irritated throats

Final Note

We hope that every thing we have said in this post turns out helpful for you, and we will be looking forward to what you think or your ideas in our comment section.