How To Connect An Amplifier To An Old Subwoofer

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If you are a fan or lover of good music, listening to music can mean so many things to you. It might be that you have a good understanding about music production or you just love the lyrics of some songs, or it can also mean that you understand the basics of setting up a good studio. A true music lover will tell you that getting the best out of the music you are listening to involves investing in a high quality subwoofer.

You might be in love with a certain music genre and not like the rest genres, but there are problems that you still have to deal with if you do not make use of the right subwoofer. This is because there are certain frequency sounds you are likely to not get from a speaker, but you can trust a subwoofer to help in eliminating pressure from the entire sound system. This is because a subwoofer tries in playing sounds at all frequencies.

It can be an underwhelming experience if you are not able to hear the bass and drum sounds from any music you are listening to, but you can count on a subwoofer to provide you with that amazing sound experience that you desire. With a subwoofer, you sound system is going to keep running in a healthy manner and you are guaranteed listening to topnotch sound quality when listening to any music.

How To Connect An Amplifier To An Old Subwoofer

We want you to know that there modern day subwoofers designed to come with in-built amplifier features, while there are others that do not come with these at all. In this post, we will be explaining the principle behind connecting a subwoofer to an old amplifier, so continue reading this post if you want answers. Depending on how you make use of a subwoofer, they are capable of covering 20Hz to 200.

If you have ever listening to music or watched a movie with a subwoofer then you have an idea of what a subwoofer is capable of doing. The sound quality, especially bass sounds you will get from your subwoofer when watching movies that has a lot of explosions and gunshot scenes in it will be topnotch. This is why a subwoofer is considered as an integral part of every sound system setup.

One of the questions that is constantly been asked is if subwoofers are going to work more perfectly with old or modern subwoofers. It is fair to assume that a subwoofer is going to perform great when it is paired with modern technology, but this might be a little bit complicating for everyone to understand. There are so many factors that influences the sound quality you will get from a subwoofer.

You should be able to work with an old amplifier if there is any lying around your house, and the essence of this post is to provide you with easy steps on how to connect a subwoofer with an old amplifier. At the same time, this doesn’t mean connecting an old amplifier to a subwoofer is going to present you with ideal sounds, but it is worth giving it a try.

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How To Connect An Amplifier To An Old Subwoofer

How To Connect An Amplifier To An Old Subwoofer

A piece of fact we want our readers to note is that there are two types of subwoofers on the market. They are the active and passive subwoofers, so the steps taken when connecting a passive subwoofer to an old amplify isn’t the same step you will take when connecting an active subwoofer to an old amplifier. Check out the steps involved when connecting an amplifier to each of these subwoofer types.

On the other hand, there are things you need to look out for before hooking up a subwoofer to an old amplifier. You need to look out for regular RCA ports, high level inputs, ability to play remote and main speakers, and more. All of these factors will make the entire process very easy when it comes to connecting a subwoofer to an old amplifier.

How To Connect An Active Subwoofer To An Old Amplifier

  • The first step requires you to connect a speaker by setting a Port A on the amplifier to the regular speaker. This connection should be done using speakers wires.
  • Once you are done with the first step, the next step involves connecting the Port B speaker output to your subwoofer’s high level input.
  • Once you are done with both steps, everything has been put in place and you are ready to go

You can see that the steps involved in connecting passive speakers to an old amplifier is very short, simple, and easy. Let us take a look at the steps involved when dealing with passive subwoofers.

How To Connect A Passive Subwoofer To An Old Amplifier

Passing the port through connectors will be required when connecting a passive subwoofer to an old amplifier, and here are the steps involved;

  • Using speaker cables, connect the subwoofer to the amplifier. This is the only way for your stereo speaker to receive the subwoofer and amplifier
  • The second and final steps involves running a speaker cable from the subwoofer so as to connect both stereo speakers.

There you have the steps involved when you require an access to high fidelity and crystal clear sounds, but there is a general way to take when you want to connect a subwoofer to an old amplifier. This step doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a passive or active subwoofer, but it involves the use of RCA connectors.

Using RCA Connectors

This method is going to work one hundred percent only if the amplifier you are dealing with comes with a subwoofer LFE output. Stereo connectors are very easy to use as all that is required is for you to plug the RCA cable into your subwoofer’s line-in port. Run it through your amplifier, and you can plug the RCA cable into the two channels on your subwoofer if the RCA cable can be divided into two. This means it can work for left and right channels.

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Final Note

A music lover is aware of the fact that enjoying full range sounds can be achieved only when you work with a subwoofer, and using a subwoofer guarantees feeling the vibration at every frequency. Now that you have learnt how to connect a subwoofer to an old amplifier, your sound experience is definitely not going to remain the same, and you can enjoy watching your movie whether you are using an active or passive subwoofer.

You will be able to hear and feel every detail, and trust every bass and deep sound to make you feel alive. Go ahead and try out all of the steps we have discussed in this post today.