What To Drink To Have A Good Voice For Singing

Having a good idea about what to drink to have a good voice for singing will place you in a perfect position among other singers because consuming the right drink will positively impact your stamina, vocal health, and tone.

Another benefit you will have from consuming the right drink is that it will enrich you with enough energy for performances, and you will feel great. It is okay for you to worry about what to drink before a gig or a performance, and you should also be mindful of what you eat if you want to have a good voice for singing.

This article has put together a detailed list of drinks to help you maintain a good voice for singing. Whatever you choose to drink or eat before performing at a gig or show greatly influences your voice’s outcome. Singers need to consider what they consume if they are conscious about maintaining a perfect voice.

Keeping an eye on what you eat or drink is a good way of looking after your health, your vocal cords, and the quality of your performance, so singers must investigate what they drink and what they eat before a gig.

Warm drinks remain the best drinks singers should consume whether they have a show to perform or not, and these drinks should not contain milk or caffeine. Herbal teas and warm water containing ginger, lemon, and honey are ideal for singers, and room or warm temperature water helps keep vocal cords hydrated.

It keeps the vocal cords protected against injuries, makes them more supple, but consuming ice-cold drinks is bad for a singer. Trust me when I say I know the feeling that comes with consuming an icy drink on a very sunny day, but that kind of drink isn’t ideal for a singer. They tend to leave the vocal cords damaged or vulnerable.

On the other hand, taking scorching drinks causes swelling of the vocal cords, preventing singers from singing out loud and clear. As we mentioned earlier, cold water is not ideal for singers because it tends to contract and tensed vocal cords.

This effect isn’t what singers need but the opposite, as singers prefer their vocal cords to be relaxed. Instead, the vocal cords ought to be supple and loose, which is why singers should consider seeing themselves as an athlete that needs to warm to free up some muscles before a race.

A singer needs to practice the exercise before a gig takes a warm drink because staying hydrated with the right drink helps maintain a healthy vocal cord. It explains the importance of consuming a good amount of water in a day because your inability to do this will not only affect the quality of your performance.

Singers should watch the amount of water they take in, or they will end up feeling like using the bathroom in the middle of a performance.

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What To Drink To Have A Good Voice For Singing

What To Drink To Have A Good Voice For Singing

We mentioned that tea is a good drink for singers, but not all teas should be consumed. Some teas contain ingredients that might not be ideal for your vocal cords, so here are some options of drinks you can consume if you are searching for what to drink for a good voice for singing.

1. Decaffeinated Tea

Caffeine affects the quality of your vocal cords, so opting for a decaffeinated tea remains an excellent option for singers.

2. Peppermint Tea

This tea is perfect for digestion, and we all know that having a strong digestive system is pivotal towards having overall good health.

3. Chamomile Tea

It is the perfect tea to help singers relax their nerves before a performance.

4. Green Tea

Green tea is also great for eliminating stress and providing the energy needed for performance.

5. Ginger Tea

It is an excellent tea for singers with so many health benefits and not just singing. It is good for settling unease stomachs, and its anti-inflammatory property is great for singers struggling with flu, vocal strain, or a sore throat.

It has warm properties that get the while maintaining good vocal health is possible thanks to its anti-oxidant property. Singers can use fresh or dried ginger.

6. Slippery Elm Tea

Singers refer to this tea as a throat coat based on its ability to protect the throat, relieve sore throat, and improve the lungs.

7. Wild Moss Tea

It is the perfect tea for cooling a raspy singing voice, and this tea has been in use for so many centuries.

8. Honey And Lemon Tea

Singers can prepare this tea by themselves as all it takes is adding lemon or honey to water. The water should be warm, and this tea works great in hydrating and soothing a voice threatened by cold.



What You Should Avoid If You Want A Good Voice For Singing

If you are truly concerned about the health of your voice and the quality of your performance, you should stay away from junk foods. For example, singers have no business with pizza and pot noodles because they will affect the quality of your voice despite providing the body with nutrition.

You should avoid any food or drink with a dry cooling effect or the tendency to produce too much mucous, and you should avoid dairy products like yogurt, cheese, cream, and ice cream as they end up clogging vocal sounds and produces mucous.

Conclusion – What To Drink To Have A Good Voice For Singing

On the other hand, bananas help deal with tension and anxiety, but a banana’s texture isn’t ideal for a singer’s vocal cord. It’s okay to snack on bananas but ensure you do not have a gig right after consuming one. If you want to reduce the nervousness that comes before a gig, you can consume tuna, almonds, turkey, kiwi fruits, dark chocolate, spinach, and apricots.

Finally, what works for you as a singer might not work for another singer. It is why it is recommended for people to check their body metabolism, activity levels, allergies, blood type, and blood sugar levels so they can be able to figure out what will work for them.