5 Best Speakers For Medium Sized Room

Getting the right speaker size to suit their room is a real struggle for so many sound lovers. For example, you want to get a loud-sounding floor speaker, but your room might end up not having the right space for it.

What do you do next? Move to bookshelf speakers? Whatever your decision might be, the size of your room has a significant role to play in what type of speaker you will use in your room.

It is why we have decided to bring you this guide on the best speaker for a medium-sized room to help you identify the right speaker size for your room. Mid-sized speakers are known to be more affordable compared to large-sized speakers, and they don’t require heavy installation like the large size speakers.

The compact size of mid-sized speakers is part of what makes them versatile. They are also designed to be compatible with computers, televisions, turntables, Bluetooth enabled, and wireless devices.

Shopping for the best speaker for medium-sized rooms isn’t as easy as shopping for speakers for other room sizes because you might be worried about going for a mid-sized speaker, which might not deliver the sound quality you want.

So many people believe that only large-sized speakers deliver the best performance in terms of sound quality, but that isn’t true.

Large-sized speakers are designed using mostly high-quality components, which rates them higher above other speaker sizes, but that doesn’t mean that mid-sized speakers are made with less durable materials.

Some mid-sized speakers are designed to deliver the same level of sound performance as the large-sized speakers, but how do you identify these speakers when you come across them on the market?

This is the problem of so many shoppers today, and that is why you have this review at your disposal to guide you all through your search.

When you visit the market to shop for a new speaker, the first thought that should cross your mind before making a payment for any speaker is the size of your room. The size of your room determines what type of speaker you will buy because what’s the essence of purchasing a large-sized speaker if you have a medium-sized room?

A large-sized speaker will take up so much space when positioned in a medium-sized room, and the sound a large-sized speaker produces in a medium-sized room will overpower the room and your neighbors.

This is why you must conduct proper research and shop for the best speaker for a medium-sized room. In addition, with the several home theater setups and gaming systems available today, you mustn’t overdo or underdo.

You will have to suffer sound distortion if you buy a too large speaker for your room while purchasing a too small speaker will cause the sound produced to be lost in the room.

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Best Speakers For Medium Sized Room – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Speaker For Medium Sized Room

The good aspect of desktop speakers is that ey are designed to provide high-quality and crystal clear sounds to people wh a close distance, and filling up a room with desktop speakers will cause the production of hollow sounds and less ideal sound output.

It is all you should know about desktop speakers, but what speakers will be perfect for medium-sized rooms? First, of course, you have a medium-sized room if it will allow speakers to be positioned about ten to twelve feet away, and trust me when I say living in a medium-sized room and shopping for the ideal speaker can be very tempting.

It is tempting in the sense that you feel you have enough space to spare, so you decide to go all out and shop for large and very loud speakers, but opting for massive statement speakers can do more damage and harm than good.

Just like we mentioned earlier, having a large-sized speaker in a medium-sized room will lead to all of the sounds produced getting overpowered, occupying so much space, and dealing with sound distortion.

On the other hand, small rooms are classified as rooms with about eight ceilings, and it allows users to position speakers about six to eight feet away.

On the other hand, desktop speakers are designed for use in small-sized rooms because they can deliver the best sound quality, and this tells you there is no need for large-sized speakers in a small room.

It will lead to excess power and sound distortion because you are listening to sounds at lower volumes in their range. On the other hand,large-sized speakers are perfect for rooms where they can be placed about twelve feet away, and you can use floor-standing speakers with inbuilt subwoofers or standalone subwoofers.

5 Best Speaker For Medium Sized Room Reviews

1. Cyber Acoustics Bluetooth Speakers

We are opening up this review with the Cyber Acoustics Bluetooth Speakers, which can fill up every room with colorful sounds, and it comes with several colors users can select from to match the mood in the room. Pairing with other Bluetooth-compatible devices is one of the features of the Cyber.

Acoustics Bluetooth Speakers, meaning you connect and play music from your iPhones, laptop, computer, and other Bluetooth-compatible devices.

This speaker can be used for gaming, parties, and movies, as it has proved to be the life of every occasion while having a centralized control makes it easy for users to find their way around this speaker.


  • Brand – Cyber Acoustics
  • Item Weight – 9 Pounds
  • Item Color – Black

Key Features

  • LED color lighting
  • Headphone jack

What We Like

  • This speaker sounds incredible
  • It produces great bass sounds
  • It looks and shines well

What We Don’t Like

  • A customer complained it got broken few hours of use

2. Two Room Set with All-New Sonos One

This speaker has gotten so many positive reviews from so many people online, and opting for this speaker means you will enjoy great sounds.

It comes with an Alexa voice control feature that works even when this speaker is two rooms away. In addition, its Amazon Alexa inbuilt feature offers users a simple way of controlling and starting up music play.

