How Much Does A Violin Cost For A Beginner

To take Violin lessons, a Violin is required. It is habitual for beginners to rent a violin for some months until they want to take the next step of purchasing the instrument.

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Factors That Influences The Price Of A Violin

1. The Maker

The age of the violin plays a vital role in determining the violin cost. Newer Violins are as cheap or expensive as older ones. Violins are formed based on their style or templates.

2. Accessories

Different necessities are required to include in the cost of your violin. The accessories include:

  • . Bow.
  • Extra Stings.
  • Tuning Pipe.
  • . Case.
  • . Shoulder Rest.
  • Violin Books.
  • Music Stand.

3. Seller

There are a lot of people who can sell Violin to you. you can negotiate the prices of a Violin with the seller.

4. Brand

Never judge the quality of an item by the way it looks. Although, some items are called high-quality items for a purpose. Watch out for the recognition of a brand before going in to purchase for it. Violins are made based on their templates.

5. Origin Of The Violin

Almost all contemporary instruments are made in China. Workshops in China produce the majority of the best instruments. Almost all of their makers won the Gold Medal prizes in competitions organized by the Violin Society Of America.

6. The Size

There are several types of Violin sizes available in the market. The size chosen is determined by the average arm length of the player.

7. Experience Of The Violinist

One’s experience in that field will tell the quality of the Violin needed. It is a waste of investment to buy a highly expensive instrument when you haven’t gotten to a professional level or are not a good performer.

8. The Longevity

Old high-quality Violins are scarce to get in the market. If by chance, you can purchase one, it will be an older one with cracks. These types of Violins tend to lose their value.

Why Violins Can Be So Expensive

Beginners violin are mostly recommended for students. Good sounding Violin is made with expensive woods that are aged and require countless hours and experienced craftsmanship to be created. However, this type of Violin can make a sound for a long period.

What To Expect Of A Violin

Violins around $100 U.D currency are very cheap. It is not possible to use food strings and good materials for $100 Violins. A professional violinist plays on a $50 Violin. The Violin might get broken the moment you start playing it. Replacing any part of it will cost even more than the price of the instrument. If you are determined about playing the Violin, you should invest more money in it.

Violins around the range of $200 are better but not good enough. The Violins that fall in this price range are most suitable. Students using this type of Violin should plan their budget on changing it to a more quality one the next year.

How Much Does A Violin Cost For A Beginner

How Much Does A Violin Cost For A Beginner

Differences Between The Violin And The Fiddle

It is almost impossible to spot the difference between a Violin and a Fiddle. The main difference between a Violin and a Fiddle is the way of being played.

Definition Of A Violin

Violins and Fiddle come from the Byzantine Lyra. The first Violin was made in Italy in the 16th century. The Violin is the lowest member of the strings instrument family. Its other string members include the Cello, Viola, and Double Bass. The name originated from the Latin term the Vistula.

Definition Of A Fiddle

Fiddle is sometimes associated with Violin. Some people agree to that while others do not. To different people, fiddle can mean different things. Some definitions of the fiddle are;

  • An instrument used in bluegrass music.
  • When used as a verb, it means to use something with a shiver.

The Music Style Of Fiddle And Violin

  • You can mostly hear violin at formal celebrations like concerts and Opera. It is an association of classical music.
  • Fiddle, on the other hand, is associated with frequent parties and casual dances.
  • When Violin is played, it is played along with another string instrument.
  • When fiddles are played, it is ways accompanied by an electric keyboard.

Performance Difference Between Violin And Fiddle

Despite the distinctiveness in the way professional Fiddlers and Violinists play, they agree on one thing, which is that no one is permitted to play the same. You need to follow the composer’s music when playing the Violin without making any slight changes.

The fiddler, on the other hand, plays the same Melody the same way. As a result, they tend to bring out their meaning to the song. For this reason, Violinists are heard in symphonies while fiddles are not. Another difference between the Violin and the Fiddler is that the Violin is placed between the chin and the shoulder.

The Physical Appearance Of The Violin And The Fiddler

Taking a look at both instruments, there seems to be no difference between them both. However, one of the parts of the Violin is the bridge which the Fiddle also has. The bridge is a small piece of wood that holds the strings raised from the instrument’s body.

Distinct Strings

  • One of the most relevant differences between the Violin and the Fiddle is the type of strings.
  • The classical Violinist uses the Violin with an artificial thermoplastic string.
  • The Fiddler uses the steel string to make sharper tones than the Violin. The Fiddler has two to three strings plus two melody strings and 37 vibrating strings.

Best Violin Bridges

Having a Violin bridge that is not the right shape for your Violin makes it look imbalanced. Below are the best Violin bridges alongside their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Fitted 4/4 Full-Size Violin Maple Bridge

Special features

  • The bridge is made of a quality wood material
  • It has a fitted cut
  • It has a partition logo
  • It is made of a maple craft
  • It is a full-size violin bridge


  • It is affordable

Cremona VP-2044 Star Violin Bridge Natural

  • This bridge enhances your violins sound
  • It is highly recommended for the right fitting for your violin
  • It is a northern made construction bridge


  • It is less expensive.

Best Violin Books For Beginners

There are several books on learning the violin for beginners, and we will be looking at a few of them.

 Learning the violin, book 1

This book is mostly designed for violin  Beginners, especially for children of ages 5  to 7, Although adults can learn from it.  The book uses finger numbers instead of notes To explain how you can improve the player’s intonation even before playing the violin.

Also, at the back of the book, there is a diagram of the state of all staff To help beginners in sightreading.  The book contains basic junior rhymes and is made so that you have to finish a level before going to another.

Violin Our Top Pick

This book has been used over the years and is highly recommended by professional violin users. It contains interactive elements to help learn, and It is a combination of tuition of scales and music rudiments. In addition, it is made to help violin beginners get familiar with their instruments.

The surprising thing about this book is that any other string instrument player can use it; when we talk about string instrument players, we refer to guitar lead and other string instrument players, although this book has limited usage.

How To Play The Violin

This is another book that is made for adult violin beginners; the book begins with the history of violin  And every bit of musical notes,  It also contains a guide to help you warm up your hands before playing and a very special guide to holding your violin, that is what posture you are supposed to maintain when playing your violin.  This book may not help knew music beginners as it is quite comprehensive compared to most violin books.

Play violin today level 1

This book is most suitable for self violin tutors As it comes with a disk to help your practical aspect, so this means that you can watch while you learn. So by using this book, you don’t just have to read and assimilate whatever you are being asked to do, but you get to watch and practice whatever you see.

The basic topics in these books are Music Notations, producing sounds, caring for your violin, and some useful fingerpost charts. In addition, this book has a multimedia approach to learning.

Price Of A Violin Bow

Before getting your violin bow, there are certain factors you should consider, and these factors are

  • The difference is in the sound of a different violin bow. So ensure you’re making the right choice for this, you need to pay attention to the sound, And if there are no differences, you can go for the lesser price.
  • Another thing to consider is the shape of your bow, as this always affects the sound it produces; I advise that you go for a bow with a little level of stiffness so As the type of bows tend to produce better sound. To get this correctly, try using a different violin bow to feel the texture.

Conclusion: How Much Does A Violin Cost For A Beginner

The price of a violin varies, and also depends on and also depends on what type of violin product you are buying, as it is a different product of violin are different in prices. Also, the violin price depends on what size you are buying and other factors listed in the article above.

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