Singers Who Use Autotune

Autotune has become very popular nowadays that you can easily find a list of singers who use autotune. I bet finding that such a list exists came to you as a surprise, right?

But you shouldn’t be surprised as that is what this post will explain to you in detail shortly. In our previous article, we talked about autotune music in general, its history, and whether making use of it is good or bad for music.

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One point of fact we will still love to establish in this post is for you to take a closer look at the use of autotune before going ahead to rubbish the idea of making use of it.

It is okay for you to listen to your favorite artist’s raw voice, but using autotune in making music is one huge step that has helped so many artists improve greatly. Do not confuse this to mean you will automatically be great if you infuse autotune into your music.

That isn’t what we are trying to say, but there are important purposes that using autotune serves, like altering the voice to sound metallic or ethereal and correcting pitch and sounds.

There is a particular genre of music where you might not find musicians making use of autotune in their music, and we are talking about the rap, hip hop, and pop genres of music. There are artists under this genre that use autotune, but these artists are very few.

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Singers Who Use Autotune

Singers Who Use Autotune

The list we have decided to bring you today might not be extensive, but it shows you some of the top artists we have today who use autotunes in their music.

Now that you are well acquainted with autotune music look at some top-class artists that use autotune when making music presently.


Interestingly, people refer tocher as the founder of autotune music, and this is because she was the first person to make use of autotune when making music.

One of the biggest tracks Cher made using the autotune sound effect is “believe”, and this track ended up lasting longer than the first one she created using the same music effect.


T-pain is one popular artist that presently spearheads the list of artists using autotune, and listening closely to what T-pain sings will show you the robotic sounds in his voice.

In all of his opening verses, the autotune sound is one thing you can identify about his music, and this has helped T-pain to carve his voice into something extraordinary and unique.


Will. I.Am is one of the Black Eyed Peas music group members, but one thing you can easily notice about this artist is his autotune subtly enters all of his songs compared to that of T-pain, which you can easily pick out from his first line.

Will. I.Am is one artist that we can say went on to be great from his very first introduction into the music scene, and he is one artist that has revealed he leans on autotune when making all of his music.

Lil Wayne

Born Dwayne Carter Jr, Lil Wayne is the third artist we want to introduce to you that uses autotune in his music.

Lil Wayne was on the same track with his fellow autotune artist T-pain led to the creation of magic on a track, but what makes Lil Wayne’s use of autotune stand out from other artists is the fact that he uses autotune under the rap genre.

Kanye West

If you do not listen to music, you must have found out that Kanye West married Kim Kardashian of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians television show.

Kanye West revealed using autotune in making music because he wanted to reveal his emotions when singing, and he also worked with T-pain to make songs. One thing about Kanye West and autotune is it makes his voice sound yearning and pleasant.

In some of his tracks, his voice is always accompanied by drums and keyboards, and you can feel his vocal range when the autotune strikes.


Some people think Beyonce uses autotune when singing music, while others believe that Beyonce doesn’t make use of autotune.

This is why you will find her name on both lists, but it is a little bit difficult to find out or determine if she truly uses autotune or not when making her music. During a live recording of the song “Apeshit” with her husband Jay-Z, there were traces that she made use of autotune.


Another artist we would like to bring to you is Future, and this is one artist that has been holding it down for a long time now.

In one of his songs, he received several accolades for his perfect use of autotune, and this is one artist that relies heavily on the use of autotune when making music. Since then, Future has been considered one artist who maintained autotune, just like how T-pain did.

The question is, can Future rap without using autotune? The answer to this question is YES. Future loves the use of autotune as it provides so much energy on every track.

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Country Singers Who Use Autotune

The truth is that so many music fans hate using autotune when making music, and fans would prefer to enjoy their favorite artist’s raw voice rather than having to put up with autotune.

Despite hitting the market big in 1997, the use of autotune regarding country music didn’t gain popularity until 1998. This section of this post will talk to you about some country singers that use autotune music, so let’s check them out.

Faith Hill

In November 1999, Faith Hill released “The Way You Love Me,” and everyone is aware that she used autotune in it. However, faith Hill isn’t the only country singer that has used autotune, as the list continues.

George Strait

You might be surprised when you read the name George Strait, but it was confirmed that he used autotune in his song “stars on the water”.

Despite sounding like everyday country music, it still came with an autotune effect. It, however, didn’t lose its touch of country music, and it sounded better than some crossover effort.