How To Use Headset Mic On PC With One Jack

The common truth is every audiophile will enjoy making use of a bluetooth or wireless headphone nowadays, but the outstanding audio quality that a headset with a microphone provides users with is something that is yet to be rivaled. Headset with microphones is one of the best microphone option for every gamer, but how to use headset mic on PC with one jack is what this post will be talking to you about today.

The fact that a headset with microphone makes every gaming experience interesting and exciting is one of the reasons why every gamer will always pick a headset with mic over all types of microphones, but this question this post is here to provide an answer to is one question that has been difficult to answer over the years. It doesn’t matter whether we live in the age of bluetooth and wireless headsets, some people will opt to work with a headset with mic.

The reason for this is the quality of sound that a headset microphone delivers , and the fact that it enhances and elevates the audio experience for users is one of the reasons why the headset microphone will remain relevant in the lives of so many users. When it comes to making use of headset mic on a PC with one jack, you will need to make use of a y-splitter. Most headsets nowadays are designed to have a single jack design.

This single jack design is tasked with handling the microphone and the speaker, so you can start enjoying a good audio sound experience when you plug the jack into your PC’s audio slot. On the other hand, there are steps that you can follow if the headset you are working with comes with two jacks, or if the PC you are working with different output and input slots. Follow the steps below if you want to learn how to use a headset mic on PC with one jack.

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Connect Two Jack Headphones On PC With One Jack

Most computer systems today are designed to have one audio slot that serves the output and input functions, so what will be the solution when your headset comes with two jacks for the speaker and the microphone. In this case, making use of an adapter is the right thing for you to do, and an adapter is a little piece of wire that can be used in the conversion of a dual wire headset into one. This is very easy to achieve.

All you have to do is connect the speaker and microphone jacks to the jacks on the adapter, and you can go ahead and connect the adapter to the PC. We refer to the adapter as the Y-splitter, and there are different types of Y-adapters that can work for tablets, smartphones, and other computer devices. There are splitters designed to have a USB-C variant, while others are designed to have a 3.5mm jack.

You can purchase these adapters at an online electronic store close to you or you can just shop for them online. However, make sure you have the right information before going ahead to shop for a splitter on the market.

How To Use Headset Mic On PC With One Jack

How To Use Headset Mic On PC With One Jack

Single And Dual Jack Headsets

You must have asked yourself several times why some headsets are designed to have dual jacks and others have single jacks? The most commonly used of all is the single jack headset because they do not have a lot to do with wiring, and so many devices today are designed to come with a single audio slot nowadays. Single jack headsets are designed to take up less space, are lightweight, and have a compact design compared to the dual jack headsets.

The dual jack headsets on the other hand tend to be more versatile than the single jack headsets, as its input can be used for another device and its output used for another device. This is how versatile the dual jack headset can get, making it a preferred headset microphone choice for the Xbox one gamer.

How A Dual Jack Headset Works

When you take a closer look at the dual jack headset, you will find out that there is a golden ring on it. Older headsets were designed to have one ring on it which shows that it has mono compatibility, while the indication of two rings on the headset indicates that it comes with stereo and not input capabilities. Headsets designed lately are known to come with three rings indicating they have stereo and input capabilities.

It is because of this triple ring design that so many new headsets are designed to receive and send audio signals easily, so you do not have to stress yourself over making use of a separate microphone.

Headsets With Microphone With One Jack – Why Are They Popular?

These microphones are very popular especially among gamers, and we all know how gamers are obsessed with communicating with one another when playing online games. Making use of a low quality headset can make communication between gamers very challenging, and using a laptop’s microphone when gaming might not offer the gamers the sound quality they desire. This is why gamers need a headset with microphone with one jack design.

If you make use of dual jack headsets for gaming then you know you are likely to connect the headphone to the headphone input, and the microphone to the microphone input. This means every gamer will have to out up with so many wires, and we know how challenging and distracting it can be for a gamer to put up with so much wires. This is where a single jack headset comes in as it has a less cumbersome design and is easy to connect compared to the dual jack headset.

Final Thoughts – How To Use Headset Mic On PC With One Jack

Based on everything we have said, the headset with mic on PC with one jack remains the best choice not just for gamers but for everybody. It means you have to deal with less wire connections, provision of great audio sound quality, being easy to connect, and many more. We hope you have found this article useful, and we will be looking forward to what you think in our comment section.

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