How To Reset Bluetooth On iPhone

Every iPhone user is bound to face several problems with the phone’s bluetooth at some point in their life, and failing to connect is one of the most common problem that most iPhone user is likely to face. This is why we have decided to bring you this post that talks about How To Reset Bluetooth On iPhone, and you will know the right steps to take when your bluetooth tells you it can connect to a device or if it keeps failing.

Pairing problems where your own device fails in recognizing another bluetooth device is common with most iPhone users nowadays, and it is possible for your device’s bluetooth to get stuck while trying to connect with another phone’s bluetooth device. Some people must have noticed their device stay so long in the searching stage while trying to connect with another phone’s bluetooth device, and these are likely iPhone users bluetooth issues.

Learning How To Reset Bluetooth On iPhone is the best way to deal with any of these bluetooth problems when they arise, and this is exactly what this post is here to talk to you about. We encourage you to continue reading this post if you want to learn simple steps that will guide you on How To Reset Bluetooth On iPhone. The good thing about these steps is they are simple, straightforward, and easy, so you will have no issue with carrying out these steps.

Resetting bluetooth is one of the ways you can troubleshoot bluetooth problems on your phone, and below are some of the steps you can take on resetting your bluetooth when faced with a bluetooth connection issue;

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How To Reset Bluetooth On iPhone – Key Steps To Take

How To Reset Bluetooth On iPhone

  • Click on the ‘select’ settings on your device
  • Hold down the power and home button on your device till the apple logo shows on your screen
  • Return to the control center or settings to turn on bluetooth again then you can try connecting with another device
  • Return to settings and bluetooth if the problem continues, and click on the ‘I’ icon against the device you have issues pairing with.
  • Click on forget this device and confirm command
  • Go back and pair your phone with the same device to find out if the problem has been resolved

Why Is My iPhone Bluetooth Not Functioning

Why is my bluetooth failing to connect? For your bluetooth to function properly, it is going to rely on your phone’s software and your bluetooth to function correctly. Bluetooth might not be the same on the same page, and this might make it impossible for them to connect with each other. Below, we will be taking a look at some common causes regarding why a bluetooth will fail to function.

Incompatible hardware and software

Just like we mentioned earlier, a bluetooth’s ability to function depends on your phone’s software and hardware. Microsoft and apple devices have designed some devices to function in bluetooth 4.0 radios, but your device will not pair with such device if it doesn’t speak the same language. Pairing bluetooth devices with incompatible hardware is also another cause of bluetooth devices failing to connect.

Trying To Pair Devices That Are Not Designed To Be Paired

There are devices designed to have their own bluetooth profiles. A common scenario is you trying to connect a mouse with a camera, but this might be impossible to connect since the mouse doesn’t support a human interface profile. However, if you are trying to connect a wireless headset and an iPhone which share the same hands-free profile then both devices will pair successfully.

Long Distance Between Pairing Devices

Your iPhone will find it difficult to pair with another device if the device it wants to connect with is at a far distance. The two devices need to be close with each other for a connection to happen swiftly between them. Facing interference by a high speed USB port is another problem that might cause devices to fail from connecting, and this implies the power management system of your phone’s device to turn off bluetooth if its battery is low.

On the other hand, if your device is already used to connecting with a certain device then it will find it difficult to connect with other devices. In this case, your iPhone’s device will choose to connect with the already paired device instead of connecting with a fresh device.

Fixing Bluetooth Pairing Problems

After identifying what might be the cause behind your device’s bluetooth inability to pair, the next step is finding to fix these problems. Below are some points you should carefully note when trying to connect your device bluetooth with another.

  • Ensure your bluetooth device is turned on, and you will see the bluetooth icon showing at the top of your screen to indicate that your bluetooth device is on
  • Your bluetooth pairing process depends on your phone, and you might be required to put in a passcode sometimes to connect with another device. Tapping the other device on your phone might be required in other cases, and holding the button to the speaker that will enable you pair with another device
  • One other thing you must note is turning on your speaker’s discoverable mode, and this can be done through your phone’s bluetooth setting. This setting makes your bluetooth device visible to even cars and not just mobile devices, and you might be asked for a confirmation code for it to get done successfully.
  • Just like we pointed out earlier, make sure that both devices you want to connect are close to each other. Both devices should be in close proximity with each other.
  • Doing a soft reset by switching your device in and out of airplane mode might help in resolving any bluetooth issue your device might be having
  • Try deleting the device you want to pair with if it is already paired then trying pairing it again. This should work.

Conclusion – How To Reset Bluetooth On iPhone

We have shared steps on how to fix bluetooth issues on your iphone device, as well as general problems and steps to resolve bluetooth issues on your device. All of the steps we have mentioned will help you share data without loss of file, so go ahead and try out these steps today.

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