How To Connect External Speakers To TV Without Audio Output

We all know how painful how it can get when you are unable to hear audio sounds clearly from your television, but the fact is these things are bound to happen. However, you are lucky if you have an external speaker lying around your home as you can connect this speaker to your television. You need to learn how to connect external speakers to TV without audio output, and that is what we will be talking about in this post.

Making use of external speakers is one of the methods you can take when trying to sort the problem of inaudible audio from your television, and connecting your television to surround speakers means you are going to enjoy a far more better sound experience when watching your favorite TV shows or movies. Another good thing about connecting speakers to your television is they are capable of providing you with a cinematic experience.

There is one useful tip we want to leave you with before you can go ahead and connect an external speaker to a television using an audio output. You have to ensure that you have your manufacturer’s guide beside you because not all television sets are designed to function or work the same way. On the other hand, not every accessory is designed to work with them, so it is best if you go through the manufacturer’s guide before doing anything.

How To Connect External Speakers To TV Without Audio Output

Isn’t it funny how you shop for a beautiful, sleek, flat screen TV which provides you with amazing picture quality but a low sound performance? This is the case of so many televisions out there on the market as they come with onboard speakers with an unimpressive sound quality. You have found a way to improve the sound quality of your television using an external speaker, but this television doesn’t come with an audio output.

What do you think you can do next? Do you go ahead and toss away the external speaker you want to connect to your television? Do you want to go and shop for brand new speakers? What do you do when you find yourself in this situation? If you find yourself in this spot, it might look like you have hit a brick wall, but trust me when i say there are other steps or tricks you can adopt in going around it.

One big question is why do so many sleek looking televisions fail in coming with RCA outputs these days? Are RCA outputs going out of trend? The truth behind this is because there are so many television designed to have HDMI ports, and these ports are capable of handling incoming and outgoing digital signals. This tells you that an HDMI port is designed to take care of almost everything.

This might be a disadvantage to you if your stereo comes with analog inputs alone, but there is still tips to help you work your way around this. There are other methods you can use that even guarantee producing better sound quality compared to the sound RCA cables would provide. These steps are what we will be talking about next in this detailed post. Stick around.

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How To Connect External Speakers To TV Without Audio Output


How To Connect External Speakers To TV Without Audio Output

Using TOSLINK Cables

You should have TOSLINK outputs if you have an HDTV unit, and the TOSLINK is considered as the standard fiber optic system. The function of the TOSLINK is the transforming of signals into light, and this light travels via the fiber optic cable before it gets decrypted at the end. You should consider yourself lucky if the speaker you want to connect to the television comes with a TOSLINK output.

All that is required for you to do is to connect one end of the TOSLINK cable to the speaker, while the other end goes into the television. Interestingly, TOSLINK cables can also work for a 5.1 surround system, and they guarantee that you will hear audio sounds from your television clearly.

Using An HDMI Switcher Box

There is a very high possibility that your television has one HDMI input, and you can find HDMI ports even in older televisions that have been manufactured way before the sleek ones started coming. Carrying digital audio signal is one of the functions of a HDMI port, but your should consider getting a HDMI switcher box if you speaker comes with RCA inputs alone.

Using this involves connecting one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI switcher box, while the other end goes into the television. The next is selecting the RCA cables in connecting the speakers to the HDMI switcher box. Connecting several HDMI devices is one of the benefits that comes with making use of a HDMI switcher box, and there are some HDMI switcher box that comes with very impressive features.

Using A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

If you want to connect an external speaker to a television without using RCA cables is to make use of a 3.5mm headphone jack, and this is considered as the cheapest method anyone can opt for. So many modern television sets today comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack which can be used in connecting headphones to a television, and computer speakers can also be used in place of a television speaker.

It is okay to think that computer speakers might not sound good enough, and this might make you doubt or refuse making use of them. Surprisingly, there are so many computer speakers that are designed to offer a great sound experience. There are computer speakers designed to have subwoofers which will help in providing more depth, clarity, and deep bass sound to your listening experience.

Using Your Set Top Box Audio Out

If you are making use of a digital cable box or a DV-R, the TOSLINK or HDMI outputs can be used in connecting an external speaker to your television. You can still find RCA inputs on Blu-Ray and DVD players, so this means you can connect your RCA cables to your speakers audio output, while the HDMI goes to the video output. The process is a short and simple one.

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Wrapping It Up

The purpose of this post is to make sure that you do not freak out when you realize that your television doesn’t come with an RCA output so you can connect an external speaker to your television. We know you badly want to enhance the sound quality coming out from your television, but there are several other ways you can take when you want to deal with this problem.

All that is required is a spark of creativity combined with the right equipment and you can have your television sounding good in no time. With the tips we have left you with above, you should no longer have any problems with connecting an external speaker to a television without making use of an audio output, so feel free to try out any of the methods detailed in this post.