How To Make Amplifier More Powerful

The amplifier is a device used to enhance an input signal’s power level, and a place you will find amplifiers are in wireless connections that function using an analog signal.

Increasing and amplifying signals is what an amplifier does, but there are times when a person might desire more from an amplifier. This is where this post comes in, as it will talk to you about making amplifiers powerful.

Amplifiers can be used with several instruments and devices like MIDI instruments, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, and many more instruments.

It is okay for you to work with an amplifier that will not take up too much space anywhere you position it. In some cases, amplifiers can be used as a performance amplifier or a practice amplifier, and this shows you how versatile and powerful an amplifier can get.

Despite all the power an amplifier comes with, it might not be so powerful for some applications. For example, this is common among practice amplifiers, and practice amplifiers do not come with the quantity of power required during a live performance or show.

Practice amplifiers come with about seventy-five to one hundred watts of power, but the type of amplifier you want to use will depend on how large the room or audience is.

If you cannot ascertain the crowd or room space you will be working in; you must figure out ways to make your amplifier powerful.

It is the exact reason why we have decided to bring you this post, as we mentioned earlier, and you will learn simple tips that you can use in making an amplifier extra powerful and ideal for other uses.

A very powerful amplifier that you can count on when performing in front of a large crowd is the Marshall Stack amplifier.

Using the tips we want to show you in this post on an amplifier like the Marshall Stack amplifier will make it possible for you to use this amplifier for higher purposes like;

  • Studio recording
  • Woodshedding
  • Live gigs
  • Rehearsals

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How To Make Amplifier More Powerful

How To Make Amplifier More Powerful

After sharing information on what amplifiers are and what they are capable of doing, you must find simple steps and ideas to make your amplifier very powerful.

You might be wondering how you can get your amplifier to be extra powerful, but do not worry as we have carried out the research for you to make everything simplified and easy.

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You can get more power and more volume from your amplifier. Still, all that is required from you is to make slight modifications and additions to the already existing amplifier design.

The truth is you can improve your amplifier sounds and make them sound bigger and better. However, it will interest you to know that you will obtain fuller sounds despite these steps not affecting the measurement obtained using a decibel meter.

The steps you will have to take when trying to increase the power of your amplifier might cost a little and require you to hire a professional to get it done, or it will also require you to do these steps yourself using cost-free items. Take a look at these steps and tips below;

Swap Out Speakers

It will not cost more than one hundred dollars to swap out speakers and trust this post when it tells you that swapping out speakers is the most simple step to take when increasing the power of your amplifier.

This step can double the power your amplifier carries, and speakers you should use are speakers with high sensitivity ratings. The sensitivity rating is very important as it influences the increase in volume. You will find the sensitivity rating in decibels.

Cabinet Modification

The sound a speaker produces can also be affected by its cabinet design. Likewise, the cabinet design will affect the ability of an amplifier to produce the amount and volume of sound you desire during a live performance.

A closed-back cabinet is the best option if you seek to obtain punchy bass sounds, while open-back cabinets are best used by people who want to obtain omnidirectional sounds. In addition, it is best for performing in a circular space.

On the other hand, you should consider adding an extension cabinet. This means having an extra speaker, making it possible for the amplifier to spread sound all over the stage.

After introducing an extension cabinet into the setup, you must position the extension cabinet to send sounds to every corner and angle.

Use Of Boost Pedal And Equalizer Settings

Using a boost pedal is also pivotal to enhancing the amount of power your amplifier comes with. In addition, the boost pedal boosts harmonics, enhances compression, and adds more details and clarity to every sound produced.

When you boost midrange, the volume of your amplifier will also be increased, which makes frequencies very pleasant when it meets the ears.

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Position The Amplifier On A Chair Or Stand

You might think we added this option to make you laugh because we know how funny this might sound, but you will be surprised at how doing this will improve your amplifier’s power.

Raising the amplifier from the floor and using its legs to tilt it backward will provide you with admirable power and improved sound quality. However, taking it off the floor means removing the amplifier from obstruction when the amp and floor resonate.

What this step helps you achieve includes;

  • Boom bass sounds
  • Improved details with more clarity
  • Better midrange

Install Mercury Transformers And Change Tube Types

Installing mercury transformers can only be done when you use a tube amplifier. You should also get a professional technician to help change the tubes types inside the transformer.

Boosting the power of an amplifier (a tube amplifier) can be achieved when you switch the power tubes and tube preamps inside the amplifier and replace worn-out tubes. Bad tubes will also make your amplifier more powerful.

However, you should not forget that you can only achieve this when the type of amplifier you have is a tube amplifier.

Combine The Use Of Pedals And Built-In Effects

Suppose you want to make use of this approach. In that case, you should be using a digital amplifier, and the popularity of digital amplifiers has risen greatly over the years.

If you want to find out the best digital effect to use, you will refer to the amplifiers manual for the best effect to increase sounds and make amplifiers more powerful.

Furthermore, you will see the difference clearly if you combine built-in digital effects with a pedal. Combining these two things will result in more clarity and improved power.


There you have the best, simplest, cheapest, quickest, and also the most efficient steps you can take when it comes to increasing your amplifier’s volume and power.

We want you to have in mind that all of these steps will not change your amplifier’s tones, which guitarists always tend to avoid when trying to enhance the power of their amplifier.

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