JBL GO 2 vs JBL GO – Comparisons And Features To Help You Make A Good Choice

Are you in love with Bluetooth speakers? There are numerous people all around the world that love Bluetooth speakers, and there are so many reasons why a person would be in love with Bluetooth speakers.

The fact that they are designed to offer a great sound experience for gaming, music, and movies makes them everyone’s choice, while their portable design makes it convenient for you to carry them along with you anywhere you go.

Bluetooth speakers are considered as the latest and one of the best technological advancements the world of music has ever seen.

Enabling users share some music and other files through their mobile device is yet another amazing feature of a Bluetooth speaker, and the fact that you can listen to your music, play games, or watch movies on any device without having to struggle with wires makes them a very good investment option.

You can see that there are so many reasons why a person would always choose a Bluetooth speaker, and did i mention how affordable these speakers are even with the amount of interesting features they come with.

Everything about Bluetooth speakers are exceptional, and you can count on Bluetooth speakers to put in a wonderful performance even though it is still considered to be in its natal stage.

We remember in one of our posts, we talked about two high quality Bluetooth speaker, and you can read up about them below;

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In this post today, our attention has been shifted to the JBL GO 2 vs JBL GO Bluetooth speakers. These are another brand of Bluetooth speakers that have captured the hearts and minds of so many users and music lovers over the years. We want to talk about these speakers in terms of features, build quality, sound performance, among other things.



The JBL GO  Bluetooth speaker is a speaker introduced to the market with the ability to deliver clear and crystal quality sound performance.

Now, one of the problems that people have identified with this speaker is the fact that it doesn’t deliver bass sounds, but this doesn’t change the fact that its sound performance is superb and amazing. It is also built to have a water resistant design, and you will be surprised at how good its backup battery is.

The sound volume when set at its highest is equal to the sound volume coming from a laptop, and every music lover will find this speaker portable and lovely.

Its connectivity features is easy and super fast, while being durable makes sure you are not back to the market to shop for another Bluetooth speaker within a very short period. It boasts of having mic and aux features that makes it possible for you to speak into microphones.

It can last for as long as four hours even if you play music at a very loud volume nonstop. These are some of the amazing features the JBL GO Bluetooth speaker comes with.

On the other hand, the JBL GO 2 Bluetooth speaker is also designed to have a waterproof feature that makes it suitable for use around water bodies, while its ultra portable design means you can conveniently position or move about with this speaker with ease.

An impressive feature of this Bluetooth speaker is how it permit streaming music using its Bluetooth function, and you will enjoy about four to five hours of top class sounds.

Its waterproof design is the latest IPX7 waterproof design, and what seems to intrigue everyone about this Bluetooth speaker is how crystal clear it gets when making a call.

Surprisingly, this is a noise-canceling speaker which boasts of twelve colors that will capture any eye that stares at it. It is amazing when used for a conference call, while having an audio cable output is another of its outstanding feature.

How Are These Speakers Different?


The good thing about these speakers is they have what makes them different from each other and what also makes them similar. Here are some of the features that makes them different from one another;

  • The GO 2 comes with rounded corners, while the GO has sharp and boxy edges
  • GO has a voice call button, but what you will find on the GO 2 is a play button
  • JBL GO has a regular waterproof design, but the GO 2 boasts of having the latest IPX7 water resistant design
  • The JBL GO comes with a no hook carrying strap, but this is missing on the HBK GO 2 Bluetooth speaker
  • GO 2 has a higher sound volume compared to the JBL GO speaker

How Are These Speakers Similar?

The type of sound quality offered by these speakers are very similar, and they are speakers that you can always carry along with you anywhere that you go. They both come with a rechargeable battery with the capacity to last as long as five lengthy playtime hours, and here are some of the features they share;

  • Five hours battery life
  • 3W power output
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Version
  • 30 Feet Bluetooth range
  • 2.68inches in Height

They do not come with any form of display, and they are both made of plastic materials. Some of the systems these Bluetooth speakers support includes;

  • Windows mobile
  • IOS
  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Android

These two Bluetooth speakers share so much similarities that it makes it difficult sometimes to pick a choice between the two of them. Irrespective of what we have mentioned in terms of similarities and differences, these speakers have one feature that everybody respects them for.

In the case of the JBL GO speaker, delivering powerful bass sound is one of the features people respect it for. This speaker is designed to sound very loud without producing distorted sounds, and it is the best choice if you are considering a speaker that will travel with fast connection.

The JBL GO 2 on the other hand, also offers powerful bass sounds but it has a small build. It sounds very great, and there are people who are happy with its small build, claiming it makes positioning and moving about with it convenient. It works fast and easy with smartphones, and being an IPX7 waterproof product tells you it is resistant to water damages.

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Final Note

When it comes to comparisons like this, making up your mind on a choice of product or item depends on what you prefer. You have learnt all there is to learn about the JBL G0 2 and GO Bluetooth speaker, so we advise that you make a choice based on which one has the features that would work for you. Leave a comment for use in the comment section of this post.