How Do Singers Keep Their Voices Clear?

The way a professional singer should treat their voice is the same way an athlete gets to treat their body. This is because taking care of the voice is very essential as it is a singer’s powerful work tool, and having a bad voice means you would not be able to give your one hundred percent performance. This makes people wonder, how do singers keep their voices clear? Searching for answers, continue reading this post for answers.

A singers worst fear is losing their voice, especially when they have an event, audition, or a concert around the corner.

Apart from the fact that singing is their job, it is also something they are very good at and it will break their heart when they lose their voice knowing they would not be able to sing till it recovers. A singer will be discouraged when they lose their voice as it affects their ability to perform.

Singers make use of their voice all the time, whether they are talking or singing. Gigging and singing has the power to wear ones voice down, and it is also capable of leaving an injury or strain on the vocal cords.

It also becomes worse when you combine talking and gigging with smoking, yelling, and other unhealthy habits. However, some of these situations are difficult to avoid, but one of the best medicines for vocal health is prevention.

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How Do Singers Keep Their Voices Clear?

How Do Singers Keep Their Voices Clear?

Keeping the voice clear and protecting the voice are things you must do a a singer, and it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a professional.

There are methods you can adopt to help keep your voice clear at all times, and this methods involves a lifestyle changes and practices, as well as trying out the right techniques. Doing this helps every singer in taking care of their voice and ensuring that they are ready for any performance.

Just like we said few moments ago, keeping the voice clear and protecting the voice is the duty and responsibility of every singer.

A singer cannot be able to dish out the best performance if their voice isn’t in its best condition, and you should learn how to take care of your voice whether you are not feeling healthy or if you are tired. Furthermore, warming up correctly before any performance helps in keeping the vocal cords clear.

No one wants to miss out on dishing out the best singing performance, so warm up, hydrate yourself, and do not stress your vocal cords into being hoarse.

When you feel any of these, there is a possibility that your throat has become sore. This means you have to spend more time on breathing properly, opening the throat the right way, and maintaining the right posture so your voice can get all the support it needs.

When you get more experienced with singing, you will start taking notes of things, foods, drinks, or actions that are likely to put a strain on your voice. Knowing these things is yet another way of leaving the voice clear and protecting the voice at all times.

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Tips For Clearing The Voice And Maintaining A Healthy Voice

How Do Singers Keep Their Voices Clear?

Hydrate The Voice

Hydration is one hot topic going around these days, and this is because of the benefits it offers the body all round. In terms of the voice, staying hydrated keeps the vocal cords well lubricated.

One more thing you should consider doing is buying hydration snacks when getting something you want to snack on later. If you want to stay hydrated, make sure you do not consume foods that will leave you dehydrated.

Observe Vocal Rest During The Day

Make sure you avoid speaking when you have the chance, and look for ways where you can spend quiet times in the morning, at work, or during lunch.

One of the benefits that comes with avoiding crowded places is you do not have to talk much or end up yelling at someone, so hanging out alone will help you in preserving your vocal cords. If you are on a set on a show, try to rest your vocal cords in between.

This might be hard for you, but one thing you also want to do is try to speak at a normal volume even if you are at a venue.

Stay Away From Smoking

If you are a singer, smoking is one terrible thing you need to stay away from. Smoke in the vocal cords will make you sound husky, and your vocal cords starts getting weak with time. One of the disadvantages that comes with smoking is it will leave the vocal cords very dry, and might even end up burning the mouth.

One more thing you need to know about singing is you are at a risk of throat cancer if you sing and you smoke. Smoking leaves too many negative effects on the vocal cords.

Stay Away From Screaming And Yelling

Here is one thing you should try not to do, and you should try to avoid abusing your voice. The only time you might want to do that is when you are on stage because your voice is ready to take it at that point, and you can observe some rest and reduce usage after a performance so your voice can recover.

Being aware of what volume you speak with is something you must do, and people are forced to speak at unhealthy volumes when they visit busy bars and restaurants. Doing this doesn’t help in any way, and this is why we advised earlier that hanging out at places where seems quiet is the best for every singer.

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Avoid Clearing Your Throat Or Whispering

You are at risk of slamming your vocal cords when you clear your throat, and you are at risk of losing your voice even if doing this tends to be satisfying. When you feel like clearing your voice, the best thing for you to do is to drink water. When you whisper, it feels a bit hard on your vocal cords as you keep forcing air to pass through your throat.

You should avoid whispering but rather try speaking at a lower volume. This will make the vocal cords feel better on the long run.

How Do Singers Keep Their Voices Clear? – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Quivering Voice?

  • Also known as tremor, this is caused when the vocal cords are unstable or shaky, and it is likely to occur on the vocal cords or in the middle of the throat. It sometimes affects the hands, neck, and leg

Does Crying Improve The Voice?

  • You might find this hard to believe but crying tends to improve the tone of the voice. It has an inbuilt function that makes it possible for the vocal cords to blend together.

Can You Lose Your Voice From Yelling Too Much?

  • You might suddenly lose your voice when you shout or yell too much, and this is likely to result in vocal cord injury. When you notice this, make sure you speak to your doctor as soon as possible


Final Note

You are going to sound better if you feel more relaxed when singing, and doing this will also help you feel confident. What we want you to know is that when you take care of your voice, your voice will also take care of you in return. I hope that you find all the tips in this post useful, and tells us what your thoughts are in the comment section.