How To Fix Static In Headphones

Imagine where you want to listen to some good music, and the headphones you pair with your music player produces static sounds.

It means your listening experience is already ruined, but you do not have to put up with this anymore; we will take you through steps on how to fix static in headphones.

Finding out an easy way to get rid of static noise will save you from a lot of stress and money, so go ahead and continue reading this post.

Before talking to you about how to fix static in headphones, you need to have very good information regarding what static noise is.

Having a good idea of what static noise is and understanding or figuring out what causes static noise might help find a suitable way to deal with it. So before going ahead to throwing away your headphones because of static noise, find out what static noise is and how to deal with the situation.

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What Is Static Noise

The buzzing and cracking noise you get when listening to music on your headphones or any other music playing device is what we refer to as static. The presence of a loose wire in your headphone might be a possible cause for the static you are getting from your headphone.

There will be a short circuit if the cables in your headphone are damaged, and the presence of low amperage interferes with transmission to cause static and poor sound signals.

Causes Of Static In Headphones

If there is damage to your auxiliary port interior parts, or if it has suffered oxidization or has dirt in it, then it is going to produce static sounds.

Trust this post when it says all of these factors it has mentioned can affect the audio quality of your headphone, and you shouldn’t be surprised to know that headphones come with so many delicate parts.

You will keep getting muffled sounds when any delicate parts are damaged.

You might be able to find out if there are any damages to the delicate parts of the headphones when you carry out a check, and this will help you figure out if what you want to do is replace the headphone or look for a way to repair it.

Now that we have thrown more light on what static noise is and what causes static noise, let us show you possible ways you can take in getting rid of it.

How To Fix Static In Headphones

How To Fix Static In Headphones

Finding out the cause of static noise in your headphone is vital in finding out possible ways to deal with it, so we recommend you try out these remedies we want to show you if you are no longer comfortable with the static noise you are getting from your headphone. Check out these solutions below;

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Check Your Headphone Speakers

Make sure your headphone speakers are functioning properly before going ahead to check out other parts of the headphone hardware.

If the speakers are made using brittle material, they will end up making rattling sounds, as the material is poor in continually handling electricity. In addition, the speaker will give out a buzzing sound when it vibrates if the cone has suffered damage.

Plug the speaker into another audio device to find out if it is working very fine or if the static noise will disappear.

If the problem persists, your speakers are working fine, but replacing the earcup is an option if the speakers are already damaged.

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Check Out The Auxiliary Port

The transfer of sound signal from your phone to other devices is the role of the auxiliary port, and your playback will keep producing static sounds if the auxiliary port is damaged.

This problem, in most cases tends to happen at the junction between the cable and the 3.5mm audio jack. Cleaning the auxiliary port is the way to deal with this issue, and static noise will be eliminated if you are able to clean all the dirt present in the auxiliary port.

Make sure you also check for frayed wires, and soldering the frayed wires will help in getting rid of static noise.

Blowing air to get rid of dust is one of the ways of cleaning the audio jack, but cleaning the inside of the audio jack is more effective when you use isopropyl alcohol. Before using this compound in cleaning the audio jack, make sure the device is turned off.

Check Out The Internal Wiring

If all the drivers inside the headphone functions properly, it requires a cable for audio to be delivered.

You might end up breaking the thin wires if you have handled the cables the wrong way, meaning you are going to get static sound if there is damage to the internal wiring of your headphone.

You should hold on to the 3.5mm audio jack rather than holding on to the cable when unplugging it from any device.

You have to consider replacing or repairing the cable that doesn’t work, and it is almost impossible for you to fix a frayed wire.

Repairing the wire removes the short circuit so you will no longer have to put up with the static sound anymore, and ensure you check the cables to make sure there is no loose wiring or connection.

Check Wireless Connection

Static sound is very common when there is a wireless connection. There will be an issue of interference if there are wireless devices in close proximity, resulting in the production of the static sound.

The overlap of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections ends up in the cancellation of each other, which will affect the sound quality of the sound being produced.

It is very important that you disconnect any other wireless device that is capable of causing interference, and do not forget to get rid of metallic barriers that have the capacity to affect seamless connectivity.

When To Change Your Headphones

When To Change Your Headphones

If you are not able to get rid of static after trying out all the remedies that we mentioned here, then you should consider replacing your headphone.

In so many cases, the culprit is the cable, and cables are prone to damage since they can be easily mishandled. If you have headphones with a low level sound quality and produce static then it is better you consider upgrading the headphone you are making use of.

To avoid having issues with your headphone cable, ensure you treat them with care at all times. Do not forget to hold them by the audio jack and not the cable when trying to unplug them from any device.