Round Vs Oval Speakers

Round Vs Oval Speakers – Which Performs Better?

So many audiophiles believe that having a reliable car sound system determines if you will have a fun-filled car ride. Listening to great-sounding car music, especially on long trips, makes the ride fulfilling and interesting.

The type of speaker present in your car will determine the quality of sound your car will produce. It tells you how important it is to invest in a great sound and top-quality car speaker.

You will find round and oval speakers when you go out to shop for your car’s replacement speakers, and in terms of which speaker sounds better, many people have contrasting opinions.

It can be unclear for anyone to pick a speaker from these two to produce a better sound, and so many traditional speakers are known to have a round shape.

Nowadays, we are starting to see several oval shape speakers, and round and oval speakers are available for everyone to select from as they come in different shapes and sizes.

Wondering what speaker to pick between the round and oval speakers? Trust me when I say making such a decision isn’t going to be an easy one. Whatever speaker you opt for will depend greatly on your choice or preference.

We cannot rule out that choosing between both speakers can be very challenging and frustrating, and everything this article is all about will show you all you have to about the round vs oval speakers.

You will get to find out which speaker type is right for you, what features to expect from this speaker and their pros and cons that make them unique in their own way. First of all, let us take a look at round-shaped speakers.

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Round Vs Oval Speakers

Round Vs Oval Speakers

Round Speakers

There is a purpose behind designing speakers to have a round shape, and the purpose behind this design is to allow even signal dispersion. Round-shaped speakers allow for clearer and synchronized sound output based on the sound dispersion produced by the driver.

Round speakers are also considered as component speakers in the sense that they have woofers, mid-range speakers, subwoofers, and tweeters,

Installing component speakers will require you to pass them through a crossover, and the purpose is to ensure each speaker receives the sound signal at the right frequency range.

The purpose behind a speaker having a round shape is to have an adequate amount of space to deliver the best performance ever. In addition, handling low frequencies is the aim behind a speaker having a round shape.

The tweeter of a round shape speaker also makes it responsible for handling high frequencies to the best of its ability. Coaxial speakers nowadays come in two-way coaxial speakers, referring to 6.5-inch speakers or 4-inch speakers. The 2-way coaxial speakers also possess a tweeter driver and round woofer driver.

Advantage Of Round Speakers

  • The design of round-shaped speakers cuts down on sound distortion
  • They produce sounds of high quality
  • They come as component speakers, which paves the way for improved customization of sounds.

Disadvantages Of Round Speakers

  • They require a large amount of space when mounting round speakers
  • Based on their numerous components, mounting round speakers is a little bit difficult
  • They are quite costly for anyone to invest in because they deliver full-range sound and also require purchasing several components

Oval Speakers

These speakers have an oval shape compared to the round-shaped speakers, and you will see this shape of speakers in 6×8 or 6×9 speakers.

These speakers have an oval shape because they comprise several drivers mounted on a super basket, and having an oval shape creates enough space when mounting the multiple drivers it comes with. Other oval speakers include 4-way, 3-way, and 2-way speakers.

2-way speakers feature a woofer driver and a tweeter driver, and 3-way speakers consist of the woofer, tweeter, and a mid-range driver. On the other hand, 4-way speakers come with a mid-range driver, woofer, super tweeter, and a tweeter.

The most common oval-shaped speakers you will find are the 3-way and 2-way coaxial speakers, and having long and oval-shaped makes it easy for these speakers to fit into tight spaces.

Fitting into tight spaces makes it easy for this speaker type to deliver full-range sounds, ensuring they provide better sound quality even in narrow spaces.

Advantages Of Oval Speakers

  • They provide an outstanding sound performance, especially in very tight spaces.
  • They do not take up too much space when mounting or installing them
  • They make use of fewer components, so installing these speakers is very easy
  • They offer a full frequency range
  • They do not cost much for installation

Disadvantages Of Oval Speakers

  • It is impossible to customize sounds using oval speakers
  • They do not provide the bass output you desire

Round And Oval Speakers – Which Speaker Type Is Better?

From everything said so far in this article, round and oval speakers are different from each other. They have features that make them different from each other, and they have different pros and cons.

The type of speaker you choose between the round and oval speaker will depend on your preference and choice and bearing this in mind; you should go for round speakers if you intend to go after obtaining sound quality in your car.

The shape of round speakers makes them easily deal with sound distortion, and round speakers will always be the best option to go for if you intend to own a custom sound system in your car. Anyone who wants less high and more bass should install fewer tweeters and more woofers.

Oval speakers do not provide you with the luxury of customizing sounds in your car, and this is because they have the design of a full-range speaker.

Round speakers will also be the best choice if you are a bass enthusiast, while oval speakers are the best choice for people with limited space in their car. Oval speakers are the best for narrow spaces, while round speakers will take up so much space when installing them in a car.

Installing oval speakers is more affordable compared to installing round speakers. In addition, installing oval speakers is way easier compared to installing round speakers.

It means the oval speaker’s installation process is way simpler compared to that of a round speaker, and this is because oval speakers are designed to fit into a particular basket. On the other hand, the design of a round speaker is very complex, and this is because of its special tuning design and separate installation process.

Final Thoughts – Round Vs Oval Speakers

The argument between the round vs. oval speakers has no winner because both speakers have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Factors influencing your decision might be space availability, budget, ease of installation, and sound quality. Oval speakers will win in terms of ease of installation, budget, and taking up minimal space for installation.

No matter what you pick between the round vs. oval speakers, make sure what you go for would deliver the best value for your money. Finally, ensure that the speaker you go for will provide the sound quality you desire when going on a ride or a road trip.

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