How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar

Enhancing the sound quality of your television is what a soundbar is designed to do, and it does this by recreating low and deep bass sounds to end up sounding amazing and incredible. There are so many soundbars, but the Vizio brand is one that you can trust.

However, vizio soundbars might end up having problems that will require you to reset them. Unfortunately, this means you have to learn simple steps to reset the vizio soundbar.

Providing users with the cinematic experience is what a soundbar is designed to do, but this doesn’t mean that they can develop software problems or get jammed.

This means you will end up performing a factory reset on your soundbar, and you can trust resetting your soundbar to get your soundbar working back to normal. Surprisingly, a reset isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and you do not need special tools to get it done.

There are a few switches you must press for you to reset your soundbar effectively, but you will be required to enter all of your passwords when you are done resetting your soundbar.

This also involves carrying out some function and sound settings, account details, and many more. We want you to keep in mind that the reset button on soundbars is not positioned at the same place.

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How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar

How To Reset Vizio Sound bar

Some soundbars are designed to have a recess and not a button, but this post is here to talk to you about are steps you can take when you want to reset your vizio soundbar.

There are many reasons why a soundbar will develop faults and issues, and the vizio soundbar isn’t different. Interestingly, performing a reset on your vizio soundbar is one way you can use to fix most of the problems your vizio problems have.

Being able to carry out a reset on your vizio soundbar will take it back to its factory setting, thereby eliminating any problem it could be suffering.

This means that it will delete all saved settings on your vizio soundbar, and your soundbar will go back to the way it was the day you made payment for it and took it to your house. So it would help if you weren’t surprised when we say that resetting the soundbar would not take more than a minute or two.

However, there need to be good reasons why you need to reset your soundbar. For example, your soundbar might start to malfunction when some settings have been altered, and dealing with the problem your soundbar has can be achieved by resetting your soundbar.

Let us take a look at some reasons why you would consider resetting your soundbar below;

Poor Or No Audio From Soundbar

You will want to reset your vizio soundbar if you are not getting audio from it or if it is very poor.

However, one of the ways you can deal with this problem is by turning up the volume and also increasing the volume of the external audio source. Next, ensure that you have set the input to the accurate device, and the last option you will have is to reset the soundbar if what we have mentioned fails to work.

Buzzing Sound

Another issue you might be having with your soundbar is when you keep hearing a buzzing sound coming out of it, but the first step you must take if you want to deal with this problem is to make sure that you are not close to any wireless device.

What you must do is to see if you can switch the input option or the connection cable, and the reason for this is that the last device you used must have been defective.

The defective device might be affecting the sound the soundbar produces, so you will have to consider resetting your soundbar if the steps we have mentioned fail to work.

Blinking LED And Every Other Problem

You might have noticed that your soundbar is producing an LED blinking light, and this problem might arise when there is a problem with your soundbar setting. Other issues might also arise, but you must deal with any of these problems to reset your vizio soundbar.

These problems and issues mentioned in this post are worth resetting your vizio soundbar if the steps we have mentioned fail to yield a result.

Now that we have mentioned some possible reasons you might have to reset your soundbar, let us show you the step you will have to take when you want to reset your soundbar. Another common issue you will face with a vizio soundbar is if it fails to come on.

When your soundbar is on, you will spot a light at the center of the device. If you do not see this light and your soundbar isn’t on, you should consider resetting your soundbar.

Resetting A Vizio Soundbar

Before going ahead to reset your vizio soundbar, the first thing that you must do is to turn off your soundbar for about ten seconds.

Turning it back on might solve the problem you want to deal with, but follow the steps below if you want to reset your vizio soundbar. Check out these steps below;

  • Hold the bluetooth and input buttons simultaneously for about five to ten seconds, which will cause your vizio soundbar to reset if this work goes ahead and try the next step.
  • This time, you should hold the input and volume down buttons simultaneously for about five to six seconds, and this process is enough to reset and restart your soundbar. If this fails to reset your vizio soundbar, try the next step.
  • You will hold the input and volume up buttons simultaneously for the same five to six seconds, and this method will work if the methods you have tried out initially didn’t work.

Any of the three methods we have discussed in this post will reset your soundbar, and resetting your soundbar means you will no longer face any of the problems we have mentioned earlier in this post.

Do not forget that resetting your soundbar to its factory settings means you are taking it back to the way it was when you bought it, so you should be prepared to input your passwords and other settings back again.

If you are still facing the same issues after doing anything, you should consider contacting Vizio support for help.