Tama vs Pearl – The Best Drum Set Brand

Taking a look at the drum industry, you can say that Tama and Pearl are two of the most powerful drums that have been around for a long time.

They are designed to be very powerful, and you will always find popular and successful drummers playing either of these drums.

These companies are known for producing amazing drum kits, but between Tama Vs Pearl, which you think will match your drumming needs.

There are a couple of things that set both drums apart, which make drummers decide which to get for between them. If you are reading this, you might be wondering what drum you should go for.

You might be considering going for the trusted Pearl brand or the shiny Tama drums, but let us take a look at each of these drums so you can get more info on both of them.

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Pearl Drums

One of the oldest drums you can ever think of is the Pearl drum, and this drum company has been around since 1940.

It first kicked off business fully in Japan, and its production of drums hit its climax within a short time. You might wonder why the sales of drums skyrocketed as far back as 1940, but the reason for this was the availability of rock and roll music at that time.

In the 2000s, you could see so many Pearl drum kits worldwide, but the brand ended up losing its relevance in the drum industry since that time.

Regardless of their unexpected fall, Pearl company remains one of the few companies you can trust to make reliable drums and drum kits.

Interestingly, most producers prefers the pearl drum kits in their studio, and the same goes for other professionals in the field of music.

The export kit made a huge impact on the Pearl company, which was part of what made the Pearl company very popular worldwide.

The Export kit was considered as its entry-level drum kit, which ended up being the most sold entry-level drum kit of all time. However, you might not get to see the Pear Export drum kits anymore because the Roadshow brand has taken their place for a long time now.

Despite going out of trend, the Pearl Export drum kit is still relevant based on its durability and reliability. In addition, you will love the high-quality hardware used in making Pearl drum kits, which helps keep them at the top of the competition with other drum kit manufacturing companies.

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Tama Drums

Looking at the Tama brand, you will realize that it is way younger than the Pearl brand as it started production back in 1970.

Surprisingly, this company started its operation with high-quality drums, and it also started operation back in Japan. This is because many popular drummers today also have their drum kits supplied from the Tama company.

One of the coolest pieces of information you will discover about the Tama company is that it was the first-ever company to release the tom mounting hardware. The beauty of this hardware is it never interfered with bass drum shells.

This means that the Tama company paved the way for some high-quality kits. Their impressive finish also sets the Tama company apart from other companies, and their kits always look very impressive.

The Tama company is known for making drums capable of delivering punchy bass sounds, and you will find Tama drums and kit in possession of so many metal and rock artists.

The Tama company is known for making drum kits for everyone, and the size of their drums is fairly large.

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Factors That Should Influence Your Decision As A Drummer

Flagship Kits

The Flagship kits are what every drum company needs to focus on as it is the face of every drum company, and flagship kits will change over time as technology changes.

The Pearl Masterworks and the Tama Star are the two flagship kits of both brands, and they ooze high amounts of craftsmanship, which explains why they have a hefty price tag slammed on them. The difference between both kits lies in holding shells together and their hardware.

Entry Level Kits

The entry-level kits are the ones that get mass-produced, and it also throws more light on how good drums are.

One good feature about entry-level kits is they give you an idea of how to equip beginner drummers. The Pearl Roadshow is one of the most affordable and best entry-level drum kits on the market because of its solid hardware and impressive tones.

The Tama Imperial Star entry-level kits have a higher cost than the Pear Roadshow entry-level kits, but the good thing about it is it comes with better cymbals.

Providing a sense of customization and having better finish options are the benefits that come with making use of the Tama Imperial Star entry-level kits. Producing clean and effective tones make these kits very popular, but your budget will determine which products to get.

Everything In Between

Another good thing about the Pearl and Tama brand is they have drum kits that will fall in between the flagship models and the entry-level kits, and these drum kits are designed to meet the needs of every drummer out there.

It means that both brands make kits that will meet different and specific needs, and the Tama kit, as we mentioned earlier, will do well when used by metal and rock drummers.

On the other hand, you can end up using the Pearl and Tama drum kits when working in a live and studio environment.


The truth about both drums is you can never conclude which is better, and whatever drum brand you pick should be based on what sounds you want.

It should also be based on what type of hardware you like, and the hardware used in making these drums sets a huge difference among different drum brands.

Just like we mentioned earlier, you should stick to a Tama kit but have in mind that there are various options you can also choose from.

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