Which Singer Can Sing The Most Octaves

Music is life to so many people, and this explains why several people have ended up taking music or singing as a profession. The wildest vocal range anyone can try hitting while singing is 10, and which singer can sing the most octaves in music today? You might think this is impossible to achieve, but trust me when i say nothing is impossible.

There are so many singers that have gone on to display their greatest vocal range from time to time inside the studio or on a song, and we are talking about guns and roses singer Axl Rose. Other singers that have display great vocal prowess includes Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Mariah Carey, Dvud Bowie, Christina Aguilera, Prince, and James Brown.

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Which Singer Can Sing The Most Octaves

Which Singer Can Sing The Most Octaves

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, 10 is the widest octave a singer can get to or attain when singing, and this is something that has been achieved only by Tim Storms while recording at Citywalk studio on the 1st of August 2008.

This shows you that in the world of music, nothing is indeed impossible as there are several talented and gifted singers who are ready to display their musical prowess at any time.

A singer that comes to mind when considering singers that hit the highest or widest octave note is Adele, but is Adele a contralto singer? The fact about Adele’s style of singing is she is a contralto singer, and you can easily hear what Adele sings which makes it easy for you to classify her as a contralto singer.

We are talking about singing with a low tessitura, strong low register, and a range and dark voice, This is why people believe she is a contralto singer. There are several other big name singers that can hit the five octave range, but we will come back to that later in this post.

What Female Singer Can Hit 5 Octaves

Just like we mentioned not long in this post, there are female singers that are good at hitting five octave ranges when singing. Trust this post when it tells you that these singers are good at what they do, and this is why we want to talk about five female singers that can hit five octaves when singing.

It is a always a joy to watch a singer sing and hit five octaves, and you will always wonder how they were able to do it if you are a beginner in the world of music. This is something you can easily see when watching a singing competition that allows upcoming singers to come on the platform and show what they are capable of.

If there are upcoming singers that can do this on a singing talent show or competition, you will start to wonder if there are truly any big names that can be able to sing and hit five octaves. The answer is yes, there are truly some singers with this skill, and we will be showing you five female singers that can do this with ease.

Mariah Carey is one female singer that deserves to be mentioned first when it comes to hitting five octaves, and it is believed that she is the first person to sing an ear piercing note ever o a song. She is very good and has a very good voice to back it up. Christina Aguilera is another female with this skill, and her voice is known for its versatility.

Celine Dion is definitely going to make it to this list, and this is someone that sounds like an angel whenever she opens her mouth to sing a song. Her titanic soundtrack is one of the most pleasant songs ever recorded. If you have heard Beyonce sing then you will agree that she has a vocal ability that made her one of the greatest singers ever.

Finally, Whitney Houston had a great vocal range that made it easy for her to gift her fans with incredible songs and vocals right until her untimely death. These are the five female singers that we know can hit five octaves when singing.

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Who Has The Highest Octave Range

Which Singer Can Sing The Most Octaves


Moving on to the singer that has recorded the greatest vocal range of all time, there are very persons that have been able to do this in the world of music. A chart was made sometime to show you singers that have showed great vocal range when making songs, and Axl Rose is the singer that has demonstrated great vocal range when singing.

Following Axl Rose closely behind is talented and award winning singer Mariah Carey at the second position. Occupying the third position is Prince, while Aerosmiths’s Steven Tyler occupies the fourth position. James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Christina Aguilera, and David Bowie all occupy the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eight position respectively.

The interactive chart also made it possible for you to see singers that didn’t just hit the highest notes but singers that hit the lowest notes. Despite all of this names we have mentioned, Tim Storms is not a famous face, but he is one that has hit ten octaves while singing, making him a Guinness record breaker.

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Who Has A 6 Octave Vocal Range?

It is very beneficial when you can sing vocals from very low to very high vocal ranges, but which of the singers do you think have been able to reach a six octave vocal range? It is quite rare for you to find a singer with a six octave range, and some of the big names you know in the world of music might just be able to sing very few notes.

Not everyone is gifted with the talent or has the skill to hit high vocal ranges, and this is why we explained that singers that can hit six octave vocal ranges are very rare. It is an eye-watering feature for any singer to be able to hit six octave ranges, but you should be very careful when trying to harness this type of skill.

When talking about singers with the ability to hit a six octave range, Tim Storms is not a familiar face but he has the record for the greatest vocal range of all times. Mariah Carey should be the only singer with the ability to hit a six octave range when it comes to singing, but there are several male singers that can do this.

We are talking about male singers like Mike Patterson, Corey Taylor, Adam Lopez, and Dimash. Now you know what singers are able to hit six octave vocal ranges when they open their mouth to sing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Octaves Can Most Singers Sing?

  • What we know from proven statistics is so many popular singers can only display three octave vocal ranges, and the average singer can be able to hit three octave vocal range when he or she is being taught by an expert. Several classical singers that you know only hit three octave vocal ranges.

How Many Octaves Can Billie Eilish Sing?

  • Undoubtedly, Billie Eilish is a light lyric soprano singer, and this is one singer that is only able to hit two octaves and a perfect fifth when it comes to singing

What Is Selena Gomez Vocal Range?

  • This question can be a little bit complicated than you think, but Selena Gomez is soprano singer that can sing three octaves but she chooses to remain in the flat. She is known to display traces of sensual pop singing most of the times.



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