Numark Mixdeck Express Review

For so many decades, the Numark brand is one that has made so many trustworthy and efficient products which has helped it gain so much popularity and recognition. They have been able to maintain a lead among other competitors with the quality of products they keep sending to the market, and that’s why we have decided to bring you this Numark Mixdeck Express Review that talks about another of their standout product.

One fact about all in one DJ controllers we want our readers to note is these controllers can be extremely expensive, and the fact that they have very large unites means they will take up a large amount of space anywhere they are kept. However, the Numark Mixdeck Express unit is one better and preferable alternative anyone can go for, as it comes with so many interesting features and is very much affordable.

This means that the features you would love with from other expensive all in one DJ controllers are right here on the Numark Mixdeck Express controller. The added benefit is it comes at an affordable price tag, and the features this controller from Numark offers is what you are not going to get from several other DJ controllers within its price range. One fact we want people to note about this controller from Numark is it is very sophisticated.

The fact that the Numark Mixdeck Express controller is a very sophisticated means it requires adequate care and maintenance. Now, how can you maintain and take good care of this equipment? This is another question that even professionals are constantly seeking answers to, and the easiest way to care for and maintain this delicate equipment is by keeping it very far away from harsh heat elements like heat and water.

These two elements are likely to cause a serious damage to the Numark Mixdeck Express controller, and one useful information you are going to get from this equipment’s manual is to avoid spraying oils on this controller. This is another way to ensure it gets damaged quickly, but a good way of cleaning up this mixer is by making use of a soft and clean cloth. Using a clean cloth to wipe this mixer helps in fighting against build up of dust.

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Pros And Cons Of The Numark Mixdeck Express

There are two main pros of the Numark Mixdeck Express, and this is they are easy to use and inexpensive. This mixer isn’t underwhelming or mind blowing, but it is the perfect mixer to work with if you are new in the game. Saving onto devices is yet another pros of this mixer, and ensuring that you carry your music along with you anywhere you go using a backup USB drive or phone makes working with it worth it. There are really no cons about this device.

There have been so many positive reviews from people that have worked with this mixer at some point in their lives or career, and one of the reviews people are constantly making is how impressed they are with this equipment’s build. Traditional mixers come with so many irrelevant buttons and a jog wheel, but this isn’t how the Numark Mixdeck Express mixer is designed.

It boasts of having side controls and dials that are cool when touched, and this mixer is very easy to work with. Surprisingly, even amateurs will find working with this mixer very easy, and this is because it has been designed in a simplified form so users would not experience any difficulty when working with it. In addition, this is a very convenient equipment or mixer to work with.

Numark Mixdeck Express Review

Numark Mixdeck Express Review

Features Of The Numark Mixdeck Express Mixer


Interestingly, this mixer boasts of having the DJ Serato Lite software, and this is one of the most popular DJ software you can work with. This is a mixer software with so much capabilities and rich in features, and upgrading it at some point will introduce to many more amazing options and features you never knew existed. However, this lite software format comes with some restrictions of its own, but activating it is very simple.

The Numark Mixdeck Express mixer has been in use for a long period, and this is why it can work with several other equipment and platforms.

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Jog Wheels

Having sensitive touch platters which have the ability to execute your scratches just like you want it is one of the unique features you will find on the Numark Mixdeck Express mixer, and this sensitive touch platters are built to be solid. This mixer might not be as premium as the expensive controllers and mixers you will find on the market, but it is a very good equipment to begin your career with. Professionals also makes use of it, so it will get your work done.

Scratch and search buttons, reverse and brake buttons paves way for scratching tracks and searching through tracks with ease.

Pitch Faders

Its pitch faders is one features everyone will not just be excited to see but also pleased to work with, and accurate adjustments can be made using its long pitch faders. One skill that might be a little bit difficult to master is beat matching using the ears, but the process will be easier when making use of a long pitch fader. There are dedicated buttons that can be used for altering a pitch faders range, and you can hit BPM when blending tracks.

Media Sources

This is one of the Numark Mixdeck Express features that people also expressed satisfaction and excitement for, and trust me when i say you will only find few mixers on the market with the ability to handle a wide range of media sources. Most of the options offered by the media sources will be loved by any users out there, and trust me when i say it comes with a feature that allows this mixer work as a standalone unit.

You will only find very few mixers within this price range that will offer you all of these features and flexibility.

Performance Pads

Surprisingly, the Numark Mixdeck Express doesn’t come with performance pads. The performance pads are new features that you will easily find on many new controllers that are making their way to the market, and delivering extra active functions and setting cue points is where the performance pads comes in. There are rumors that if there is ever an upgrade on the Numark Mixdeck Express, it will surely come with performance pads.

Connection Options

Offering a wide range of options is what the Numark Mixdeck Express is designed to offer, and its XLR output is one that users will find very pleasing to work with. The XLR output makes it easy for users to connect this mixer with PA speakers, and this can be done without having to depend on unbalanced connections.