Do Smart Tvs Have Bluetooth

Some people are not comfortable seeing wires littering their space, and it is okay for the sight of too many wires around you to get you upset.

Some people think that having too many wires around them can be very old-fashioned, but you do not need to go through wires everywhere in this era of smart television sets.

This technological advancement has made it possible for you not to put up with so many wires lying around the place when you want to enjoy some piece of entertainment.

Smart tv with a bluetooth design will offer users a lot of outstanding features, and the fact that they can flexibly serve you makes them very unique.

If you are keen on finding out if smart television sets have a bluetooth design, then the answer to your question is YES, MOST if not all smart TV has bluetooth.

However, you should know that not all smart television sets are designed to come with a bluetooth function.

When this technology first came into existence, it was present only in some high-end television sets. Unfortunately, this means you need to have a lot of money to afford such a high-quality television in your home.

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Do Smart Tvs Have Bluetooth

Do Smart Tvs Have Bluetooth

Does All Smart Tv Come With Bluetooth Function Or Design?

Not splashing a lot of money at that time means not settling for a television set with a bluetooth function, and this means that older televisions were not designed to have the bluetooth function.

Some low-end televisions boasted of having a smart design function but lacked the bluetooth design. Unfortunately, this means that only mid to high-end televisions were designed to have the bluetooth function inside them.

Surprisingly, the bluetooth functions in all of these televisions vary. They were certainly not the same, meaning that the bluetooth function you will find in a high-end television will be different from the bluetooth function found in a mid-end television set.

The reason for this is that the high-end televisions always boasted of having a top-notch design, which is why they were always considered flagship devices.

In other words, mid-end and high-end television were designed to function in different capacities since they didn’t share the same type of bluetooth design. Furthermore, the bluetooth function of the mid-end television is considered to be lower than the bluetooth function in high-end televisions.

What Smart TV Has A Bluetooth Option

It is a known fact that making use of smart television in your home can be fun and convenient, and this is also based on the fact that you will find it very easy to connect with several other gadgets that have bluetooth connections.

We mentioned earlier that not all smart television comes with a bluetooth design, which makes you wonder which televisions have this high-quality design. Below is a list of some smart television with a bluetooth design.

  • TCL 32S334
  • Caixun Android EC43S1UA
  • Sony KD43X8OJ Bravia
  • Hisense 40H5500F
  • Hisense 50R6090G
  • Samsung UN50TU8000FXZA
  • LG 55UN7300PUF
  • Samsung QN65Q80A
  • Samsung QN65QN90A
  • Samsung QN75Q70A
  • Samsung QN900A

These are some of the smart televisions that come with a bluetooth design, and this means settling for any of this television will make it easy for you to connect with other devices with the bluetooth function. This also means you will expand your entertainment options.

How To Enable A Smart TV’s Bluetooth Option

Enabling the bluetooth option on your smart television isn’t as challenging as most people think it is. Still, the dynamic of a bluetooth design on a smart television is very different from that on your mobile device.

All you have to do on your mobile device is turn on your bluetooth function in the settings option so you can search and pair with nearby devices. This isn’t how it’s done on smart televisions, as you do not have to turn them on.

All that is required to connect your smart tv’s bluetooth option with another device is turning on the bluetooth function of the other device alone.

The next step is to proceed to your smart tv’s bluetooth list option so you can search for the other device’s bluetooth. This procedure is very common in Samsun televisions, but you can refer to the user manual if the pairing method is different from what we just explained to you.

Referring to your television’s user manual will guide you in touring your smart tv’s bluetooth function without causing any form of damage.

The user manual also gives you an idea of the factory set controls you shouldn’t play with, or you end up resetting everything already set on your television.

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How To Know If A TV Has a Bluetooth Function

Even though so many smart televisions today come with the bluetooth function, it is still very necessary to check to be sure.

You should cultivate the habit of checking if you are already obsessed with having a television with bluetooth functions, and the reason, as we mentioned earlier, is because not all smart TVs have the bluetooth function.

It helps you not be a victim of buying something, and you don’t get what you want from it.

Gamers need to check if the television they want to pay for has the bluetooth function, and you must have a very good idea of the bluetooth version that comes with your television if you are an avid gamer. For you to be able to find out, you need to try out the following steps;

  • Make sure you research any television you want to shop for, as it helps gather all the information you need about it. The website of the television brand is a very good place to start, and you can proceed to buy the television if the brand states that the television comes with a bluetooth function.
  • Find your way to the television settings if you didn’t research before paying for the television and have it delivered to your house. You should look for system information when you navigate to your television’s settings, and you can troubleshoot the information section on how to check if the television has a bluetooth function.
  • Going through the television’s brand manual is another way to check if the television has a bluetooth function. Your user manual will show you if the television comes with a bluetooth function and how to activate the bluetooth function.
  • Going through your smart television remote is another way to check if the television comes with a bluetooth function. If your television remote has a smart bluetooth option, it is most likely to have a bluetooth design.

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You should consider getting a smart tv with the bluetooth function if you are impressed by how convenient they make using them with other devices, and the above steps we just mentioned will show you if your television comes with a bluetooth function or not.

Samsung keeps doing great when designing smart television with bluetooth functions, but other brands deliver amazing designs.

Now that we have answered your questions on whether smart TVs have bluetooth designs, you can now go ahead and check the specifications of your television if it comes with a smart design.

All you have to do is figure out which smart tv with a bluetooth function is best for you then you can go ahead and invest in it.