Static Noise In Headphones – How To Fix

One of the situations that audiophiles and music lovers do not find pleasant is when they want to enjoy some good music on their headphones and end up hearing static sounds.

Static noise in headphones is one problem that is common nowadays, and you need to find a solution asap if you want to keep enjoying good sound quality when listening to music. But, how long can you be able to put up with this annoying situation?

If you are reading this post, you are probably looking for answers because you won’t be able to figure out what the problem is no matter how much you try to fiddle with the headphone you are getting the static sound from.

Luckily for you, we have decided to bring you this very interesting post that will talk to you about static noises in earphones and how you can get a deal or get rid of them.

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When you want to deal with them, static noise in headphones is first identifying the cause of the static noise in your headphone, so troubleshooting the problem is vital to find out what the solution is.

However, you must find out what the cause of the static noise in your headphone is all about and find out what the cause truly means; you can find out simple ways to address the problem.

If you are yet to find out what the cause of the static noise in your headphone is, here are some of the possible causes we have listed below;

  • Disconnected or loose wires
  • Wrong audio settings
  • Static noise from wireless headsets
  • Damaged headphone speakers
  • Auxiliary port issues

Just like we stated at the beginning of this post, hearing static noise can ruin your listening experience.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to play games, listen to music, or watch a movie, but it is a known fact that listening to static noises from your headphone will end up ruining the entire moment.

The problem becomes more complicated when you do not know the cause, and you cannot get rid of this noise without knowing the cause.

Static noises are inconveniences no matter what you want to do at that particular point in time because all we want to do is sit down and listen to some relaxing music.

One good thing you need to know about static noises in headphones is that there are effective and easy ways to deal with this problem. Trust this article to provide you with details on the causes of static noise and how to deal with them.

The method you will adopt in dealing with the problem depends on the problem.

Understanding what is going on regarding the static noise you are getting from your headphone is essential before going on with the troubleshooting process. So, if you are tired of putting up with static noise coming from your headphone, continue reading this post for the answers you seek.

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Static Noise In Headphones

Static Noise In Headphones

Disconnected Or Loose Wires

If you have been using your earphones and it develops static issues suddenly, then the problem might lie inside of the wire.

Rough use might cause the wire instead to feel disconnected or loose, and the easiest way to deal with this is to use a device or system in connecting the headphone jack.

Go ahead and put on the headphone after connecting them using a system or device, and rotate it to the side a bit. Check if you can still hear the static sounds.

If that method fails to work, you should try moving the wire that feels loose or disconnected to different angles.

The problem is likely to get solved when you do this, but this solution might be a bit annoying. It means you have to cut the wires from that side to attach it manually to the headphone jack.

You must open up the wire cover first to find out which of the wires are connected to what end.

Auxiliary Port Problems

Another issue that is likely to cause static noise when listening to music, gaming, or watching movies with your headphones is an auxiliary port issue.

This issue is commonly associated with creating static noise, and it tends to happen if dirt is present in the auxiliary port.

This also means the auxiliary port is already oxidized, which in turn affects your headphone’s output or sound delivery.

Cleaning the auxiliary port is the easiest way to deal with this problem, and do not stop cleaning until you can no longer find dirt inside the auxiliary port. In addition, do not stop cleaning until you can no longer hear static noise coming from your headphone.

Damaged Headphone Speakers

Another step you can take when dealing with static noise coming from your headphone is checking your headphone’s hardware, and this is likely the first thing you should do when you notice static sounds coming from your headphone.

One question on your mind right now is how to tell if damaged headphone speakers cause the static noise you are getting from your headphone.

This is not a very difficult task as all that you have to do is plug in the headphone inside a trusted audio device to see if the headphone is properly working or can still hear the static noise.

The problem is likely to be a hardware issue if you hear the static noise after plugging the headphone into another playback device and making use of it. If this is the cause of the static noise you are hearing, you have to use your headphone’s warranty.

On the other hand, you can also shop for replacement speakers and discard the old headphone with the static problem.

Wrong Audio Settings

The headphone themselves might not cause the static noise you are hearing, but maybe there is an incorrect setting on the playback device.

Suppose you cannot handle the static issue after checking out the auxiliary port issues, faulty headphone speaker, loose wiring, or Bluetooth frequency. In that case, a wrong audio setting on your playback device is likely to be the problem.

One point you should keep in mind is that dealing with the wrong audio settings depends on what device you are making use of.

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How To Get Rid Of Static Noise From Your Headphones

Hardware problems, audio source issues, program errors tend to happen without giving a warning, but there are steps you can take to prevent these issues from happening.

These steps can help reduce the static noise coming from your headphones, so check out these necessary steps we want to point out to you below;

  • Upgrade your headphones if the one you have been using has lasted for a long period, and you must consider an upgrade if the headphone is already starting to have issues.
  • Handling is another way to prevent static noise from coming out from your headphone, so you must bear in mind that unnecessary force will end up ruining your headphone. Also, do not use too much strength when removing or attaching your headphone to a jack.
  • Regular Cleaning is yet another step you can take when preventing static noise from coming out from your headphone jack, and Cleaning will also make sure that they stay working for a longer period.

Verdict – Static Noise In Headphones

Now that we have identified the possible problems and solutions, you will no longer have to put up with static noise issues when you notice static noise coming out from your headphone.

Follow the steps we have mentioned above to keep your headphones functioning for a long time.