How To Make Bluetooth Speakers Louder

Whether you purchase a wired or a wireless bluetooth speaker, people look for their ability to play loud and decent sounds in these speakers.

Speakers with bluetooth technology have staked a place in the world of speakers since their first introduction to the market, and there are cases where people want more sound from their bluetooth speaker.

This is why you have this post at your disposal that talks about making bluetooth speakers louder.

In some cases, a speaker will not sound as loud as you want it to despite the level of technology it carries. If you find yourself in this spot, then you should know that there is absolutely nothing to worry about, as we will show you some hacks you can adopt to make your bluetooth speaker sound louder.

A new bluetooth speaker user might encounter so many problems when making their bluetooth sound louder.

The bluetooth technology makes use of a wireless network connection when functioning. You can also say the bluetooth connection is concerned with amplifying sounds coming out from your tablets or smartphone.

You will enjoy all the songs you are playing when the sounds you are listening to are loud as you want them to be, so trust this article to teach you how to make your bluetooth speaker louder.

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Why Bluetooth Speakers?

It is no argument that listening to loud songs is more enjoyable than listening to low and slow songs. However, people can only enjoy metal and rock songs when played at a loud volume, and the same goes for several other genres of music.

There is no slander concerning why you would want your bluetooth speaker to sound louder, and some reasons why it is good for your bluetooth speaker to sound loud are detailed below.

  • A loud bluetooth speaker is necessary if you intend to play music at an auditorium or big hall, and this is important if you are playing songs for a crowd.
  • Bluetooth speakers are portable, making them easy to carry and use anywhere, whether there is electricity or not.
  • Bluetooth speakers are known to offer quality sounds, and you wouldn’t have to go through a lot to get quality sounds from a bluetooth speaker.
  • Using electric speakers increases your electricity consumption, but that is not the same with bluetooth speakers as they make less use of electricity.
  • Bluetooth speakers are generally affordable.

With everything we have said, you can see that bluetooth speakers are convenient speakers everyone should have. So now, let us shift our focus on making bluetooth speakers louder.

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How To Make Bluetooth Speakers Louder

How To Make Bluetooth Speakers Louder

Below are some steps you can follow to make bluetooth speakers louder.

Step One -Size Of The Room

You need to know the size estimate of the room you want to use the speaker in, as this will give you an insight into how sound waves can spread all through the room.

Getting the estimated size of the room you want to use the speaker in will show you in the right direction of the type of bluetooth speaker that will be perfect for use in such a room.

Step Two – Placing The Speaker On The Floor

This is a common trick people employ when trying to get their speaker to sound louder, and your speaker will sound louder when you place them on the floor instead of placing them on the table.

This might seem very strange to you, but trust me when I say this trick works. You will get better sound when you place the bluetooth speaker on the floor, and it is better when you place the speaker on the floor in the middle of the room.

Step Three – Position The Bluetooth Speaker In The Corner Of The Room

Another trick that works is positioning the bluetooth speaker in the corner of the room and the middle of the room, and trust this process because it will help you make your bluetooth speaker sound louder.

It is also okay to set it on the table, but make sure it is positioned in the corner of the room when you do so. On the other hand, the speaker will sound far better if it is positioned a few feet away from the corner of the room.

Step Four – Setting It To The Wall

Another good idea you should try out is setting the bluetooth speaker to the wall, and you can consider setting a bluetooth speaker or multiple bluetooth speakers to the wall to get the best sounds out of it.

If you are using the bluetooth speaker at a dance party, you should consider setting the speaker to the wall depending on the size of the room.

Step Five – Adjust Speaker Volume

The size of the place will determine how loud the bluetooth speaker will sound, and playing the speaker in a compact room will make it sound louder like it is in a field.

This is why you must adjust speaker volume depending on the size of the room.

Step Six – Spot The Reasons For The Low Sound Volume Of The Speaker

So many bluetooth speakers are known for producing loud sounds when they are first used in the initial stages, but their sound quality starts to drop after you have used them for a while.

This is why you must figure out the reasons behind the drop in volume of your speaker. In some cases, some speakers are difficult to adjust, making them sound low and dull. So you must find a good version of your bluetooth speaker.

Anyone who is a hard lover of music will be disappointed when the speaker doesn’t sound as loud as they want it.

This post will show you all the tips and tricks you need to know when making bluetooth speaker sounds louder, and you can try out several tips if you want to obtain loud and noisy sounds.

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A very important fact we want to show is that bluetooth speakers cannot sound more than their maximum volume, but it will interest you to know that there are certain tips you can try out if you want your bluetooth speaker to sound louder than it is.

Positioning the speaker and knowing the size of the room will help more in terms of amplifying the sounds coming out from your bluetooth speaker.

However, you must note speakers should not sound so loud, so you do not get to damage your eardrums.

You must know that damaging the eardrums is possible with the level of technology present in the modern-day world of music. Still, trust bluetooth speakers to bring you the satisfaction and sound quality you desire.

You can check out several bluetooth speaker options when you hit the market to shop for one today, and some brands that you can try out include JBL, Sonos, and several others.