What Kind Of Subwoofer Box Is Loudest

When you want to shop for a subwoofer box, the first factor you take into consideration is how loud the box is going to get. It is impossible to enjoy what you are playing or listening to if the sound isn’t loud enough, so what kind of subwoofer box is loudest? This is the question we will be looking at in this interesting post.

There are two main types of subwoofer box, and they are the ported and sealed subwoofer boxes. Regardless of the misconception so many people having about choosing subwoofer boxes, making the decision isn’t as easy as it sounds. Taking music into consideration and loud it should get, choosing a subwoofer box isn’t an easy task.

You might be wondering why subwoofer boxes have turned out to be this important over the years, but you need to understand that get full, rich, loud, and deep sounds from your subwoofer is going to depend on the type of box the subwoofer has. It is considered as the most effective way you can get the best out of your subwoofer.

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What Kind Of Subwoofer Box Is Loudest

What Kind Of Subwoofer Box Is Loudest

Taking a look at ported and sealed subwoofer boxes, you can tell that the ported subwoofer box will sound louder than the sealed subwoofer box. It doesn’t matter what you are listening to, but this is possible as the ported subwoofer box comes with ports or vents that allow for air and sounds to escape through.

The sounds coming from the front and back of the cone are redirected by the port or vents, and this will significantly increase the sound output coming from the ported subwoofer box, The reverse is what happens in a sealed subwoofer box since it doesn’t come with any vents or ports, or openings.

Making use of a ported subwoofer box paves way for louder sounds, and it also means you do not have to make use of very powerful amplifier or anyone at all to improve the quality of sounds coming from your subwoofer.

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What Types Of Subwoofer Box Is The Strongest Bass Producing

Adding a subwoofer to your car stereo is one of the ways you can get full and rich sounds, and trust me when i say doing this is going to have more impact and more fun when listening to music regardless of the music you are listening to. There are two types of bass lovers, and they are those who like it tight and the ones who like it boomy.

Whatever bass sounds you love is going to depend on your personal preference, and it can also depend on the style of music you love listening to. Furthermore, the type of bass sound you are going to get is going to depend on the type of subwoofer box you have installed inside of your car.

Anyone looking at obtaining boomy bass sounds should go for the ported subwoofer box, while anyone looking at obtaining tight bass sounds should go ahead and install the sealed subwoofer box. The ported subwoofer box is always a good option when it comes to producing strong bass sounds, and you will find out why.

This is because the ported subwoofer box makes use of ports or vents in reinforcing low bass responses, and this is going to deliver a powerful and strong bass output compared to the sealed subwoofer box design. However, a ported subwoofer box needs to be larger in size than a sealed subwoofer box for it to deliver strong bass sounds.

One more thing you should know is that people will keep going for the ported subwoofer box since they are obsessed with obtaining strong bass sounds. This is why people who are lovers of metal, rock, or any other hard driving music will settle for the ported subwoofer box at any given time.

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How To Make A Subwoofer Box Louder

What Kind Of Subwoofer Box Is Loudest

The truth about subwoofer boxes is they are naturally loud, but this doesn’t mean there won’t come a point when you wish they sounded louder. This is when you start looking for ways on how to make a subwoofer box louder, and people turn to their subwoofer boxes as they believe it will significantly improve audio and video sound quality.

Subwoofer boxes are designed to have an enclosure that helps it maximize sounds to its full potential, and this enclosure is tasked with offering protection to the subwoofer or speaker and improving sound. This explains why so many sound lovers have decided to make their own subwoofer box to meet up with their audio needs.

The two types of enclosures are the ported and sealed enclosure. Sealed boxes are known for delivering tight bass sounds, while you will obtain boomy sounds when you make use of the ported subwoofer box. Measurements that are accurate to fit the speaker should be done if you want to get the best out of these boxes.

Here are simple steps to follow when you want to make your subwoofer box sound louder;

  • Fill up the subwoofer box using a polyfill material or any other similar material and this will help in delivering full and rich sounds
  • Select a subwoofer box that is made using sturdy materials, but you will find doing this effective when using a sealed subwoofer box
  • Tuning your subwoofer is going to improve sounds massively, but the frequency in the box must be calculated correctly to achieve this
  • Make sure the right box size is selected
  • Tune your amplifier

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How Do I Make My Sub Box Hit Harder

You will definitely feel annoyed when your subwoofer box doesn’t hit as hard as you want it to, or when your subwoofer box sounds very weak. Here are few things you can do to make your subwoofer hit hard;

  • Ensure that the amplifier you are making use of matches the the audio subwoofer you have installed inside your car. There are various power outputs in most amplifiers, so find out one with the power that matches your car audio subwoofer.
  • Make use of a bandpass box as it is designed to help maximize subwoofer sound output. Bandpass boxes do not work with all subwoofers, so ensure you carry out an extensive research before purchasing anyone.
  • Considering tweaking your stereo unit and amplifier settings to make your sub hit harder, and trust that doing this will also improve sound quality generally. Figuring out the right settings will definitely make your sub box hit harder.
  • Before doing any of the steps we have listed above, make sure the subwoofer itself is free from all problems. You should try listening to the subwoofer and feel the sounds coming from it, and your subwoofer is in good condition when you can feel the vibration coming out from the woofer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Bigger Sub Box Make It Louder?

  • If your subwoofer box is about twenty percent larger than recommended then it is going to make sound production not just louder but more efficient. This simply means you are going to get more bang for your buck, and this is the desire of all audiophiles.

Is A Bigger Port Better?

  • The fact about sub box ports is it is better the port is deeper than wider, and making use of a more critical port will require a deep tuning frequency. This also means you will be able to get a full bass sound production even if you are dealing with a smaller port.

Which Way Should Sub Ports Face?

  • For better sound quality, the port should not be positioned to face the wall. Bass waves need to travel in every direction in the room, and positioning the ports to face the wall is going to hinder this.

Final Note

We hope every answer we have provided you with in this post turns out to be of immense help to you, and we will be looking forward to your thoughts, opinions, and ideas in the comment section of this post.