How To Make Speakers Louder On iPhone

The good thing about iPhone speakers is they are designed to have a very good speaker onboard, and these speakers are loud enough to watch movies, listen to music, and play games.

In some cases, you might not be pleased with how loud your iPhone speaker is, but there are simple hacks we will leave you with on how to make speakers louder on iPhone—excited already, right? So let’s get straight to business.

You must be listening to your favorite music, watching your best videos, and playing your favorite games while listening to the best sound quality.

This sort of sound quality is what you might not get from your iPhone speakers, but this doesn’t mean that all iPhone speakers are of poor quality.

On the contrary, every iPhone speaker will sound loud when its volume is increased to the maximum, but certain things might hinder the sound you want.

When we say a few factors might affect the sound quality you want, environmental noise factors might get in the way of the sound quality you desire.

Maybe you are speaking to someone, or you are listening to music; environmental noise can affect the type of sound quality you want to get.

Connecting Bluetooth speakers with your iPhone are one of the most common ways you can improve the sound quality of your iPhone device.

Interestingly, there are so many Bluetooth speakers you can select from to pair with your iPhone, and this means you do not have to shop for something expensive when looking for a speaker you can pair with your iPhone device.

What if you do not have money to shop for a Bluetooth speaker or are not interested in owning a Bluetooth speaker? Are there other options you can try out when you want to improve the sound quality of your speakers?

Surprisingly, the answer to your question is YES. The answer is that you can adopt other ways when trying to enhance the speaker of your iPhone device, and you can achieve this by trying out another way to position your device.

On the other hand, you can alter the settings on your iPhone device to enhance the sound quality of your songs and gaming experience.

On your iPhone, you will find the silent switch mode, and you need to check the silent switch if you can get any sound from your device.

What you must do is move the silent switch till the orange color comes up, and another thing can do to make your iPhone speaker a bit louder is to search from the bottom to the top if there is anywhere that has been clogged by dirt so you can clean it up. This helps in increasing your iPhone sounds.

With what we have just mentioned out of the way, it will interest you to know that some specific hacks we want to show you will help improve your iPhone speakers’ volume. Read on so we can show you what you need to do to get your volume up to some more.

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How To Make Speakers Louder On iPhone

How To Make Speakers Louder On iPhone

Altering Your iPhone’s EQ Setting

One of the easiest tricks you can adopt when making your iPhone speaker louder is to switch your device’s EQ settings, and you should note that the EQ setting stays off by default.

You can choose from different options, and we are talking about options like late-night, flat, loudness, and hip-hop. The best option to go for is late night, and this is because it is good at turning up quiet sounds and turning down loud sounds.

These are the sounds that make your iPhone speaker louder, so try this out today, and you will hear the difference in your speaker volume immediately.

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Get Rid Of Your iPhone’s Limiter

There is a very strong possibility that you might have turned on your iPhone’s volume limiter, and the purpose of this feature is to make sure your ears don’t suffer any damage caused by extremely loud sounds.

This is possible when you play music at extremely loud volumes, so you need to visit your iPhone’s settings, head to the music option, and turn off the limiter option. Then, make sure it stays turned off for your speakers to sound louder.

Divert Sounds Using Your Hands

A popular trick on YouTube to make your iPhone speaker sound loud is by diverting the sound produced towards you.

You can achieve this by using your hands to wrap around your iPhone speaker and trust this process to make all sounds diverted towards you.

Place Your Speaker In An Empty Bowl

Another impressive hack that you can use in making your speaker sound louder is by placing your device in an empty bowl, but you should make sure your device’s speaker is pointing right at you while doing this.

The purpose of doing this is to create an echo from your device that will amplify sounds and direct them back to you.

Turn Your Phone Upside Down

To achieve this, you need to make use of your common sense. For example, the reason for turning your phone upside down is because your iPhone speakers are positioned beneath your phone, so holding your phone straight down will make a sound be directed downwards.

This means that you will turn your speaker upside down when listening to music or watching a movie, which will help in reflecting sounds to you.

The Wall Method

Positioning your phone on a table adjacent to the wall is one of the easy steps you can take to make your iPhone speakers sound louder, and you can position it at about 45 degrees to the wall.

Positioning your iPhone adjacent to the wall helps the sounds bounce back; this method has been working over the years. There are a lot of reviews that have attested to the fact that this method works, so try it out.

Wrapping It Up

There is certainly no harm in trying out all of the steps we have discussed in this post, and you can see that you do not need to spend a penny to achieve your aim.

All of the steps we have mentioned in this post have proved to be very efficient over the years, and you can consider checking out any of these steps when you want to improve the sound quality of your iPhone speaker.