How To Fix Echo In Headphones

One thing that will make so many users feel uncomfortable when using headphones is that they have to keep getting echo sounds. It can give users a bad headache, and it tells you why you need to learn how to fix echo in headphones.

No one has to put up with this level of discomfort because the sound can leave a huge impact on anyone.

Annoying noise from headphones can leave or put us in a bad spot or mood all through the day. So another reason why getting rid of echoes should be your priority is if you constantly deal with them while working or listening to something using your headphones.

On the other hand, you might think the steps you require to take might not be effective or easy, it is not true.

You can’t think you can ignore the echo sounds coming from your headphone as it can be very distracting, and it is capable of taking your attention off work.

There are a couple of reasons why you will keep getting echoes from your headphone, and it could be a result of using a low-quality device, a bad connection problem, or a wrong audio setting on your device. Whatever it might be, echo sounds are not what you need.

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Dealing With Echo Problems On Your Headphone

How To Fix Echo In Headphones

You will find it hard to focus on whatever you are doing because of the echo sounds you keep getting from your headphone. Whether you are gaming, talking to a coworker, watching a movie, or listening to music, it takes your attention.

It cannot be very pleasant when the echo sound you are getting arises from one source, but it becomes more complicated when it happens due to more than the source.

However, there are several solutions you can take to deal with this situation, but first, let us tell you what echo sounds are. Echo sounds are repetitive sounds that bounce off a surface, travels across a surface, and head back to their source.

One surprising thing is that you can still get echo sounds using brand new headphones, making working impossible.

All devices have their setting, so finding steps that will work for your device can be difficult. You must have tried a couple of steps you have found on the internet, but none ended up working. However, some steps will perfectly fit so many devices, which we will be showing you today.

The first step you must take when solving an echo problem on your headphones is to figure out where the fault is from.

Could it be the program you are using the headphone on? Could it be your fault? Could it also be the other people at the other end of the call if you are on a conference call? One more thing is if you are the only one that can hear the echo sound, then the problem is probably from your end.

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How To Fix Echo In Headphones

How To Fix Echo In Headphones

Below are some important steps you can take when trying to fix echo problems on your headphone;

Step One – Unplug And Re-plug Headphones

There are times when we have no idea why technology failed us then, and the logical or easiest option you can go for at that point is to turn off everything, give it time, and turn it back on.

It can be done when dealing with echo sounds in headphones, so what you can try out first is to unplug the headphone, give them time, and plug them back in. Then, you can try plugging it into another device to see if the problem lies inside the port.

Step Two – Reduce The Volume Of The Speakers

You might not believe this, but you will keep getting echo sounds from your headphone if the inbuilt speaker is designed for quiet sounds alone. Turning off the speakers or reducing the speakers’ volume is what you can do to see if it would help with the echo sounds.

Step Three – Mute The Microphone When Using The Headphone

One of the major causes of echo in headphones is the random noise you keep getting, which sometimes happens without you noticing. Therefore, you should mute your microphone if you are not using it.

Step Four – Move The Microphone Around

You will keep getting echoes in your audio if the microphone is pointing towards a direction that another object lies.

Echo will happen at this point as sound waves start bouncing against each other, resulting in the production of distorted sounds. We advise that you switch your microphone’s position to see if you will stop getting echo sounds.

Step Five – Make Some Adjustments To Your Setup

The settings on your device, like your computer, might be the reason for the echo sounds you are getting, so you should consider doing the following when trying to make some adjustments on your computer;

  • Turn off the microphone boost option.
  • In the recording tab, select sound settings, and you will be able to see the microphone echo settings of your headphone.
  • Select levels under the priority option, and They will provide you with the option of turning off the microphone boost.
  • Could you turn it off?

Step Six – Switch Your Devices

The device you are plugging your headphone into might be the one with the problem and why you are getting echo feedback. Your headphone might end up connecting directly to your computer’s inbuilt microphone if it doesn’t have a microphone of its own.

It causes the mic to pick up faint audio sounds, resulting in echo sounds. Here is what you should do if you want to ascertain what device is at fault;

  • Connect and use your headphone with another device
  • Troubleshoot the audio settings if you are making use of a PC
  • Select headphones that come with a microphone

In conclusion, the problem might lie in the program you are running or working on if you have tried out every step discussed in this post, and the problem remains.

You will find yourself in this spot if the device you use is used for communicating with different people, which means you have to find ways to deal with this problem if you are on a conference call.

What you should do when getting echo on a conference call is;

  • Hang up the call and call back again
  • Make sure everybody isn’t talking at the same time

If you do not know the right repair steps, echo sounds can ruin a very good headphone.

Now that you have been able to identify the why’s and how’s behind getting echo sounds from your headphones, you should be able to get rid of this problem by following every step we have talked about in this post. Feel free to tell us what you think about these methods in our comment section.