Headset Mic Not Working Windows 10

There are several reasons why windows 10 might not hear your headset microphone, and it is okay to try out all the troubleshooting steps that you know when trying to solve this problem. However, it will interest you to know that windows 10 comes with a system wide option that makes it possible to turn off or disable microphone input in every application, and headset mic not working windows 10 is what this post is here to talk to you about today.

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Check Windows 10 Microphone Option Setting

The windows 10 settings app comes with a setting that makes disabling a microphone possible, and trust me when i say your microphone will not function if your webcam is also disabled in the windows 10 setting. There is a bit of a confusion here, because privacy will only have an effect on new applications from the store under the apps permission general setting, but desktop applications is also affected by webcam and microphone settings.

You should head to settings, privacy, and microphone if your microphone isn’t working, and you should look out for the option that says “microphone access for this device is on”. You should go on and click on the ‘change’ button if the microphone access is turned off, else windows and every other application on your system will not hear your headset microphone when it is plugged in.

Before you go ahead to do this, make sure you have turned on the “allow applications to access microphone” function on your system. Every other application on it will not be able to hear your headset microphone if this settings is also turned off, but the windows operating system will end up having access to the headset microphone. Make sure the application you want to make use of the microphone with is listed under the apps with access to the microphone. If it is set to off then set it back to on.

From everything we have said so far, you can see that there are so many possibilities as to why your windows 10 system cannot hear your headset microphone. In the last scenario we just finish mentioning, only new style apps from the store will show up there, and you will not find traditional apps on your windows 10 device. This is because traditional apps will always have access to the headset microphone provided “allow apps access microphone setting is always turned on”.

Make Sure Microphone Isn’t Disabled On Its End

There is a possibility that you can disable your microphone in other ways, and if you are working with an integrated microphone, there are manufacturers that make it possible for you to disable your microphone either in your UEFI or BIOS PC settings. However, you will not find these option on all laptops, but you are likely to find something close to it like “disable your webcam”. This will be possible if a command like this exists on your device.

If you have formerly disabled your inbuilt microphone using the BIOS settings then you will have to find your way back to the BIOS settings to turn it on or enable it once again. Disabling the integrated microphone using your windows device manager is also another way to turn off your headset microphone, so returning to the device manager and enabling the device is what you must do to turn it back on.

Headset Mic Not Working Windows 10

Headset Mic Not Working Windows 10

Install Audio Drivers / Update Audio Drivers

Sometimes, your windows 10 device is programmed to install and update drivers automatically. There are times when this will work fine, while there are other times that it won’t. You can consider visiting your device manufacturer’s website so you update or install latest audio drivers on your system if you are having problems with hearing audio sounds. It is either you download or update drivers to fix the problem you are having with sound.

Downloading the latest USB controllers on your PC is another way to fix the problem if you are working with a USB microphone, and one of the best places you can get a USB controller is from the manufacturer’s website.

Double Check Physical Connections

Make sure your microphone is properly connected to your PC if the headset microphone you connected isn’t working, as there are some times when the connection might seem like you plugged it in fine, but it is loose on the inside. This might hinder you from getting sounds from your headset, and pulling out the cable to check is the first thing you must do whether you are working with a traditional audio jack or a USB microphone.

Plug it back in to ensure that the connection is secure, and make sure the microphone is properly connected to the right audio jack. There is a port that is labeled audio in or microphone, and that is the port where you have to connect the microphone to. Output audio jacks tend to have the green color sometimes, and pink indicates that of the microphone input. In other cases, they might have same dull color.

On the other hand, there are microphones designed to have mute switches, and you can tell that the microphone won’t function or produce any sound if it is already in the mute setting.

Make Use Of The Sound Control Panel

It is very crucial that you make use of the recording tab in your device sound control area when testing your microphone for sounds, and clicking the sound icon in the notification section of your windows 10 device will show you the sound setting. You will be able to view every audio recording device on your PC when you click on the recording tab option, and the indicator to the right will move if the microphone sends audio output.

Set Default Microphone Device

In other cases, the windows 10 device might have several microphone input on it. All you have to do is visit the sound setting, click on recording window, right click on the microphone you want to set as your default microphone, or you can just click on “set as default communication device”. This option is good for setting different default microphones for different applications.

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