Fender FA-115 Review – Is It A Great Acoustic Guitar?

Being the newest member of the Fender acoustic guitar for beginners, the Fender FA-115 acoustic guitar is designed to impress. The Fender FA-115 review will take you deeper into the world of this well-designed acoustic guitar, and we will be taking a look at its sound quality, an array of features, and our overall verdict on what we think about this unique musical instrument.

This is an instrument designed to succeed the Fender-100 acoustic guitar. However, this is a not-so-fancy guitar as it possesses only a laminated hardwood fretboard and nato neck.

For people who have spent several years or a very good part of their life playing the guitar, you will always hear them say something like they trust the Fender brand to make a guitar of high quality.

The Fender brand ensures that its musical instruments are of impressive build and quality. Delivering a unique sound performance makes several guitarists desire to own a musical instrument from the Fender brand. The Fender FA-115 guitar isn’t so different from the guitar most guitarists learned how to play with.

In our Fender FA-115 review, we will also be looking at a few points behind this musical instrument’s popularity and why we believe that this guitar remains the best choice for every beginner.

One thing about the Fender brand is it is already aware that a good number of guitarists pushing to own the Fender FA-115 guitar are all beginners. Bearing this in mind, the Fender FA-115 guitar comes with every accessory you need to help you start playing immediately. These accessories include;

  • Instructional DVD
  • Picks
  • Straps
  • Gigbag
  • New strings
  • Clip-on tuner
  • Fender play trial membership

As far back as 1984, the Fender brand has been in the business of supplying the market with several musical instruments. Fender has decided to place the Fender FA-115 guitar for beginners in every beginner’s hand by making it very affordable.

It is one guitar that guarantees a long-lasting lifespan despite having a cheap price tag. It is no lie that this is one of the most affordable guitars you can get from the market, but it is also one that every beginner will enjoy playing too.

For a beginner guitar as cheap as this, it is okay not to expect too much from it in terms of durability and sound performance. But, surprisingly, this guitar is designed to have a spruce top, which is unheard of as most guitars with a spruce top are known to cost more.

Trust this post when it says you can end up playing this guitar for hours without feeling pain or discomfort, while its perfect size makes it easy to hold while playing. Combine these features with great sound quality, and you will understand why several people think it is worth more than its price tag.

Its sound range is another feature that separates this guitar from every other beginner guitar on the market, and having a solid top combined with a dreadnought body means this guitar will sound loud.

One aspect of this guitar we will not forget to talk about is how it is easy to play, which makes it comparable to several high-end guitars on the market. You will not get irritated or tired to move your hands up and down while playing the Fender FA-115 guitar.

Fender FA-115 Review

Fender FA-115 Review

Everything we have said so far about the Fender FA-115 review sounds like an introduction to people that already experienced what playing this guitar feels like. Instead, we want to dive deeper into the features of this guitar.

The Fender FA-115 guitar boasts a 20-fret fingerboard with a spruce top that makes it tough and strong, and this is a huge bonus compared with other beginner guitars on the market.

In terms of durability, the Fender FA-115 guitar is made out of sports laminated basswoods on its sides and back. This makes this guitar feels solid when touched, and this is another wow factor that separates this guitar from every other entry-level guitar on the market.

When shopping for a beginner guitar for the first time, you should be concerned about the type of guitar to buy. The Fender FA-115 guitar boasts a full-size and six-string acoustic design that makes it ideal for beginners.

Its traditional feel and looks make it perfect in the right hand, while having a narrow neck design means you will not feel sleepy or tired when playing this guitar. Its solid spruce, no fill materials, and quality build are top-quality features you would expect an expensive guitar to have, and this guitar doesn’t disappoint in terms of sound quality.

The Fender brand has already built a reputation for producing musical instruments with excellent sound production, and the Fender FA-115 review is not exempted from having such a design.

It has mid ranges that are very loud, strong, and well defined, and you will enjoy all-around and well-balanced sounds after tuning this guitar. Its impressive dynamics and tone are other notable features when playing this guitar, and it possesses some player-oriented characteristics despite being designed for beginners.

It comes with a hardwood bridge that enhances tone, while its 20-finger fretboard makes sure that every tone produced is smooth.

Wrapping It Up – Fender FA-115 Review

Making impressive entry-level guitars is what the Fender brand is known for. The Fender FA-115 review, which we just finished talking about to you, is another impressively built guitar designed by the Fender brand for beginners.

You will have a long and detailed list if you want to note down one by one the impressive features this guitar comes with, but have it in mind that this one will be a wise investment for every beginner.

Its great sound quality, ease of play, and the comfort of playing this guitar are what beginners find attractive about it. Its overall build weighs more than its price tag, and investing in this guitar sounds like the wisest and smartest decision you will make for your career or hobby.

We hope that every piece of information provided in this post will convince you about the Fender FA-115 guitar for beginners.

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