Can You Learn To Sing At Any Age

Almost every body on earth can sing. But not every body knows how to sing well. Most people who fine interest in singing may decide to learn how to sing properly, but some adults seems to be bothered about what age one can learn to sing while other people may feel they are already too old to learn how to sing.

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Can You Learn To Sing At Any Age

Can You Learn To Sing At Any Age

Many children who are surrounded by music will also enjoy singing and even those children’s who do not have any musical contact may also like to sing and any individual at any age can easily learn how to sing because regardless of physical maturity or age any one can learn how to sing easily. Learning how to sing depends on other things like determination, motivation, ability to focus and availability of free time to practice.

What Is The Right Age To Start Singing?

Singing does not require the development of any body coordination or the development of any motor skills like learning to play an instrument does, there really is no specific age to start taking singing lessons since ability to sing varies from child to child. Although any individual can learn to sing from different ages because singing only requires constant attention to certain details, concentration and practice.

Any individual that is set to start taking singing lessons must already be mature socially enough that him or her should be able to concentrate during the lessons and follow the instructions of their instructor. Children who are generally able to receive such instructions are of age seven and age nine. Throughout life, the voice of man continues to get matured, so people of different age range can also gain knowledge from learning how to sing.

How To Know If A Child Is Ready To Start Singing Lessons

If you are a parent and you think your child is interested in singing, and you are wondering how do you know if they are ready to start attending singing classes. Well there are a few factors that show you they are ready to start taking singing lessons.

Generally, if you have noticed your child is mature enough to follow instructions and directions, it shows they are ready for singing lessons and they will be able to follow the directions of their teacher. If your child does a particular thing every day at a certain time range, they are ready to start taking singing lessons and will be able to stick to practice schedule.

Visible signs that your child is ready to start taking singing lessons

Besides the physical requirements your child has, there are also a few signs that your child is ready to start singing lessons. When your child seems to love singing and is motivated; Children who are motivated to sing learn faster and better than those children who are not motivated at all. If your child sings along with the radio or the television, or if him or her frequently sings on their own accord, then they are very much ready to start taking singing lessons.

When your child can concentrate for long; when you child can focus on a particular thing for a while or up to 30 minutes, then your child is ready to start taking singing lessons because when him or her can focus on other things, they will also be able to focus during their singing lessons.

Since consistency is the key to getting better in anything, it is the same in singing, the more you practice the better you get. Before taking your child to singing lessons, they must be able to handle both the singing lessons and practicing after singing lessons. If your child cannot handle both, you can help them adjust their time to fit in both especially when they are just starting.

When your child is mature in terms of mind; When your child is mature minded, he or she will be driven by determination to learn and be better by following instructions of their teachers and practicing well.

When your child is patient; learning how to sing can prove to be frustrating for some children even when they love to sing. But when they are patient and put in extra effort and try harder and harder, they will eventually get the hang of it. For children with disorder in their speech, being patient is the only key to learning and dealing with any type of impediment on their speech.

Things To Do When You Start Taking Singing Lessons

There are a few things that when you do them can help you in you singing lessons;

You need to take extra care of your voice when you start taking singing lessons it is just the same as taking care of a musical instrument because your voice is your musical instrument in singing. You will form now on have to take proper care of your voice to keep it healthy for singing, you should not scream or talk too loudly to avoid straining your voice and you should always be hydrated at all times.

Doing regular warm ups; as a singer, you need to always prepare your voice for any singing lessons or performance. You must know how to properly warm up your voice before using it, failure to warm up properly before singing can cause temporary damage to your vocal cords which is often very uncomfortable. The first thing you are though in every single class is how to warm up your voice. You should endeavor to warm up your voice at least every day and before singing.

Training your ear to pick and differentiate difference pitch of voice is very crucial when learning how to sing. When you train your ear on pitch difference you will be able to improve the pitch of your voice while singing and decide to go lower or higher. During your singing lessons, your instructor must teach you how to train your ear on different pitch of voice and as a student, you must practice the technique every day if you want to get better in your singing. Your ear should be as good as your voice in singing.

Frequent practices; Consistency is key to become a good singer, not just only during your singing lessons, you must also practice what you have learned every day to become better at singing. When you practice more, you tend to learn more that when you don’t practice. At least 30 minutes should be set aside every single day for practice. And when you are determined, and practice continuously every day, you will get better and better as time goes on.

Learning the lyrics of any song before singing the song; It is best when you learn the lyrics of any song before you sing the song because when you do not know the lyrics of the song, you will be distracted while singing and instead of putting your entire focus on your voice, you would be torn between trying to remember the next verse of the song and trying to know if you are using the right pitch of voice. But when you learn the lyrics of the song first before singing, you will only have to focus your attention on how well your voice is sounding.

Another tip on how to be a good singer is by singing with your fellow students or friends; The same way when you are playing a famous song and your friends are  flowing with the song and all of you are singing together this can be used when practicing. An effective way to improve the quality of your voice is by singing with a group of people, either you are a band or just a group of students.

You can sing together and each of you can take up where your voice matches and strengthen the sound of your voices while also trying to sing together in harmony. Of course at first you all might sound horrible singing together but as you continue to sing together more frequently, you would be able to accommodate each others voice and sound melodious while singing. Singing in peers has proven to improve the quality of the voice of singers.

When you sing with each other people, you will develop a sense of appreciation for one another and you will be inspired to do better. And it can also motivate you to improve on the quality of your voice.

In case you are still wondering, it is never too late to start singing, no matter your age, singing can prove to be very good for you and listening to music or singing also helps to keep the mind, body and soul alive. You can decide to learn how to sing any kind of song to fit your preference. Singing can help you relax and feel good about yourself, learning how to sing will grant you a sense of achievement.  You can learn to sing at absolutely any age.

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