What Fruit Is Good For The Voice?

Do you have an idea of what fruit is good for the voice? It is very important you know this as many have no idea that there are fruits for singers that are recommended and not recommended.

Your singing performance is going to be affected positively or negative by what you eat right before you go for it, and what this means is there are foods that have the ability to affect your performance positively, while other foods might affect it negative.

Knowing what fruit will be good for a singer is going to depend on whether you have a show, event, or concert to perform at, and let us take a look at banana for example.

Banana is one of the fruits that is capable of making you feel relaxed and better, but the amount of cream it produces in the throat eventually leads to excess mucus production. Pineapples on the other hand are a good choice thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties.

Funny at how this might sound, but there are singers that do not know that fruits are good at soothing the throat. Before going ahead to get a drug, syrup, or lozenges for the throat, have you considered trying out a fruit with soothing properties?

This is a prescription free treatment from nature itself, and you should sometimes take advantage of all of nature’s gifts to you.

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What Fruit Is Good For The Voice?

What Fruit Is Good For The Voice?

Snacking on avocado is not just going to provide you with omega 3 benefits and tasty feeling, avocado has the ability to heal. Its healing property is what makes it a good solution for issues happening at the throat, and avocado is one fruit that is greatly recommended for singers.

If you are on this page because you want to know the right food you can snack on before a performance then you have come to the right place. This page has all you need to know.

It makes no sense for anyone to doubt the benefits of consuming fruits, but it also makes no sense to think that all fruits will provide you with benefits when you have a performance to give.

This tells you fruits can be bad and good for singers, but knowing what fruit to eat is what will make a difference if you are a singer. If you are dealing with a sore throat, try consuming fruits that will increase your vitamin C levels and you will feel good again.

Just like we mentioned earlier, consuming fruit is recommended for every singer. Do you know what fruit you can add to your diet? What fruit will provide your throat and voice with benefits?

At this point, you have to look beyond the nutritional value of a fruit and look at how it is going to impact your performance. Is it going to impact it positively or negatively? These are what we will be looking at right away, so continue reading this page with us.

List Of The Best Fruits For Singers

What Fruit Is Good For The Voice?

Fruits can be the best or the worst thing that will happen to you if you have a show or event you want to sing at, so we have decided to bring you this short but detailed list on some fruits and tell you if it is okay for you to consume them before a performance or for general consumption.

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Is Apple Good For The Voice?

It is advisable that you chew apple than drink apple if you are some hours away from a performance, and doing this will help the body in taking in all of the required vitamins. This fruit is known to have lesser amounts of sugar, and you do not want to take in so much sugar content before a singing performance as it might cause a crash inside you.

You are going to get a daily fix of vitamin C when consuming apples, and this is what makes it a great fruit for singers. We also will not look away from its ability to boost the immune system, prevent fatigue, and enhance tissues. Finally, it has a high water content which is the right fruit for every singer.

Is Apricots Good For The Voice?

You are going to get high levels of magnesium when you consume apricots, and magnesium helps in fighting off anxiety. This makes this fruit the best for stage fright, while providing you with vitamin A is another benefit of consuming this fruit. It protects the throat, boost confidence, and provides the body with antioxidants.

Is Avocado Good For Singers?

Just like we mentioned earlier in this post, you are going to get a lot of healing benefits when you consume avocado as a singer, and we will not forget to mention how it supplies the body with omega3 alongside a tasty feeling. The throat will be left moisturized thanks to the oil gotten from avocado, and this oil serves as a soothing balm.

Is Banana Good For Singers?

Boosting serotonin levels, improving moods, and keeping you full is what a banana provides the body with, but it is not a good fruit choice for singers. It helps in maintaining ideal sugar levels in the body, but its creamy texture increases mucus production in the throat, and mucus in the throat will affect your performance negatively.

Is Berry Good For The Voice?

All berries are good at providing the body with anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, and all of these will have no negative effect on the vocal cords. They are like the best easy snack you can consume, as they have the ability to leave your vocal cords well protected.

Is Coconut Good For The Voice?

Boosting moods, energy, and ensuring you stay full is what eating coconut does to the body, and another thing about coconut is they will help in keeping you free from viruses. This is what the body of a singer also needs, and providing the throat with a soothing feeling is what you are going to get from coconut oils.

Is Grape Good For The Voice?

These are good anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant fruits, and the fact that they have an incredible hydrating benefit is yet another plus to the body system. If you want a good fruit to snack on when performing then a grape is the best fruit you want to snack on, and they are also good at not producing any mess.

Is Watermelon Good For The Voice?

Watermelon has a high water content, and hydrating the voice and body is what the body needs before a performance. You can eat watermelon days before your performance and also on the day of your performance, but make sure it is not very cold when you eat it. Cold food, fruits, and drinks are not good for the voice.

What Fruit Is Good For The Voice? – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Eat Fruit Before My Performance?

  • Consuming fruits is one of the best ways to gain energy, so it is good for you to snack on them before a show or performance. Foods are likely to keep the vocal cords hydrated, and it will also eliminate any strain on the voice.

Is It Better To Eat Or Drink Fruit?

  • The body is going to break down every fruit and get nutrition from it when you chew it, but it might be easier when you take the drinking option before a performance. Whatever way you choose to consume your fruit depends on your preference, but chewing the fruit is much better.

Are Vegetables Good For Singers?

  • ┬áVegetables are packed with lots of minerals and vitamins, and they are a good part of our diet. They are also full of antioxidants, and all of these properties will benefit the throat, and the body in general.

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Now you have an idea of what fruits are good for the throat before going on stage to sing, but we want to advise you to consume these fruits moderately. You should also stay away from consuming cold fruits or foods and drinks, as they have a way of affecting your performance negatively.