Shure Beta 52a Review

The Shure Beta 52a review takes you into the world of a microphone designed to be greater and better that several other microphones in is category. It is a microphone that is designed to produce extremely impressive performances which has earned it so many positive remarks and reviews from users, and this guide will provide you with more detailed information concerning this microphone before you go ahead and make a purchase on it. No matter what you hear about a microphone, making your own findings is very crucial.

This is because there is a possibility that it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work the same way for you. You need to have a good idea about its features, build quality, characteristics, price, and components to make if it meets your requirements. The fact that this microphone is designed by the Shure brand gives you an idea of what this microphone is capable, and the Shure brand like we all know have been in the business of making high-quality microphones for over two decades.

The quality of Shure microphones can be seen in the Shure Beta 91a microphone, and you can read that up to find out more about the microphone. The Shure Beta 52a microphone is ranked above several other microphones for so many reasons, and being a Shure product makes it a reliable and trustworthy microphone. We are all big fans of the Shure microphones because they are designed to perform outstandingly irrespective of the application it is used in. The Shure Beta 52a review will tell you all about this microphone which is designed for use with bass instruments and kick drums.

If you have used cheap set of kick drum microphones, you will not be pleased with the sound quality that the microphone produces. If you are looking forward to upgrading the kick drum microphone so you can obtain high natural and pure sounds. The Shure Beta 52a microphone is a great option for anyone aiming to improve the sound quality of their kick drum microphone. This is a large diaphragm, dynamic, and big microphone and its design ensures it focuses on low-frequency characteristics.

This microphone is a reliable option as it is designed to pick up kick drum sounds thanks to its ability to handle high pressure levels, and mounting this microphone inside of a drum is very easy. There are people who do not mount this microphone inside the drum, but they opted to mount this kick drum microphone just outside the port and it still delivered an standout performance. It has a 20Hz to 10kHz that guarantees obtaining boosts in high and low mids. A point users should note about this microphone is it requires being positioned close to the sound source.

This is because it will be almost impossible for it to pick up the bass sounds a user desires when it gets moved further away from the sound source. This tells you you are shopping for a microphone that is very easy to setup and use. It boasts of having a supercardioid pattern that offers high gains and ensures that unwanted sounds gets isolated.

Shure Beta 52a Review

Shure Beta 52a Review

So many people consider the Shure Beta 52a microphone to be a stout kick drum mic, because it comes in at about 22 ounces. It is one of the microphones that everyone will find attractive when it meets the eyes, and this is because it boasts of having a beautiful silver blue enamel finish. In terms of durability, you can count on this microphone to last for a long time based on the quality of materials used in constructing it. It features the combination of a hardened steel grille and die cast aluminum material that makes resistant to several damages.

Unlike so many kick drum microphones on the market, the Shure Beta 52a microphone doesn’t contain plastic materials in its construction. It offers a high signal to ratio output using its neodymium magnet, and it also guarantees cutting down mechanical noise using its pneumatic shock mount. Its inbuilt stand has a neat build which is designed to lock in place, and being able to lock in place means the Shure Beta 52a microphone would not move about despite all the intense vibrations that it will experience.

It doesn’t matter how loud the kick drums get, the Shure Beta 52a microphone will not move about freely. Interestingly, a male XLR connector is found in its stand adapter, and the purpose of this male XLR connector is to ensure the microphone cable doesn’t stick too too far out. Another positive remark about this microphone is it provides a high bass output which is the desire of anybody, so making some equalizer setting might be necessary.

This makes sure drowning out the bass guitar isn’t possible, and bringing small kick drum sounds to life is what the Shure Beta 52a microphone helps users achieve.  Another point you should note about this microphone is it is not listed among the cheapest microphones you will find on the market. The money you use in purchasing about five poor quality microphones will not be enough to purchase half the price of a Shure Beta 52a microphone, but the performance of a Shure Beta 52a microphone is worth the amount spent on it.

It delivers a studio quality punch and superb attack which is the desire of every user, and it boasts of having a tightening mechanism and redesigned knob that offers more durability. It also accommodates a larger microphone range using its wider mounting base. The type of sounds that comes from this kick drum microphone is similar to the sounds you will get when a loud music is being played at a night club. Its durability makes it resistant to early breaks, wear, and tear. Getting this microphone means not shopping for a kick drum microphone anytime soon.

These are the key highlights of the Shure Beta 52a kick drum microphone, and it doesn’t come with a sound hole which you will find in most poorly built microphones. Providing a superb balance between woof and slap are other interesting attributes of the Shure Beta 52a kick drum microphone, and we hope you find this review helpful and entertaining.