How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To iPhone

Connecting more than one bluetooth speaker to an iPhone can be very tricky, but the truth is it is still something that is very much possible following an advancement in modern day technology. The purpose of bringing you this article is to show you how to connect two bluetooth speakers to iPhone, and you are not going to be faced with any difficulty when you are done with reading this post today, Officially, welcome to this interesting post.

When you walk into any party, the thought on your mind is wanting to get the entire party experience. That is what you came for, but this total party experience can only be gotten from the music that is being played. If you are making use of just a single bluetooth speaker, you are likely to not get the complete and ultimate party experience that you want. Why is this so? This is simply because using just one single bluetooth speaker can be limiting.

It can be limiting in the sense that it might not deliver the amount of amplitude or power that you want from it, and a low amount of amplitude and power would never be enough to keep any party going. How can you turn things up from being so low to hitting the maximum? This is where connecting more than one bluetooth speaker comes in, and making use of more than one bluetooth speaker will increase the overall sound at the party.

How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To iPhone

It is not fake news that linking up two or more bluetooth speakers in a place will greatly improve the quality of sound being played at the place, but the important question that needs to be answered is ‘how can you connect more than one bluetooth speakers together?’ Some people might doubt this connection being a possibility, but you shouldn’t undermine technology today as there has been so many better and great advancements.

Making use of two bluetooth speakers on an iPhone device sounds like the best and easiest option when it comes to turning things up at any party. Now, you can make use of this sort of connection not just for a party, but also for an intimate or indoor setting. It also comes down to how loud you want the sound you are getting to be, and you could also want to listen to music or watch movies at very loud volumes. It mustn’t necessarily be a party.

If you are the type that will want to enjoy your playlist at a party or indoors, you might be discouraged at the fact that most of these bluetooth speakers differ from one another. This means setting them up might require some extra amount of effort from you, but you do not have to worry about doing any of these all alone by yourself as this post is here to offer you lots of help.

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What Do You Need To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To An iPhone

If you are looking at connecting two homepod speakers, megaboom speakers, or two different bluetooth speakers then here is a list of what you need to work with;

  • Wireless router to make sure paired devices communicate with each other easily
  • Two compatible bluetooth speakers with third party support applications and in-built audio cable ports
  • iPhone with iOS 6 or any other higher iOS version

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How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To iPhone

How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To iPhone

The truth is there are several possible ways a person can adopt when wanting to connect two bluetooth speakers with an iPhone device, but what matters most is finding a suitable method or procedure that will work for you. This post is going to show you one of the best methods you can adopt when connecting multiple bluetooth speakers to an iPhone.

Step One

Go to the settings option on your iPhone, and ensure that it is turned on and set to discoverable. One more thing you have to do is to ensure that you have the latest iOS version installed on your device, and you shouldn’t panic when the settings page or option on your device appears differently from how it is on another device. This will happen based on what iOS version you are working with.

Step Two

This involves you turning on your bluetooth speakers and making sure that its bluetooth option is turned on as well and set to visible. This is the fastest and easiest step which will not take more than two minutes

Step Three

From your device, you are going to detect the bluetooth speakers. What you are going to do is connect with one of them by following whatever instruction that comes up on your device. This connection might require you to input a passcode before it connects successfully, or you might just have to press some buttons on the bluetooth speakers simultaneously. You should connect both speakers with little or no pause when you start and complete the process.

Step Four

This step involves you repeating everything you have done in steps two and three on the number of additional speakers you will like to add to your iPhone device. One point we will like our readers to note here is they can avoid pairing each of these speakers individually, but it is possible for you to take off the first and second bluetooth speakers so you can connect the third bluetooth speaker easily.

Step Five

You will have to switch back to a single speaker mode from the multiple speaker mode you were in, and this can be achieved by taking off any extra device from the list found in the settings option. It is very easy to reconnect them again as all you have to do is go back to the previous steps you followed in adding them to the device. It is that simple.

Use Of Audio Cables

If you cannot connect your speakers using the wireless option then you can opt to make use of audio cables, and the Ankers brand is known to offer a very good option when it comes to audio cables. The Ankers audio cables provides users with an ideal range for use in regular sized rooms.

Connecting Directly

Connecting the iPhone and speakers directly is yet another option you can follow when you want to connect multiple bluetooth speakers to an iPhone. However, you will need a lightning cable to audio adapter for this to work, or you can make use of a USB and audio port simultaneously. If your speakers have the bluetooth option then it is okay to make use of that option.

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Now that we have showed you some simple steps on connecting two bluetooth speakers to an iPhone, you should no longer feel discouraged in getting it done. It all comes down to you now to put all you have read into practice, and feel free to tell us what worked for you in the comment section.