This is the right speaker users can trust to fill up two rooms with a great sound performance, and it delivers the crystal clear sound quality which the Sonos brand is known for.

Furthermore, users can pair both speakers in the same room to obtain deeper and richer stereo sounds. You can obtain weather and other important reports using its Amazon Alexa Inbuilt feature.


  • Brand – Sonos
  • Item Weight – 10 Pounds
  • Item Color – White

Key Features

  • Amazon Alexa feature
  • Weather updates

What We Like

  • This is a complete and excellent speaker system
  • Its sounds are reliable, crisp, and clear
  • Setting up this speaker is easy

What We Don’t Like

  • Its Amazon Alexa Inbuilt feature doesn’t function in some countries.

3. Bluesound Pulse 2i Wireless Multi-Room Smart Speaker 

The Bluesound Pulse 2i multi-room speaker boasts of top performance drivers that ensure it provides users with an impressive sound experience, and the type and level of sound performance it delivers is what makes it rank above all other all-in-one speakers on the market.

Interestingly, this speaker comes with direct digital amp technology, which ensures a unique playback experience with no distortion of any kind, while having outstanding dual-band Wi-Fi makes sure it doesn’t suffer delays or dropouts.

You can control and play music in a hands-free mode using its Siri and Amazon Alexa inbuilt technology.


  • Brand – Bluesound
  • Item Weight – 11.11 Pounds
  • Item Color – Black

Key Features

  • Digital amp technology
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi

What We Like

  • It sounds good
  • Its sounds are clean
  • You can move it around inside the room

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not on the same level as the Sonos brand

4. Sonos One (Gen 2) – Voice Controlled Smart Speaker

The Sonos One Gen 2 voice-controlled smart speaker is designed to be powerful and smart, and the brilliant sounds it delivers are capable of filling up any room or enriching any space where it is kept with great sounds.

Having an Amazon Alexa inbuilt function makes it possible for users to control this speaker and monitor its functions easily. Some of the functions you can carry out on this speaker include answering random questions, setting alarms, checking the news, playing your favorite music, and functioning in a hands-free mode.

Having a compact design ensures this speaker will perfectly fit into any space, and having humidity-resistant features makes it possible for you to position this speaker on the fridge.

Finally, this compact speaker is designed to be connected with other Sonos speakers so you can obtain loud and brilliant sounds.


  • Brand – Sonos
  • Item Weight – 4.08 Pounds
  • Item Color – Black

Key Features

  • Amazon Alexa voice control technology
  • Wireless connection

What We Like

  • These are quality speakers
  • Its setup is extremely easy
  • It produces a strong signal from every access point

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t deliver so much difference in sound

5. Echo Studio – High-fidelity smart speaker

We are rounding up this guide with the Echo Studio High Fidelity Smart Speaker that comes with a light bulb for setting the mood right with its unique lighting.

Users love most about this speaker because it produces crisp highs, dynamic mid-range, and powerful bass sounds for that immersive listening experience.

It comes with an Amazon Alexa voice control technology that helps you find your way around any problem or question you might have, and this one speaker that automatically figures out the acoustic space in your room and adapts to it. It also has a fine-tuning playback function for excellent sound production.


  • Brand – Echo
  • Item Weight – 7.7 Pounds
  • Item Color – Black

Key Features

  • Inbuilt smart hub
  • Dolby Atmos format

What We Like

  • They sound thrilling
  • Its bass sounds are deliberate

What We Don’t Like

  • Its sound is generally not studio-quality sounds

When shopping for a suitable speaker for your room, keep in mind that large-sized speakers don’t mean high-quality speakers, and it will be worth it to spend some money on floor-standing speakers if you have a large room for them to fit in.

How To Choose The Best Speaker For Average Room Sized

It would help if you looked beyond appearance when shopping for a good and top-performance speaker. There are so many other features for you to look out for, and these features are;


Size is an obvious feature to look out for when shopping for the right speaker for your room because it will be very bad for you to purchase a speaker only to realize it is too large or too small for your room.

Bear this in mind, depth, height, and you should check width measurements as they would help you narrow down your options. Also, if a speaker is large, its subwoofer and tweeter will be large.


When shopping for a speaker, you should keep a budget in mind. Not all expensive speakers are high quality or guarantee the production of great quality sounds, so be careful not to spend more than your budget when you are out shopping for a good and reliable speaker.


Depending on how you want to use any speaker, you should ensure it is compatible with several other devices. There are speakers designed to be versatile, and speakers designed with computers, television, and phones are a good idea.

Conclusion – Best Speakers For Medium Sized Room

The experience of evaluating and testing the latest technology, identifying trusted brands, and knowing what features to avoid will help you make the right choice.

We have taken cost, footprint, sound clarity, and sound quality were considered when selecting the top five products listed in this guide, so check them out when you go out to shop for the best speaker for the medium-sized room.

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