What Are 4 Way Speakers?

Anyone who isn’t new to speakers will know that there are 2 way, 3-way, and 4-way speakers, but our focus today will be centered on learning about the 4 and 2-way speakers.

What are 4-way speakers? Is 2 way or 4-way speakers better? How do 2-way speakers work? These are questions we will provide you with answers to in this detailed post.

The 4-way speakers can also be called quad axial speakers, and the best way anyone can explain what a 4-way speaker means is by judging from its number of components.

When we say components, we are talking about the components that make up the 4-way speaker. These components are listed below;

  • Mid-range cone
  • Two tweeters
  • Bass

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What Are 4 Way Speakers?

What Are 4 Way Speakers

You can see that all of its components are made up of four different components, and you might wonder what the functions of these four components are.

To be straight with you, these four components are tasked with providing sound lovers with well-balanced sound quality, and users will also be able to enjoy full and high-range sounds.

Surprisingly, the importance of making use of a 4-way speaker is it also helps in improving the overall sound quality of any sound system setup.

It makes use of four unique components so it can be able to deliver the best sounds in different frequencies. Two different wires are designed to go into the 4-way speaker.

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This means the speaker is tasked with the internal processing function of individualizing frequencies so they can be played through different woofers and tweeters.

We mentioned that there are 2 way, 3-way, and 4-way speakers available today, but so many car owners will opt to go for the 3-way speaker than the 4-way speaker. Why is this so?

The 3-way speaker is so different from the 2-way speaker, and people will always opt for this type of speaker in their car sound system setup since they guarantee to offer top-quality sounds at all times.

Obtaining the obvious highs and mids is what this speaker is designed to offer users, and this explains why people opt for them on a daily.

This doesn’t mean the 4-way speakers are below standard or perform below expectations, but the extent of sound they deliver cannot be compared to that of the 3-way speaker.

Offering a clearer and wider sound range is more in the 3-way speakers than in 4-way speakers, but these speakers make up your car sound system’s complete speaker range.

Is 2 Way Or 4 Way Speakers Better?

What Are 4 Way Speakers

Before you go ahead to state that any of these speakers are better than the rest, you need to have a very good understanding and knowledge of these speakers.

The first thing we will like you to note about these speakers is they are coaxial speakers, and you should know that there are differences between coaxial and components speakers.

Three distinct types of coaxial speakers are the 2 way, 3-way, and 4-way speakers, but this section of this post is going to emphasize more on the 2 way and 4-way speakers.

Having two distinct and separate frequency bands, the 2-way speakers make use of their woofers in producing lows, while their tweeter is tasked with producing high-frequency sounds.

This makes it possible for audio lovers to get clearer pitches, better ranges, and superior bass sounds when you make use of the 2-way speakers.

4-way speakers on the other hand are not so different from the 3-way speakers, but what makes them different is the fact that they are designed to come with an additional tweeter.

What is the role or function of this extra tweeter? This extra tweeter is tasked with producing more high-end sounds, and you are going to enjoy a wide range of sounds at various frequencies.

3-way speakers on the other hand have three different frequencies, and you can count on them to produce low, mid, and high range frequency sounds.

How can you tell which is better between the 2-way and 4-way speakers? What we want our readers to note is a speaker doesn’t necessarily need to produce exceptional sounds based on the number of drivers it comes with.

It means that a 2-way speaker can offer you premium quality sounds more than a 4-way speaker would.

2-way speakers designed to have top-quality drivers will perform great if the 4-way speaker comes with low-quality drivers, and this is what makes the difference between these speakers.

Other speaker options come with more number of drivers, but this isn’t an indication of the production of high-quality sounds as we stated earlier.

How Do 2 Way Speakers Work?

Among all the coaxial speakers that are present today, the 2-way and 3-way are the most common types you will find on the market, but why is this so?

It is because these two speakers have been tested and proven to deliver the results sound lovers want from their car speakers.

The good thing about the 2-way speaker is it is designed to produce several sound ranges and waves, meaning it can deliver sounds from low to high frequencies so you can enjoy the full, clear, and exceptional sound experience.

Users will enjoy precise sound quality when they opt to make use of the 2-way speaker. Another thing you need to know about the 2-way speaker is how it works. 2-way speakers are designed to come with a tweeter and a woofer, and the woofer is tasked with delivering low-frequency sounds.

The tweeter on the other hand is tasked with delivering high-quality sounds, and a 2-way speaker can outperform other speakers.

What you need to take into consideration in situations like this is the way a speaker crossover is set up, the quality of the components involved in its construction and design, and its cabinet speaker design.

When talking about cabinet speaker design, we are talking about how many speakers can fit into its cabinet design.

Before making up your mind on a 2-way speaker, it will be okay for you to try it out so you can see if the sound quality and volume it delivers meet up with all of your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do 3-Way Speakers Have Good Bass?

Yes, 3-way speakers produce good bass sounds. They boast of having an extra driver which ensures bass range or covers for low frequency, and this driver is what we call the subwoofer.

This setup makes it possible for you to adjust this speaker to match all types of music and still produce a good sound experience.

Can You Mix 2 Way Speaker And 3 Way Speaker?

Yes, this combination is very possible. You can mix a 2-way speaker that has a tweeter and woofer with a 3-way speaker that has a super tweeter, tweeter, and a three-way middle combination, However, this is where the combination ends.

Rounding It Up

Up there is everything you need to know about the 2-way and 4-way speakers, and if you have gotten to this point, we hope you found this post very helpful in answering all of your questions. We will be looking forward to your comments in the comment section of this post.