Bass Guitar Vs Electric Guitar

If you are looking at gaining more knowledge about the bass guitar vs. electric guitar, you have found the right page as we will be taking steps deeper to learn more about these two high-quality musical instruments.

Let’s look at various factors and features of these two classical instruments.

A bass falls under the family of guitars, but it has some unique features that help it stand out on its own. Of course, we are talking about features like the type of sound it makes, tuning, strings, and its size.

Knowing the difference between the bass and electric guitar will open your eyes to which instrument will be best for you. Just like we are all aware, it feels very exciting to learn about or how to play an instrument for the first time.

You might even be forced to create your melodic line along the way if you are driven to play or love listening to people that play.

It is always difficult to contain the excitement and fun of learning about a musical instrument. The prospect of checking which instrument you want to go for fun is also exciting.

New players that want to embark on this musical journey might be wondering what instrument is best for them.

The bass and the guitar are two common string instruments that people constantly have difficulty figuring out which will be better to learn how to play.

This shows you how attractive, good, and quality both instruments are, but picking one out of the two is always a very difficult choice. However, there are some amazing similarities between both instruments, but they also tend to have differences that set them apart in different worlds.

We love both instruments because they have unique features that make them a very important part of a band, and what instrument you decide to go for at the end of the day will be based on which of them you prefer to play.

It also comes down to preference and choice, not everything you get to read in blogs. Our job is to put out vital information about these instruments for everyone to see, while the choice you go for depends on what you prefer.

The age-long battle between the bass guitar and the electric will prove to you that both instruments have their pros and cons, and trust me when I say all of the features, factors, pros, and cons come together to help you make the best choice for you.

Covering some of the similarities and differences of each instrument is part of what this article will cover, and you will also find out why you have to learn how to play each of these instruments.

Bass Guitar Vs Electric Guitar

Several times you just heard the term “bass guitar”, and you might be wondering what the bass guitar means. Even though the bass guitar falls under the guitar family, there are differences between both instruments.

The word bass guitar was formulated to help people tell the difference between the bass and electric guitars, and the bass guitar is known to have a horizontal style and small build compared to the electric guitar.

It is common to find a standup, booming, and large bass instrument in jazz and orchestral assemblies. Electrifying bass made it easy to increase the bass guitar’s volume smaller version.

This made it possible for the bass guitar to sound like the electric guitar, and it might come as a surprise to you that the electric and bass guitar looks very similar.

Despite the similar look between the two instruments, they share some differences that separate them.

We refer to differences in their role when placed in a band, thickness, number of strings, and their sizes. So, without wasting further time, let us show you the differences between both instruments right away.

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Differences Between The Bass And Electric Guitar


It might be hard to tell which instrument is this from the other, especially for new musicians, but placing the side of the same instrument by the side will show you a difference in the size of both instruments.

When we mention the size of these guitars, we refer to their scale length, and scale length refers to the distance between the bridge and nut since the height of a guitar might differ.

Bass guitars are larger than the electric guitar, and their short and long scale are known to have longer necks than the electric guitar.

Deciding which scales will be okay for you between a bass guitar’s long and short scales, you should know that both do not sound the same. Short scales are known for producing meatier and thicker sounds compared to the longer bass scales.


One of the biggest differences between the bass and electric guitar is the number of strings each possesses. So many electric guitars have six strings, while you will find four strings on the bass guitars.

However, several bass guitars are known to stick to having just four strings, but the difference in neck features and number of strings gives you an insight into the wider modifications you will find in bass guitars.

Some bass guitars also come with five and six strings, and such guitar provides guitar players with the option of trying out alternate tuning.

Thickness Of Strings

Even though the bass guitar comes with only four strings, these four strings are thicker, longer, and more expensive than the electric guitar strings.

Nickel and steel strings are what you will find on the electric guitar, but softer nylon strings or metal strings are what you will find on acoustic guitars. This type of string is known for producing delicate tones.

Bass Guitar Vs Electric Guitar – Which Is Easier To Play

electric or bass

You may have so many questions about the instrument that it will be easy for you to play.

Should I learn how to play the bass guitar? Will the electric guitar be easier to play? These are the type of questions you might struggle with when trying to decide which of the instruments you want to learn how to play, but whatever instrument you decide to pick at this moment is just a matter of preference.

Just like we mentioned earlier, it will come down to your choice because the instrument you find easy to play might also be harder for another professional to play.

You have to understand that this is how stuff works most times, and there is no perfect manual out there to prove to you that this instrument is easier to play than the other instrument. Furthermore, all guitarists are unique, meaning they have unique strengths and weaknesses.

However, some points might guide you to pick something favorable to learn how to play.

The players with a smaller finger frame or hand frame might have difficulty playing thick string guitars, and you should also know that the bass guitar allows players to express their creativity when playing.

On the other hand, the bass guitar is the instrument holding the tune together as it provides songs with a steady rhythm.

Every instrument will be challenging to learn how to play for all beginners. However, it doesn’t matter whether you learn with the electric or bass guitar. Interestingly, the technique you practice on the bass guitar can also be applied to the electric guitar.

Learning and mastering how to play one of the instruments will make it easy for you to learn how to play the other instrument later on when you are ready.

However, finding out which instrument will be easier to play isn’t the right mindset to apply. The hard truth everyone needs to face is both instruments require the players to practice constantly for them to be able to get it right.

Committing to any of these instruments and improving will yield some fantastic results.

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