How To Fix A Blown Speaker

No matter what speaker you are using, whether it is a computer speaker, television speaker, amplifier speaker, or even a car speaker, having it blown up can be a very painful experience.

In music, speakers are very important; having a blown speaker will hinder your listening experience, so you must find out ways to fix a blown speaker.

Quality is known to come first before anything else when talking about music, and it is very common for you to deal with problematic speakers nowadays.

It is more common as there are so many low-quality speakers on the market, which means you will have to put up with one speaker problem or the other. If you are struggling with a blown speaker, do not worry, as this post talks about how to fix it.

If you want to fix a blown speaker, you need to know what causes it. Then, it will make solving the problem very easy.

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What Is A Blown Speaker?

Blown speakers do not function like problematic speakers, but the unpleasant sound they produce is the best way to identify blown speakers.

In other cases, blown speakers might not even produce any sound, and there are other cases where a blown speaker functions at a peak where it seems like sounds are being reproduced. This is why you notice certain issues with blown speakers, and we are talking about issues like;

  • Physically torn parts
  • No sound
  • Distortion

With time, these problems tend to worsen. For example, noticing an alteration in sound quality might seem like a subtle problem, but this problem tends to increase with time till you end up not hearing any sound at all.

On the other hand, an electrical problem might be why you are not obtaining any sound from your speakers. To deal with blown speakers, you should know the cause behind it.

Here are the causes of blown speakers;

Causes Of Blown Speakers

The truth is there should be a valid reason why your speaker sounds or looks blown, so you must figure out what the problem is before going ahead to fix it.

Using it regularly over time and exposing it to the excess power supply can be one of the reasons why you have a blown speaker because every speaker you see on the market is designed to function according to its capacity.

It would help if you matched a speaker with other devices compatible with it. These features could be period, amps, and several other crucial specifications, and checking a speaker’s intensity using a rough procedure is one of the important things you have to do.

You should know that it is technical nature to experience one of these problems from time to time.

This is why a blown speaker is one of the most popular speaker problems you will deal with at some point in your life. The fundamental reason behind a blown speaker could be;

  • Amplification
  • How to source power or material
  • Volume is higher than its expected level’

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How To Fix A Blown Speaker

How To Fix A Blown Speaker

Steps On How To Fix A Blown Speaker

Several steps can be taken when you want to fix a blown speaker, but the method we want to share with you is the most common method that has proven very effective over the years. So come with us as we show you the step-by-step process involved.

Step 1

Using the equalizer, you can figure out which speakers have a problem. Applying the speaker on the stereo system helps check the balance on every speaker, but make sure the speaker’s volume is low so you do not cause more damage to the speaker.

Step 2

After finding out the blown speaker, go ahead and disconnect it carefully. Using a screwdriver, you can do this if the blown speaker has a metal plate for separation, but you can loosen gently if the speaker has a fabric. Make sure you do not end up tearing the cloth or material in question here.

Step 3

Check the speaker cone if it has suffered a tear, and you can repair this cone using glue or tape. Make sure the entire hole in the cone is covered using glue, and make sure you apply adhering material on the speaker cone.

Step 4

Another part of the speaker you want to check is the voice coil, and the voice coil can have melted at some point. If this happens, then there is a very big problem on your hands.

The damaged voice coil will ensure that the speaker does not produce clear sounds or any sound at all. Therefore, the right step for you is to repair the voice coil once you notice a problem with it.

Step 5

According to your speaker’s requirements, you should get the right replacement parts. It is safer to place an order for these parts from the manufacturer’s website, and you can find the part numbers either on the side or at the back of the speaker. Check accordingly and place an order for the right replacement parts.

Step 6

It is also crucial that you carefully check the speaker’s damaged parts, which helps replace the damaged parts with the right ones.

It will simplify you to get rid of the damaged part and install the new ones, and some parts might require you to solder them.

Step 7

Place the speaker back into the stereo system, and check the quality or volume of the speaker but at a very low volume.

You might need to check the replacement parts if you still face the same problem, and you should consider reaching out to a professional if you installed the replacement parts perfectly and the problem continues.

Final Notes

In summary of everything we have said in this post, fixing a blown speaker isn’t as difficult as it sounds, but you need to find the right reason to repair it.

We hope that all we have said in this post helps you understand all of the steps involved, so tell us what it was like to try them in our comment section.