Vizio Soundbar Lights Going Up And Down

You can control a Vizio soundbar using the buttons on it or a remote control, but with Vizio soundbar lights going up and down, what can be done to remedy the situation. This doesn’t change the fact that the Vizio brand has been making reliable soundbars over the years.

One of the most common complaints you are going to find about the Vizio soundbar is the fact that the lights keeps flashing, and this might result into loss of settings or no audio at all.

The Vizio brand might be one of the top choice an audiophile would consider going for, but this doesn’t mean the brand is without some software or internal error issues.

Like we have never failed to mention in several of our posts, it is impossible for you to find a product or brand that makes one hundred percent devices, equipment, or instruments that are free from flaws. It means that it is impossible to find a completely perfect product.

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Vizio Soundbar Lights Going Up And Down

Vizio Soundbar Lights Going Up And Down

When your soundbar lights keeps flashing up and down then it is an indication that your soundbar has started developing a software problem.

It might also be that its settings has been altered with recently, or it is experiencing a form of interference. It is okay for you to also think that your soundbar is experiencing some hardware problem if you notice its lights flashing up and down, as there are several angles to look at it from.

The fact about Vizio soundbars is they come with several controls that makes it easy for you to customize whatever setting you will like to have on it.

There are times when the settings might go wrong or there might be a glitch which can cause an issue to arise inside your soundbar. Just like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, you are likely to be face a sound problem if your Vizio soundbar’s lights keep flashing up and down.

Problems can arise with your Vizio soundbar at any time, but it doesn’t mean all of the Vizio soundbars on the market is going to start experiencing lights flashing up and down problems.

This also means that the issue doesn’t change the fact that people count on the Vizio brand to make high quality soundbars for their customers. If you have been facing this sort of lights flashing up and down issue then you have found the page with answers.

Fortunately for you, there are some steps you can take that will help in dealing with this problem. This steps are simple and do not require you to spend so much so you can go back to enjoying your soundbar once again.

In our next lines, we will be providing you with useful tips that will help in solving this problem you are having with your soundbar. Check out these steps below.

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How To Solve Vizio Soundbar Lights Flashing Up And Down Issue

Vizio Soundbar Lights Going Up And Down

Once your Vizio soundbar LED lights keeps flashing up and down, it is an indication that something isn’t right anymore with your soundbar.

There are several reasons why the LED lights on your soundbar will keep flashing up and down, and cycling through potential inputs has got to be one of the reasons why this is happening. However, you should know that any LED light that you see on your soundbar represents something.

If your soundbar is searching for a bluetooth device then its light will keep scrolling up and down. If you press the bluetooth button on your soundbar’s remote or on the soundbar itself, the LED light will come on and search for about fifteen minutes.

If your LED light keeps displaying then you are likely to find your soundbar on any device you are running a bluetooth search on. The light will turn off automatically when it doesn’t connect with any device.

When you are faced with a problem like this, it is okay to feel lost and not know what to do. One thought we will like you to get rid of is to think that your soundbar has developed a hardware problem.

This is not the case as the problem is likely to rest more on some settings, so the first step you want to take is to turn off the soundbar and turn it back on.

Trust me when i say turning off your soundbar and turning it back on has solved this problem most of the times, and people have attested to this fact.

The second solution you can try out when faced with this same issue is to go back to the settings you last made on the soundbar and change it. Like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, a setting done on your soundbar is likely to cause the lights on your soundbar to flash up and down.

Changing the setting is something you must do, but if after trying out these two steps we have mentioned and the light keeps flashing up and down then you should consider resetting your Vizio soundbar.

The truth is so many of you might not be pleased with the fact that you have to reset your Vizio soundbar as it means you have to lose whatever setting you have done on your soundbar.

You might lose the settings you have carried out on your soundbar but resetting your soundbar is going to fix the problem you have with lights flashing up and down.

Rounding It Up

The essence of getting a soundbar is so you can enjoy a better audio experience whether you are watching a movie or listening to music, and the reason why you have to fix the issue of lights flashing up and down is so you can get the best sound experience when making use of your soundbar.

There is hope when reading this article as it tells you this problem can be fixed, and you do not have to spend a penny to get it fixed.

So get rid of the panic feeling you are going through right now and try out the easiest tips this post has brought to you. Tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.