Cool Way To Store Records – Innovative Ways

Everyone who loves music understands that the turntable is more than just a regular music-playing device, and the fact that it is used for playing all of your favorite tunes makes it a way of life.

You should know about storing these records because style is also as important and functional, so you should learn a new and cool way to store records. When storing records, making a low-key design statement doesn’t cut it, so what ideas can you use?

You must be able to find your favorite track at the moment when you want to listen to it, and this lies in being able to arrange it perfectly.

It is essential that you can store your records so that you can search for them and find them.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small collection of vinyl records you constantly put on replay, or you have to browse or search for the ones you love. The organization is very crucial.

There are clever storage options you can try out in your home that will make your home look organized and properly arranged, and trust that keeping your vinyl records well arranged will make it very easy for you to search and find them.

This is where this interesting article comes in as it will show you some of the best options you can try out in your home, and the interesting aspect of this article is it is going to inspire you to own vinyl records if you don’t have.

One thought that might be crossing your mind is, why not store up your vinyl records inside overloaded shelves or storage boxes? However, this might be a decent thought, but where is the fun in that? Where is the inspiration in that?

How does that make your home stylish? These are certain thoughts you need to consider before going ahead to store your vinyl records in storage boxes and shelves.

This might come as a surprise to you, but vinyl records are still soaring high in terms of sales at the market, and you need to find stylish and classy ways to store them not just for them to look good and beautify your home but for them to be less vulnerable to damage or spoilage.

There are certain storage designs you can shop for at the market, while you can bring others to life with a touch of creativity on your part.

If you already own a vinyl record player, you would need vinyl tapes to go with them. However, if you live in a small apartment, how are you going to fit in all of your vinyl records and not litter them everywhere in a way that they would make your home look awful?

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Cool Way To Store Records

Cool Way To Store Records

Below are some of the options you can try out when storing your vinyl records at home.

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Dovetail Record Crate

The dovetail record crate is designed to have a minimalistic and cool feel, and it is one of the best solutions you can adopt when dealing with storing up all of your vinyl records.

For a start, you can count on the dovetail crate to take up about one hundred vinyl records inside it, and this crate is made using solid white oak or walnut material. This tells you how durable this crate is in terms of storage.

On the other hand, the dovetail record crate is also designed with brass fasteners and leather handles, ensuring the record doesn’t drop accidentally when moving this crate around. It is also worth the two hundred and twenty-five dollar price tag slammed on it.

Vintage Vinyl Record Storage Case

This faux leather vintage vinyl record storage case is another option you can try out if you do not want to go for the dovetail record crate, and this one is as affordable as twenty-five dollars.

It is designed to take up to twenty records in it, and what makes this record storage case amazing is the fact that it carries or signifies the trademark or design of a vintage dynamic collection. This is why so many people are in love with it today.

Horizontal A-Z Record Dividers

There is nothing wrong with wanting your records to be organized when it comes to storing up your vinyl records, and this is exactly what the horizontal A-Z record dividers are designed to help you achieve.

It helps in storing records horizontally, and the fact that it is designed using stenciled letters makes it easy and very convenient for you to search for records without going through stress.

Molger Storage Stool

Molger Storage StoolTaking a look at this list so far, you can tell that the storage ideas when it comes to storing up vinyl records is a never-ending list, and this is why we have decided to bring you the Molger Storage Stool, which is yet another interesting option you can consider going for.

Boasting a solid design, this is a forty-dollar investment that comes with storage options for linens and towels, and you are going to get a side table as a gift for settling for this storage stool.

Atocha Design Record Stand

It seems impossible for anyone who comes in contact with the Atocha Design Record Stand to resist leaving with it as it has a stylish and classy way of putting vinyl records on display.

The fact that it comes with sturdy and vibrant orange legs means it will stay firm and fixed wherever it is positioned.

Boasting a maple and walnut material collection, this vinyl storage can store up to about three hundred vinyl tapes.

It also boasts a top ledge groove design that functions as the ‘now playing’ option when you position a record against the wall.

Hand Built Wood Storage Case

It is worth spending around thirty-five to sixty-five dollars for this storage case if you cannot get it from an antique shop, and even though this storage case comes with no bells and whistles, it offers a very cool way to store all of your vinyl records.

Each of its crates is designed to store up to around seventy-five to one hundred vinyl records, and the fact that it has a portable build means it will not consume much space anywhere it is kept.

Floating Vinyl Record Shelves

We are rounding up with the floating vinyl record shelves storage option, and what leaves users impressed with this storage option is that it helps in saving up space on the floor.

This is a do-it-yourself kind of storage option, and it is made using durable materials, which takes away the fear of it falling and destroying all of your vinyl collection.

In addition to these options we have discussed in this post, other trustworthy and reliable storage options you can look out for include;

  • IKEA Kallax Shelving Unit
  • Draper media console
  • Winchester craft wall hanging shelf
  • 12 x 12 Album frames

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Final Note

The good thing about all of the storage options we have provided you with in this post is that it helps you show off your vinyl records in a classy and stylish way.

Furthermore, you are assured that these storage options protect all your vinyl records and keep them away from early or unnecessary damage.

They have a sturdy build and are designed using premium quality materials, so there is nothing for you to worry about.