Do LG TVs Have Bluetooth

The LG television might be the only TV with the most bluetooth enabled options compared to other television brands on the market.

This means that almost every television designed by the LG brand comes with a bluetooth technology, and one question that is being asked is do LG TVs have bluetooth? The answer you are looking for is very accurate and precise, and the answer to your question is YES, they have bluetooth designs.

Since you have found out that your LG television has a bluetooth technology, the next step you might want to take is finding out how to get the bluetooth option enabled on your television.

However, before we go ahead to show you the steps involved in enabling your bluetooth on your television, it is very essential that you check if the device you want to pair is already in pairing mode.

You might be surprised but there are so many people that make the mistake of not checking if the device they want to pair is inside its pairing mode.

iT is because so many people end up forgetting to set their sound bar or headphone in its pairing mode before going ahead to connect it with the LG television. A fact about these devices is they have a little bit of something you need to do before it goes into its pairing mode.

do lg tvs have bluetooth

Let us take a look at airpods for example, you are required to press and hold down its power button until the white light starts blinking.

It is an indication that the airpods has entered its bluetooth pairing mode, so you can proceed with pairing the airpod with any device of your choice.

This is what we mean by every devices requires you to take a necessary step or action for you to be able to get it into its bluetooth pairing mode.

Surprisingly, so many devices are known to make use of the same process, so you shouldn’t find it difficult to get the device you want to pair with your LG television into its pairing mode.

If you have successfully gotten the device you want to pair with your LG television into its bluetooth pairing mode, below are the necessary steps you need to take when you want to get your LG television bluetooth’s option enabled.

  • Using your television remote, click on the select button or select icon on it, while you might have to click on menu on some other remotes before you can be able to locate the settings option
  • Once you have clicked the settings option, you will proceed to searching for advanced settings option
  • Look for the sound menu option, and go for the sound out option under the sound menu option
  • You will see the bluetooth device option, so go ahead and select it
  • You will find a list of visible and active devices you might want to pair with, so select the device you want to pair with your LG television

After enabling the bluetooth option, it is going to take few seconds before you start getting audio sounds when you switch your television back on. The reason behind the few seconds delay is the time taken for your bluetooth to send a signal that only takes a moment or two to connect.

This is why we advice our readers not to get worried if they do not hear sound immediately after connecting their LG television to another device using the bluetooth option.

Do LG TVs Have Bluetooth


Do LG TVs Have Bluetooth

Now that we have showed you how to pair your LG television with another device using the bluetooth option, we will like to show you some steps you can easily follow when troubleshooting some problems.

How To Check If Your LG TV Has A Bluetooth Option

One of the easiest ways to check if your LG television comes with a bluetooth option is by confirming from the brand’s site.

This will help you to carry out a valid check on the specifications that comes with a particular television, and the filters on the left hand side can be used in narrowing down your search. You can click on your television once you have found it, and you can read a full page on what options the television comes with.

Scrolling down to connectivity section, you can check for the bluetooth support option, and you can tell that your television comes with a  bluetooth once you see a YES or Version 5.0.

On the LG official page, you are going to find numerous information on anything your want regarding a particular television, so it wouldn’t harm for you to snoop around all of these information for a while. Remember the saying, no knowledge is lost.

On the LG official page, you are going to find information relating to your television response time for gaming, voice recognition, and so much more.

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How To Troubleshoot Issues With Connectivity

Once in a while, you are going to run into certain problems relating to connectivity. You should not panic when you face any of these problems as we have detailed some steps you can follow to deal with the problem.

Try out these steps when you have an issue with bluetooth connection on your LG television

  • Forget or remove your device’s bluetooth you have already paired with your LG television
  • For sixty seconds, remove your LG television from the wall, and press and hold the reset button for about ten seconds while it is still unplugged.
  • Turn off the device you want to pair with the television for about ten seconds and turn it back on,
  • Do not stay more than thirty feet from your LG TV when pairing with another device, as thirty feet is the maximum range for connection

If after trying out all of these options and you end up not being successful with troubleshooting the problem then you should consider contacting LG support to lay a complain.

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So many LG televisions nowadays comes with bluetooth options, and we have discussed steps you can take when you want to get your bluetooth option enabled on your LG television.

Another thing to note is for the device you want to pair to be in its pairing mode, or you will have a hard time connecting both devices. You can visit the LG official page to check if you television comes with a bluetooth option.