Who Used Sony C800G Microphone

One of the most elite microphones you will come across on the market today is the Sony C800G microphone, and the fact that it was designed by a popular and reliable brand like Sony tells you how reliable and durable this microphone is. One question people ask is who used Sony C800G microphone? Keep reading this post.

This is a very popular microphone which has a price that is above what most people can afford, but you will understand that this microphone is completely worth it when you take a look at all of its amazing features. Surprisingly, the Sony C800G microphone is one that will deliver a professional recording sound.

Being able to capture silky breath is what the Sony C800G microphone is all about, and it also boasts of having a high sensitivity design that ensures all sounds are captured in fine details. This is what makes all recordings very delicate and outstanding, while its high sensitivity makes this microphone the best for recording vocals.

Who Used Sony C800G Microphone

Who Used Sony C800G Microphone

Considering all of the things we have mentioned about this microphone, it is okay to be curious about the people that have made use of this microphone. This microphone has been used by several popular singers and producers, and we are talking about people like Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Eminem, and Dr Drey.

This microphone is good for Mariah Carey when it comes to making her recordings, and it makes it easy for her to migrate between various octave ranges. If it is good for someone as talented as Mariah Carey then it will be good for any other singer or musician. Delivering perfected and clear cut detailed sounds is what this microphone is all about.

When you want to make an acoustic recording, the Song C800G microphone is what you should set your sights on as it will deliver crisp and crystal clear sounds. It boasts of not having a noise floor which makes recordings have complete clarity with zero or minimal clarity.

Surprisingly, this microphone boasts of having a two parts aluminum design that makes this microphone durable, and you will be surprised at how this construction contributes to the quality of sound this microphone produces. This type of construction makes sure users don’t deal with resonance and vibrations when making a recording.

All of this makes sure that all you get is crisp and enhanced sounds, while having a dual diaphragm design allows users to select between omni-directional and cardioid polar pattern. When placing this patterns parallel to each other, you will feel this microphone vibrate, making it easy to carry out several pickup patterns at the same time.

The good thing that comes with working with this mic is it reminds you why you decided to make music in the first place, and this microphone will clearly make any sound come to life. You are going to get the best sound quality as this microphone boasts of having an external power supply and the best cooling system you can every imagine.

Now you can see why several musicians and singers love working with the Sony C800G microphone, and you can see why it has won the heart of so many people.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Sony C800G Microphone

Who Used Sony C800G Microphone

This microphone boasts of having a rare contemporary design mixed with a vintage look and feel, and this is one of the features users find attractive about this microphone. Its shares the same capsule size design like the Neumann K67 condenser microphone, ensuring that it delivers a brilliant, bright, and silky sound.

Here are some of the top features of the Sony C800G microphone;

  • It is best suited for film post production house and vocal recording
  • It offers the best possible sound production quality
  • Its cooling system offers low distortion and low noise sound production
  • It has an omni-directional or cardioid polar pattern

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These are some of the top quality features about the Sony C800G microphone, and we will not forget to mention that this microphone produces high quality bass sounds. What you should know is that this microphone isn’t for everyone, and your performance might be affected by this microphone if you are not a skilled singer.

Now, let us show you the pros and cons that this microphone comes with. Do not be surprised that this microphone comes with some cons despite all of the amazing things we have mentioned about it. This shows that it is quite impossible for you to find a product that its design is free from having a flaw.

Without wasting further time, here are some of the pros and cons of the Sony C800G microphone;

Pros Of Sony C800G Microphone