How To Make Audio Sound Muffled

Muffling is one of the most popularly used effects when it comes to making sounds, and this is the effect used when making an audio sound like the voice is coming through a wall or underwater. With the use, sounds tend to seem like they are coming from far away.

However, not everybody knows how to make audio sound muffled, but there are easy steps this post will be providing you with today.

A voice changer has proved to be the easiest plugin option anyone can use when getting muffled audio sounds. The voice changer is designed to come with several profiles and presets, enabling users to select the muffle option.

After selecting, you can adjust this effect to get accuracy and precision, and there is no form of manual engineering or knowledge required to use the voice changer effect.

It doesn’t matter the muffled effect you need, whether it is a next-door television, an upstairs party, old VHS tapes, or underwater sounds; trust a voice changer to provide you with any of those options.

There is another option you can use if you do not want to make use of the voice changer or if it isn’t available for you, and the other option you have is the use of a simple and standard muffled voice effect.

This is simple to use as all required is applying a simple EQ curve, and you have the muffled sound you want. The removal of high frequencies results in the muffled sounds you are getting, and this is possible because higher frequency waves are known to lose energy faster and quicker.

Reading on with us, we will show you simple techniques and steps you can adopt to make your audio sound muffled.

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Why Muffled Sounds?

Of all the sounds a person will want to choose from or make use of, you might be wondering why a person will pick muffled audio sounds.

As weird or confusing as it might seem, muffled sounds have become one of the most powerful sounds in audio, and some producers and musicians sometimes want their audio to have that muffled sound. It is easy to observe muffled sounds when watching a movie.

If you are a lover of movies, there are times when you must have noticed the audio quality of the movie sounded sparse. This is because the silencing effect used in movies and the combination of a gun and silencer helps in dampening and weakening sounds. This is what we refer to as muffling in simple words.

If you have been searching for ways to get muffled sounds, you have no worries, as we have decided to bring you all of the steps involved.

Surprisingly, several tutorial videos and articles on the internet will show you what you need to do to get the muffled sounds that you want, so continue reading this post till the end so you can learn all you need to know.

How To Make Audio Sound Muffled

How To Make Audio Sound Muffled

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One of the easiest ways to keep any audience engaged, whether they are listening to music or watching a movie, is by using muffled sound effects. This tells you that delivering information specially or uniquely will get anybody’s attention that you want to get.

You can achieve all of your goals when you make use of the right technique, and that is what muffled sound is all about.

Tips On Making Audio Sound Muffled

We will keep the steps very short and simple so you can understand what we are trying to say, so check out these useful tips below;

During Preparation;

  • Make sure everything is in the right spot, and the aim of doing this is for every session to be organized.
  • When working with sound effect tracks, color code and label them. A good visual cue you can make use of is coding elements
  • Eliminate background noise from audio clips, and make use of perspective cutting to get a clean and easy cut
  • Get rid of elements or materials that will not be useful or important for your muffling effect purpose.

Making Audio Sound Muffled

  • Ensure you play the record again on which you will want to create the muffled effect to be sure of what you are doing and where you want it. Make sure the first thing you do is listen to the record sound without using any effect.
  • You will find an effect button on your mixer, so go ahead and click on it
  • Going downwards, you should find a low pass filter button. Click on the low pass filter button when you see it
  • It has a cut-off frequency, and you should set this cut-off frequency at 1500.0Hz. You can also set the roll-off at 24dB
  • When you are done doing all of this, go ahead and click the apply button. You have already created the muffled effect on what you have recorded.

There you go. You can see that taking just five simple steps, we just finished showing you is what you need when creating a muffled sound effect.

At this point, you will agree with us that creating a muffled effect is simple and easy, and anybody can end up creating a muffled effect as long as there is the right piece of information to work with.

Are Muffled Sound Effects Useful

People are not aware that sound effects are customized sounds that you can use in the post-production of songs and music.

Another fact is the use of muffled sound effects goes deeper than that, and can you picture watching a movie that has no sound effects? I bet it will be very boring, and I am sure you will agree with that.

Whatever your reason is for learning how to make audio sound muffled, make sure it is worth it. Furthermore, muffled sounds are not the only sounds you can work with, meaning there are various sound effects you can also work with.

We are encouraging you to practice with several other sound effects as they might end up being very important and useful at some point in your career.

Finally, you do not have to be a qualified sound engineer for you to be able to make use of muffled sounds, and this post has finally proved that. Ensure that all of the steps we have disclosed are followed, and you will get the muffled sound effect you desire.