Shure Beta 98a Review

The Shue Beta 98a review introduces you to everything about this kick drum microphone, and people who intend shopping for this microphone will find this guide helpful as it will provide them with detailed information regarding this microphone. The Shure brand is one of the famous and renowned microphone manufacturers that has been making high quality microphone for so many years, and people have fallen in love with several of their products because of the sound quality and performance they deliver.

The same can be said about the Shure Beta 98a microphone as it is gaining massive recognition because of the sound quality it reproduces, but it is still not enough to just walk into a shop and pick it up without having an idea of what it can and can’t do.

Like we mentioned earlier, the Shure company has made so many premium quality microphones that several users have fallen in love with, and two of these microphones we have already discussed in previous guides are the Shure Beta 91a and Shure Beta 52a reviews.

You can go ahead and read them up if you are interested in making more findings or comparing between these microphones. The Shure Beta 98a microphone is described as a miniature condenser microphone designed for several milking applications, and this microphone was introduced to the world in the late 2010.

The Shure Beta 98a microphone is designed to have a two-piece design, while having a small capsule head makes positioning very easy. This microphone can also be used in a studio setting, and it will be less visible when it is used on stage. The compactness of this microphone tells you it will not take up so much amount anywhere it is positioned, and its versatility makes it perfect for several applications.

You can either use this microphone in the studio, on stage, for professional sound reinforcements, and several other applications. Delivering high output is one of the reasons why it has turned out to be very popular on the market.

Featuring a uniform cardioid polar pattern, the Shure Beta 98a microphone will provide off-axis rejection of unwanted noise, outstanding gain before feedback, and also delivering impressive sounds despite being used in a high sound pressure environment. Listed below are some of the exceptional characteristics of the Shure Beta 98a microphone;

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Performance Characteristics

  • Superb high sound pressure levels handling
  • Unique low frequency production
  • It doesn’t permit crossover distortion
  • It offers a high output level

There are certain features that will make this microphone a favorite to so many people when they make use of it for the first time. These features are;

Features Of The Shure Beta 98a Microphone

  • It has a flexible gooseneck design that makes adjustments and positioning flexible and easy
  • It is designed to fight back wear and abuse as it features an inner stainless steel grille and enamel coated metal construction
  • Setting up this microphone is easy and users will not have to deal with microphone clutter as it boasts of having an integrated amp and a compact design
  • It boasts of a wide dynamic range that makes it perfect for use in high sound pressure level environments
  • It has a well tailored frequency shape response for percussion and drum

Shure Beta 98a Review

Shure Beta 98a Review

We mentioned how versatile the Shure Beta 98a microphone is earlier in this guide, and its versatility is one of the features people find attractive about this microphone. It can be used for several amplified and acoustic instruments like strings, wind, reed, piano, and drums. and the sound quality it delivers when used with any of these instruments are sounds that are completely out of this world.

This microphone is designed for professionals and beginners as everyone will find it very simple to work with.

This microphone comes with a connecting cable that connects the preamplifier and the Beta Shure 98a microphone, and about 23m of the cable can be used so as to prevent signal loss. It can also be mounted on a cymbal or on a drum, and users will find installing this microphone on a drum or cymbal very easy as it comes with a detailed instructional manual on how to achieve that.

It comes well packaged in a zippered pouch that doesn’t just serve as transport or carrying case, but it also provides adequate protection.

If you want to get the best out of this microphone, ensure it is positioned and aimed at your desired source. It will be helpful if you direct unwanted sounds towards the Shure Beta 98a null point, and the purpose for doing is to make ensure that only desired sounds are obtained.

It is also okay for you to make use of few amount of microphones so as to eliminate feedback and boost potential acoustic gain, and this microphone should be positioned far away from reflective surfaces so as to cut down on comb filtering.

Taking advantage of close proximity is another point users should note about the Shure Beta 98a microphone, and you might be wondering if you really have to do that. The reason for doing this is for you to obtain extra bass response, and users should cut down on excessive handling of this microphone so as to prevent obtaining vibrations and mechanical noise.

Covering any part of its microphone grille is prohibited as it will end up affecting this microphone’s level of performance, so ensure that the microphone grille is exposed at all times.

In addition, this microphone is great for either outdoor or indoor use. This is something you will not get from just any microphone as there are some that are vulnerable to damages when used outdoors like water splashes. However, you should consider adding a windscreen to this microphone if you are considering using it outdoors.

This is just another safety measure that is necessary if you want the Shure Beta 98a to last long. Its reliability, ruggedness, and Shure quality are three iconic features that makes it rank higher than so many other microphones you will find on the market.

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