Where To Buy FLAC Music

A short music file format that provides you with close to perfect copies of a CD  at a small fraction of its actual size is what FLAC is all about.

Free Losses Audio Codec, or FLAC, as it is popularly called, works with smartphones and portable music players. One question that is being asked is between MP3 music Vs. Way better, FLAC.

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FLAC Vs MP3 – Which Is Worth It?

Some people think identifying the difference between MP3 and FLAC music using high bitrate is true for people dealing with unprofessional music equipment.

Using a decent pair of headphones can help you tell the difference between FLAC and MP3 music, and you can tell the difference between 320kbps MP3 and FLACs.

Your 320kbps MP3 will sound crowded, but this difference will be pronounced when you are dealing with cymbal reliant metal songs. There are certain facts you need to keep in mind when dealing with FLACs and MP3’s, and below are some of these facts;


Where To Buy FLAC Music

Facts About FLAC And MP3

  • MP3’s are known to work well with 16bit CD audio quality, but it doesn’t share the same relationship when working with a 24bit DVD audio
  • MP3 files are known to support stereo or mono, but they do not support multichannel audio
  • The sampling frequency of MP3 is confined to 48,000Hz, but this isn’t enough when you are dealing with lossy suppression.
  • FLAC is known to require more hard disc space, and we are talking as much as five times larger the size of an MP3 file

How To Play FLAC Music

Everyone must have heard about Neil Young’s Pono, and it isn’t a hidden story as it is already all over the news. However, despite all of the publicity, many people are not aware of the new format, which was designed to play FLAC files. Therefore, we are also looking at FLAC files purchased from Pono music.

The FLAC music file format provides listeners with the option of playing high-quality digital music, and it makes use of about half the storage space that uncompressed music files require.

You can compare the sound you will get from the FLAC music file format to that from a CD file format.

There are certain apps like a FLAC player which make it possible for you to listen to iOS devices, and you can also make use of a Pono Player in listening to iOS devices. Since we have explained a few things about FLAC files, let us talk to you about places you can get FLAC files from.

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Where To Buy FLAC Music

There are two legit ways you can get FLAC music, just like how you get MP3 files, and one method involves ripping them from original CDs.

The other step involves buying them directly, and there are various platforms online where you can shop for FLAC music. The good thing about these platforms is that they are cheaper than CDs.

Just because these platforms are cheaper than CD buying platforms doesn’t mean they are of lower quality, and one fact about the FLAC download sites is that they are independent as the major record labels are yet to sell all of their lost downloads. A reason for this might be because of piracy issues.

If you are searching the internet for a place to shop for FLAC music, you should consider trying out the following sites below;


Purchasing music directly from the artist is what you will do on Bandcamp, and Radiohead started the platform where they provided artists with the opportunity of selling their songs themselves.

With the help of Bandcamp, artists who are yet to own their websites can put out music directly to their fans, and it also helps the public have access to best-sellers and other discoveries.

Beggars Group

Previously known as the beggar’s banquet, they got this name from one of the albums from the Rolling Stone group.

The good thing about this site is that it provides the public with a vast range of FLAC music collections, and fans of alternative music will find something they love on the Beggars group.


It is where you can stream FLAC music at a very low price, and this is why it is considered the best virtual music store.

All you have to do as an artist is to send your music to Murfie, and they end up ripping it for you, or you can choose to sell your CDs directly on FLAC.

The only downside of this approach is that the artist doesn’t make money from these transactions, but this site is considered the last firewall before piracy steps in.


If you want a site that holds the record of the highest number of FLAC collections, the HDTracks is the site you should be looking at.

The HDTracks might not necessarily be a label, but so many labels, such as Blue Notes and Warner Bros, make use of it. In addition, the HDTracks houses diverse and comprehensive music catalogs, so it remains one of the best places you can run a search for new releases.

Merge Group

This is one of the independent labels that still exist today, and the fact that it has a register that contains some of the hottest content you ever want on the market makes it a favorite for everyone searching for FLAC music.

Some of the top artists on the Merge group include Spoon, Arcade Fire, M.Ward, to mention but a few.

Linn Records

The Linn Records is the last option we want to look at, and the Linn Record has been putting out FLAC music for everyone for over three decades. What makes the Linn music special is that it was the first to release CD-quality music.

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Final Notes

Ripping off FLAC from CDs is one of the options you can always take; getting FLAC files from authorized websites is another option you can take.

This is a great option as it encourages artists to keep putting out quality music for their fans worldwide, and the options we have provided for you in this post are the best options where you can get FLAC music from.