How To Connect Speakers To PS4 Slim

One of the best and fantastic gaming consoles that a gamer is likely to be familiar with is the PS4, and this is one gaming console almost everybody wants to own. It is fun when you are gaming on the PS4 wit external speakers, but do you have an idea on how to connect speakers o PS4 slim? This is what we will address in this post today.

You are going to fall in love with the PS4 gaming console if you are an avid gamer, but the fact that it doesn’t come with a digital audio output is one of the downsides this gaming console comes with. Getting sound from this console cannot be achieved through the use of an AV or RCA cable, and this is because it doesn’t have an audio port design.

This is different in the PS3 as there is an audio port design on it, and what this simply means is you are stuck with a gaming console where you might not get or enjoy the quality of sound you would want to. For every gamer or audiophile out there, this is one of the most painful experience ever. You should know that all hope is not lost too.

You might be wondering why we said all hope is not lost when talking about obtaining sounds from the PS4 gaming console. The fact is there is still some way you can try out to get sounds when gaming on your PS4 gaming console. This post will come as a huge relief to every gamer and audiophile that plays the PS4 gaming console.

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Benefits Of Playing Video Games

How To Connect Speakers To PS4 Slim

One of the benefits that comes with playing video games is it provides you with fun when you engage in it, and trust me when i say gaming will also help the body to relax. Believe me when i say gaming is one of the best easiest ways a person can relax, but there are more benefits about playing video games than just relaxing and catching fun.

When you play video games, you are building visual spatial skills and problem solving skills. Playing games is all about finding out a way to win the game, and this tells you that gaming also helps increase your level of creativity. You are going to improve your social connections with other people when you play with other online gamer.

All of these benefits and more comes wit playing video games, and everyone who loves playing games will agree to these benefits we have mentioned in this post. Day by day, the demand for the PS4 gaming console keeps increasing, and this explains why we mentioned earlier how everyone wants to get a piece of this video game.

This PS4 gaming console comes with several options that makes playing it worthwhile, and trust me when i say its array of features is mind blowing. Just like we mentioned earlier, all hope isn’t lost when you want to obtain sound from the PS4 slim gaming console, and that is what we want to show you next in this interesting post. Stick around.

How To Connect Speakers To PS4 Slim

How To Connect Speakers To PS4 Slim

Connecting a speaker to your PS4 slim is what you must do if you intend getting sounds out of it when gaming, and you will definitely want sounds if you do not want this game to bore you out when playing. Without wasting further time, let us show you the necessary steps you have to take when connecting a speaker to a PS4 slim.

Making Use Of Your TV Speakers

You will find an audio port on most HDMI televisions today, and this is the most precise and affordable option you can make use of when you want to get sound out of your PS4 slim gaming console. You should make sure that the audio system or speakers have been set to default so the PS4 can utilize its audio output.

Connect PS4 Audio Output To Speakers Using The Game Controller Or Console

The truth about this method is it might not be the best as it tend to have some drawbacks of its own, but it is okay to try this out and get some sound instead of getting nothing at all. A 3.5mm male to male aux audio cable will be needed in this setup, or you can end up going for a headphone that has an audio jack if you are confused by the aux cable measurement.

You can find either of this in an automotive or tech store around you, and below are the right steps for you to follow when you want to pull this off.

  • One end of the cable should go into the gaming console, while the other goes into the audio in option on the speaker port
  • Turn on your PS4 and plug in its controller
  • Find your way to the PS4 control settings and click on settings
  • You will find select devices at the bottom of the page, so you have to press X and select audio devices.
  • The next step is to select output to headphones option which is found at the bottom of the page, so press X. Check the audio cable connection if the output to headphone option cannot be selected, and ensure it is plugged in the right way
  • Select all audio and press X if you have carried out the last step properly, and doing this will make sure that every sound from the PS4 slim goes directly to the external speaker you have connected using the aux audio cable

Doing this might alter sound a bit, but it is better than getting no sound at all or sticking to your television sound alone.

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Make Use Of Multi-Room Audio System

An optical audio output will be required when making use of this step, and you also have the option of making use of HDMI outputs or AV/RCA cables. The role of the HDMI splitter is to evenly distribute a HDMI signal into two different HDMI output signal displays, and HDMI will get sound from the HDMI input source.

The sound it gets goes directly to your speakers, and this can be done when you make use of a 3.5mm millimeter stereo audio output cables or coaxial digital audio output. Below are the steps you will follow when connecting PS4 to external speakers using a HDMI splitter.

  • Connect the PS4 to the audio extractor using the first cable
  • The second cable should go into the audio extractor audio out port, while the other end goes into the television HDMI port
  • The audio cable should be used in connecting the extractor to the speaker, while the end of the audio extractor that has been plugged inside of the audio extractor should be plugged inside the audio output. The cable on the speaker should be plugged inside the audio input.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Ports Does The PS4 Slim Come With?

The PS4 slim comes with ports like two USB ports which are positioned right at the front of the console. There is no port at the back like most people think or perceive, while the back has single ports for AUX, ethernet and HDMI.

Does PS4 Slim Overheat?

Yes, there is a chance that your PS4 slim might overheat. It is going to overheat when its fan fails to function, and this might cause a damage to the heat sink on your gaming console. Overheating in PS4 can e very disastrous, so make sure you do all you can to avoid it.

Final Note

This is all you need to know about connecting a PS4 slim to external speakers, and we hope you have found this post very helpful. Plugging headphones into the controller is yet another option you can try out, but this option will not make sense when used for group games. Do not forget that prolonged use of headphones has its own side effects on the ears.