LG Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out – How To Fix It

Anyone looking at enjoying high, clear, and good sound quality should be aiming at owning a subwoofer, and there are several brands out there that make subwoofers you can trust.

One such brand is the popular LG brand, and so many people have been trusting this brand for years. However, one issue that has sprung over for a while is that the LG subwoofer keeps cutting out, and so many people are yet to find out the cause for this.

Well, if you are still struggling to figure out the cause and what you can do to deal with the situation, then you have completely nothing to be worried about.

This is why we brought you this article to point out the problem and provide ways to solve these problems. Some problems tend to happen during soundbars’ installation, which leads to them cutting out when in use, but owning a subwoofer comes with so many advantages.

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LG Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out

LG Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out

The fact that you can position a subwoofer where you want it and install a subwoofer with ease are some of the advantages owning a subwoofer comes with.

However, a subwoofer has its disadvantages, and degradation of signals is one of them. When a subwoofer suffers signal degradation, it will produce no sounds at all or produce very poor sounds. This tells you that you cannot find a perfect product or item.

Taking a wider look at things, we can confidently tell you that the reason for a subwoofer’s signal degradation can arise as a result of so many factors.

The fact that a subwoofer has a wireless design makes it possible to interfere with other wireless devices you might have in your home. This can result in the reduction of sounds, and if the distance between the receiver and the speaker is large, then your subwoofer will keep cutting out.

The vast distance between the subwoofer and the receiver is likely to interrupt sounds at different frequencies, and the interesting aspect of all these is its solution is straightforward.

In this case, you must make sure that there is very little distance between the receiver and the speaker, and you also make sure that you turn off other wireless devices that will interfere with your wireless subwoofer.

You can see that it isn’t a big deal when your LG subwoofer keeps cutting out, so you really shouldn’t make a fuss out of it.

However, the two reasons we mentioned there are not the only reasons that can cause your LG subwoofer to cut out. For example, if you listen to your favorite song on your LG soundbar and the sound gets cut out, you can tell how annoying and frustrating it can be.

It even gets worse when you are showing off some dance moves in the middle of a party, or maybe you are trying to enjoy a very interesting scene in the movie you are watching.

You will ruin all of these moments if your soundbar keeps cutting out the sound. Right now, we want to show you so many possibilities that result in your LG soundbar cutting out.

What Causes Your LG Soundbar To Cut Off


Just like we mentioned earlier in this post, distance will always be a problem that causes your subwoofer to cut off all the time.

Some subwoofers are designed to have better range, but you should position your subwoofer close to its source so you can obtain clear signals.


There is a possibility that certain objects tend to block signals from getting to the subwoofer, and an example of such an object is the furniture in your home.

You must maintain a clear path when you want to position your subwoofer. Find a clean spot and avoid places where there will be interference to achieve clear signals.


The truth about wireless signals is they can get overcrowded sometimes, so we keep advising people to stop positioning their subwoofers at places where there are several other devices like Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, and cordless phones.


Another factor you should look out for is interference, and other RF devices are capable of causing interference. Some of the devices that can cause such interference includes Wi-Fi video game consoles and cordless headphones.

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Bluetooth Signal

Resetting the bluetooth signal might help stop your subwoofer from cutting off, so all you have to do is unplug your subwoofer and plug it back in.

It is also very important that you unplug the receiver and the television and plug them back in. This will help in dealing with problems.

Plugs And Wiring

One thing you must do when dealing with subwoofers is to make sure all of its plugs are completely plugged in and also make sure the power strip is one when dealing with a subwoofer.

Also, check if you might have to reset its power strip fuse, and check if it comes with a GCFI outlet. Go ahead and reset this outlet if necessary, then click the test and reset button. Finally, ensure it has all of its circuit breakers turned on.

Check Wire

One funny but true possibility is the fact that the pet in your home might have chewed your subwoofer’s wires and cables. Unfortunately, it is not recent news that pets like to chew wires and cables in our homes, and this could be the reason why your subwoofer has been cutting out lately.

You must check your wires if your pet has chewed them, so it is necessary that you also check for cuts and frays. This only applies if you have a pet in your home.

Antenna Position

Adjusting the antenna position is also key if you want your subwoofer to stop cutting off. One way to solve the interference issue you are having is to move the antenna away from where other device’s objects will obstruct it.

This simple solution helps deal with all interference issues that you will be having, and you will be able to receive a better signal when you eventually adjust your antenna’s position.


Try out these steps with your plug if your subwoofer keeps cutting;

  • Please turn off your subwoofer, and make sure it is unplugged from its source for about ten seconds
  • You will have to plug the subwoofer back in then turn it back on

This is one of the reset steps to help all of your sound systems work better.

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How To Pair Subwoofer With LG Soundbar

The wireless subwoofer’s power cord unit and the main soundbar’s unit should be connected to a wall socket, so you can proceed to switch on to the main unit.

You can follow up by switching on the wireless subwoofer unit, and you will see an LED light blinking nonstop on the subwoofer. The subwoofer and the soundbar will connect instantly when you turn on the wall socket.

The LED light will stop blinking once you have connected the soundbar and the subwoofer properly, and the light will constantly shine to show you that all has been set in place appropriately.

Final Thoughts

If you have gotten to this point in this post, you have a very clear understanding of what causes your subwoofer to keep cutting off.

You also know the right thing to do to deal with the problem, and this post has also provided you with information regarding how to pair an LG soundbar and a subwoofer. Tell us about your opinions and thoughts in the comment section.